Netflix Will Feed Hungry Travelers For Free At JFK Airport This Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and that means that everyone is thinking about food... including Netflix, it seems, as the streaming service is giving out free food to travelers all weekend! Usually, this holiday means a lot of time spent in front of the TV watching the football and the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade - but Netflix wants to get fans tuned in to their shows after dinner as well.

Which shouldn't be difficult, really. The streaming service has become a true juggernaut when it comes to entertainment, and Thanksgiving is the kind of holiday that definitely lends itself to binge watching a show or two (or seven). This year, Netflix is making a special effort to push a new food show (The Final Table), and they are doing it in the most Thanksgiving-y way possible... free food!

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The streaming service has installed vending machines in JFK (New York) and O'Hare (Chicago) airports - two of the busiest in the country. These machines, created to promote The Final Table, providing mini-meals to travelers from Wednesday, Nov. 21 through Sunday, Nov. 25. Each of the snacks is themed to a different country (Mexico, Spain, UK, Brazil, India, United States, Italy, France and Japan), and is dispensed after a short presentation about the chosen country and their food.

The Final Table, the new series that these free snacks are promoting, is a new kind of cooking competition that focuses on incredible chefs and global cuisine. In this show, it's not amateurs or home cooks competing, but famous chefs from around the world who team up to create dishes inspired by the judges' home countries. There's no cash prize (and many of the contestants have all the money they need, anyway), so this is all about high-level cooking and gaining prestige. The series dropped on Netflix on Tuesday.

Whether or not the Thanksgiving promotion actually helps Netflix pick up some extra viewers for the show itself, travelers will be thrilled to get some delicious freebies. Snacks include paella, pork scratchings, spiced black bean Brazil nuts, Thanksgiving leftover bread pudding, sundried tomato fusilli, and nori-crusted peanuts - and travelers passing through O'Hare and JFK would do well to try and snag some of these as soon as possible... Although the promotion is intended to run through Sunday, we wouldn't be surprised if these vending machines attract long lines, and even run out of some of the more popular dishes.

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