While much of Nevada is empty and desolate, the Silver State boasts a lot of breathtaking natural wonders out there. From stunning desert landscapes to gorgeous mountain ranges to picturesque towns, there is always a reason to explore Nevada. The most stunning natural wonders in Nevada are proof that there is more to this state than its bursting City of Las Vegas. Surrounding its beautiful cities are a myriad of stunning natural attractions. From dozens of incredible mountain ranges to magnificent lakes to magnificent rock formations, see the most stunning natural wonders in Nevada.

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10 Valley Of Fire, Overton

Packed with beautiful vistas, scenic drives, incredible hiking trails, and breathtaking rock formations, shouting in reds and pinks, Valley of Fire is one of the most stunning natural wonders in Nevada that shouldn’t be missed. On a sunny day, the red rock formations in the park appear like they are on fire, hence the name, ‘’the Valley of Fire.’’ Located just 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas (it takes an hour to get there), this park boasts some of the most impressive landscapes in the state. Viva Las Vegas and Star Trek Generations are some of the movies that have been filmed in this spectacular natural wonder. Travelers should book a flight from Texas and stay in Boulder City to experience this amazing wonder.

9 Jarbidge Wilderness, Elko

Coming with a perfect blend of mystery and splendor, Jarbidge Wilderness Area boasts a different kind of charm. Nestled in Nevada’s northeastern side, not far from the border of Idaho, this natural attraction is home to the most unique terrain, including jungled summits standing up to 11,000 ft, gorgeous gorges, and incredibly large basins formed in different shapes. Covering 113,000 acres of magnificent landscapes, the place is brimming with over 150 miles of hiking trails to discover. Flying from Texas and staying at Jackpot to experience this natural wonder is worth it.

8 Mount Rose Wilderness Area

Located northwest of Nevada's capital, Carson City, Mount Rose Wilderness is one of the United States' most accessible mountain wilderness boasting an alpine territory. Covering 31,310 acres of space, the wilderness area is actually a portion of the larger Carson Range and was designated by the U.S. Congress in 1989 as the Mount Rose Wilderness. Standing at 10,776 feet, Mount Rose is the tallest peak and is the only one in the wilderness that can be seen as an ‘’alpine.’’ This place is truly beautiful, and travelers should plan a trip from Texas and stay in Carson to experience what it has to offer.

7 Cathedral Gorge State Park, Panaca

Located in southeastern Nevada, Cathedral Gorge’s majesty is one not to be missed. The gorgeous natural feature is found in a long, narrow valley, where travelers can encounter unique patterns formed by erosion. This place is a paradise for adventure lovers and a dream for photographers. Travelers will find several walking trails within the park, offering fascinating views of the beautiful landscapes. Camping is common in the park, thanks to moderate temperatures throughout the year. Travelers will have to pay some fees to enter the park. The good news? Flying from Texas to stay in Las Vegas to explore Cathedral Gorge is easy with this incredible package.

6 Pyramid Lake

Tucked away about 40 miles on Reno's northeastern side, Pyramid Lake is of the quirkiest lakes in the country, thanks to some of the most breathtaking rock formations ever seen! Fed by the Truckee River, this lake is one of the most stunning natural wonders in Nevada to see. The area of the lake has a fantastic history of keeping visitors engaged as they take in the spectacular nature of the lake. Vacationers flying from Texas and staying in Reno to see this spectacular natural attraction will be thrilled with the experience.

5 Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston can be found 35 miles from northeastern Las Vegas. It is located in Clark County and is the highest mountain in the county and the Spring Mountains. Mount Charleston boasts incredible hiking trails, which have been enticing travelers for years. There are several scenic byways, biking trails, and stunning cliffs to explore in the area. Numerous wildlife species are thriving here, making it an excellent spot to experience nature at its best. Nevada's eighth-highest mountains are a natural wonder to behold! Fly from Texas to and stay in Las Vegas while touring Mount Charleston.

4 Springs Preserve, Las Vegas

While some travelers see Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World, there is more to this charming city than its vibrant nightlife and world-famous casinos. Springs Preserve is the perfect place to experience some of the most impressive sides of Vegas' natural beauty. Stretching 180 acres, this stunning natural wonder boasts lush botanical gardens, an interactive boomtown dating back to the 20th century, and desert succulents. Travelers will enjoy the three miles of biking and hiking trails in the preserve. Along the trails, there are beautiful plant species to explore. This is one of the places travelers shouldn’t miss when looking for the most magnificent natural attractions in Nevada. Flying from Texas and staying in Las Vegas to explore the city’s Springs Preserve is worth it.

3 Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

The Red Rock Canyon is situated about 30 minutes west of Las Vegas. It is a spectacular natural wonder packed with breathtaking red sandstone walls and peaks referred to as the Keystone Thrust. Covering almost 200,000 acres, the area boasts more than 30 miles of hiking trails. Plus, travelers can engage in mountain biking and horseback riding - and families can go picnicking. This is an impressive natural wonder that suits every traveler. Vacationers should fly from Texas and stick around Las Vegas for a while, exploring the beauty of this great wonder.

2 Lake Tahoe

Mostly a summer and winter vacation destination, thanks to its pristine beaches and beautiful slopes, Lake Tahoe is definitely one of the most stunning natural wonders in Nevada, and every visitor should explore its majesty. Surrounded by incredible peaks, such as the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe spans California and Nevada - and comes with top-rated accommodation and flight packages when flying from Texas.

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1 Great Basin National Park

Situated in White Pine County, Nevada, the Great Basin National Park is one of the best spots to go stargazing - almost no traveler leaves the park without stargazing. Being one of the least visited National Parks, watching the abundance of dark skies is more fun since there is a lot of room. Its incredibly remote position makes it the park with the darkest skies in the country. Visiting this park also give travelers a chance to hike the second-tallest peak in Nevada. Planning to fly from Texas and stay in Cedar City, Utah, to tour this unique natural wonder? Be sure to check this package!