Affectionately known as the Nevis Bungy Jump, New Zealand's highest bungee jump is entirely worth the money and the trip. For the true thrill-seekers of the world, being suspended hundreds of feet in the air while watching the world pass them by is nothing short of a dream. At New Zealand's highest bungee jump destination, this can be a reality and then some.

It should be known, though, that many people have come face to face with this jump and backed out. It's a thrilling experience but it's one that jumpers must be comfortable with before taking the plunge, quite literally.


Here's everything a potential bungee jumper needs to know when adding Nevis, New Zealand to their list.

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New Zealand's History With Thrill-Seeking Activities

It's not surprising in the slightest that New Zealand is home to such recreational activity. The country has quite a zest for life and things that would surely raise anyone's blood pressure; free-falling from hundreds of feet included. Those visiting New Zealand shouldn't be surprised by their avid hiking trips, white water rafting excursions, rock rappelling down sheer cliffs, or chaotic adventure parks. It's all in good fun - granted, some of that fun requires signing a waiver before participating.

Bungee jumping can actually be done in several parts of the country, with the highest being one point over the Nevis River in Queenstown. Not only is this location home to the longest freefall, but it's also home to some pretty epic boating for those who wish to indulge in the river's rapids. While all of that goes on below, more than 400 feet above, there's usually a jumper ready to let loose and plunge over the side of the 'bridge' that spans the river. And, believe it or not, even higher than that, there's occasionally a skydiver who sped straight past bungee jumping and decided to freefall from even greater heights above the Nevis River.

New Zealand is truly a heaven on earth for adrenaline junkies.

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The Thrills Of Nevis Bungy Jumping

For starters, the Nevis Bungy is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world which has placed it on many people's bucket lists. Secondly, the scenery surrounding the jump platform itself is nearly unparalleled. With views of dramatic canyon cliffs on either side of the platform, and the raging rapids of the Nevis River just below, it's exciting just having the chance to witness it all from such a great height.

  • Total Fall Distance: 134 meters, ~440 feet

What makes this experience especially unique is the fact that rather than a brick and mortar bridge, jumpers will actually be falling from a suspended station, called a pod. The 'bridge' that it's connected to are actually cables that keep it suspended in the canyon, directly above the Nevis River. Therefore, the thrill begins long before the jump ever does. Once a jumper is safely belted in and hooked up to a harness, the jump itself is explained by professionals, and then it's time to fall!

The time it takes to go from the suspended pod to the Nevis River (almost) happens in literally 8.5 seconds. AJ Hackett says that speeds of 128 kilometers per hour, which is equal to nearly 80 miles per hour, have been recorded during jumps. This means that those who reach the maximum fall speed are going faster than most cars they pass by on the highway!

Costs & Requirements

It's not cheap to fall from the tallest bungee jump in New Zealand but for many thrill-seekers, it's worth it.

  • Cost: $275 NZD, ~$187.34 USD

This cost does include the return transfer from Central Queenstown via a four-wheel-drive bus, as well as the ride out to the jump pod. Visitors should allow four hours for the return trip from Queensland, but reservations can be booked in advance. The bus to the jump pod departs every 40 minutes between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM from the corner of Shotover and Camp streets.

  • Cost of Photos: $45/photo, $45/DVD, $80 for both photos & DVDs
  • Minimum Age: 13 years old, anyone under the age of 16 must have written parental or guardian consent
  • Heigh Limit: 1.2 meters or four feet tall

Bungee Jumping Safety

Nervous about jumping? While there's always a risk involved in any extreme activity, jumpers can rest assured when bungee jumping with AJ Hackett. This is the same company that was responsible for creating commercial bungee jumping, in the first place, and every safety measure is followed to a T.

According to, the company has been responsible for over one million bungee jumps around the world, which speaks as a testament to its procedure before, during, and after each jump.

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