The Crown: 10 Hotspots Fans Of The Show Must Visit

The Crown is a historical drama that's been streaming on Netflix since 2016. The show is based on the rise of Queen Elizabeth II and how she came to be. We saw the ups and downs of her marriage to Prince Philip, the loving relationship between her and her late father, King George VI, and how the entire nation is waiting on her hand and foot without a second to breathe.

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The Crown has done an extraordinary job depicting Queen Elizabeth II's life and some of the dramatic events within her country that she had to handle with grace. Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix, with Season 3 set for release November 17, 2019.

Now, whether you live in the UK or are planning to travel there, we have 10 iconic spots you can visit that were shown (or at least depicted) in Netflix's The Crown.

10 ELY CATHEDRAL: The College, Ely

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were married in the prestigious Westminster Abbey, where most of the royals are wed. At the time, these two were just known as Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. It's amazing how much changed shortly after their marriage.

For Netflix's The Crown, the series had them married in Ely Cathedral instead of Westminster Abbey and had most of the coronation scenes filmed here

9 LYCEUM THEATER: Covent Garden, London

After the war, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are seen at London's iconic Lyceum Theater catching a show. If you are visiting London, you can still see the Lyceum Theater today and catch a show yourself. Granted, people won't be dressed in stunning 1940s attire, but the theater should be seen on your trip for its architecture alone. From the red seating to the golden pillars, the entire aura of Lyceum Theater is picturesque.

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8 ELTHAM PALACE: Court Yard, London

It's inside Eltham Palace that we see Queen Elizabeth II picking out her wardrobe for balls and events. Who can forget when she's about to meet America's First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and she's at Eltham Palace trying to find a gown that could compete with her.

Today, Eltham Palace is unoccupied but is still owned by the Crown Estate and managed by English Heritage. You can visit Eltham Palace yourself to see where the royals would visit.

7 ST JAMES'S PALACE: St. James's, London

St. James's Palace is yet another former royal residence found in Westminster. Today, the palace is used as a meeting place and it's also where a few (non-recognizable) members of the royal family live. In The Crown, it's within these walls we saw Queen Elizabeth II have conferences and meetings pertaining to representatives or allied countries.

6 ARDVERIKIE ESTATE: Scottish, Highlands

In The Crown, we see that both Queen Elizabeth II and her mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, visit Scotland to get away from the craziness of London. You can tell through their body language that it's a place of great relief.

Found in the Scottish Highlands, Ardverikie Estate was originally created as a "sporting estate," according to Great Britain, but it quickly became more than that to the Queen. In the last episode of the second season, we see the Queen hiding out here — away from Philip — while she was on bed rest with her third child.

5 SLAINS CASTLE: Cruden Bay, Scotland

Remember how the Queen Mother heads over to Scotland to spend some time with friends? We can see her hiking the Highlands and strolling the windy beaches, totally wrapped up in Scotland's charms. Well, Slains Castle is the castle The Crown used as the home the Queen Mother fell in love with from a distance and bought from a very sweet man. In real life, the castle the Queen Mother actually bought was Castle Mey, but it's not too far from Slains Castle and both overlook the North Sea.

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4 BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Westminster, London

You had to have known Buckingham Palace would be on this list. Although the main estate for the Queen is constantly surrounded by tourists, it's one of the most mesmerizing spots around London.

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Filled with so much history and depth, it's impossible to not be taken aback by its charm. While you can't go inside Buckingham Palace, you can see it from afar (across the gate) and see the changing of the guards at specific times.

If you can remember from The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were totally against moving into Buckingham Palace, as it's seen more as a place of business — not a loving home — but that all changed when she officially became queen.

3 LANCASTER HOUSE: St. James's, London

Since The Crown couldn't film inside Buckingham Palace, most of the replicating scenes were held at Lancaster House. This royal residence is just as stunning (on a smaller scale) as Buckingham and is in a similar neighborhood. Sadly, as beautiful as the Lancaster House is and as often as it was used in The Crown, the building is not typically open to the public. However, you can see it and take pictures from the front.

2 SHOREHAM AIRPORT: Now Known As Brighton Airport

Shoreham Airport is one of the oldest in England, and has a profound place in the growth of Queen Elizabeth II. Although this airport is generally only used for flying schools and private flyers, it's here that we see Elizabeth during the most crucial moments of her life.

It's at Shoreham where the press is waiting for Queen Elizabeth II to exit her plane from South Africa after learning about the death of her father. Today, it's connected to Brighton City Airport, so if you're ever at Brighton, keep your eyes peeled for the Shoreham building.

1 GOLDSMITHS' HALL: Foster Lane, London

Goldsmiths' Hall is the headquarters of London's goldsmith guild. However, in The Crown, the hall is used as a DIY operating room when King George VI needs to have his lung removed in an emergency surgery. As we know, the surgery went remarkably well and the king was in less pain, but the cancer never left and he had to make the best out of the one lung he had left.

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