Morocco is one of those places that never cease to surprise visitors, and there are always questions about the North African country. Deciding to visit Marocco means tourists will be immersed in one of the richest cultures on Earth. Although they can easily plan their itinerary around Marrakesh, the country has endless natural wonders in every region;

While in Morroco, it is possible to explore the Erg Chebbi dunes and enjoy several activities. Yet, people visiting the country will quickly find out it is full of natural beauty. Here are some of them.

9 This Is One Of The Most Scenic Roads Ever Made

Some places are the perfect combination of nature and human interventions – the Canyon Dades Gorges is one of them. The gorges were carved by the Dades River and can be reached through the winding road of a Thousand Kasbahs, considered of the most scenic roads ever made. The road is nestled in the middle of ancient red mountains, making it a unique place and it is a popular place for watching the sunrise.

Yet, the road is not recommended for travelers prone to car sickness and it is also better to avoid it during the night. The best way to visit it is by booking a tour with an agency or, for confident drives, renting a car.

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8 Morocco Is Home To One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches

Legzira Beach, Sidi, was named one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth, and it is easy to understand why. For thousands of years, winds and waves carved the red rock formations on the five-mile-long beach, creating natural arches on the cliff framing the sea. One of the arches collapsed back in 2016, but the ones remaining are still impressive.

Visiting Legzira Beach demands planning, as it is only open during the day and when the tide is low. Travelers should be cautious as swimming there is dangerous, but the spot is popular among surfers, paragliders and fishermen.

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7 There Is An Idyllic Cascade Near Marrakesh

Travelers visiting the vibrant Marrakesh will find out the region also hides some natural treasures. The Ouzoud waterfall is one of the most popular day trips offered in Marrakesh, 150 kilometers away from it, but people can also reach it by public transportation. The Ouzoud is the result of a combination of multiple waterfalls, resulting in an impressive 100-meter cascade.

At Ouzoud, it is also possible to take a boat to reach the waterfall or cross the river through a wooden bridge. As it is a popular destination among tourists, the area is full of restaurants and souvenir shops.

6 Visiting The Saharan Sand Dunes

There are many ways to explore the Saharan Desert, as it stretches from Egypt to Morocco. The Erg Chebbi dunes are one of the most famous parts of the desert, but reaching them is not easy. People have to travel two days from Marrakesh before reaching it but watching the sunrise and the sunset on the dunes makes the journey worth it.

Visiting the Erg Chebbi means much more than riding on camel-back, as tourists can enjoy several activities, including sandboarding, camping, and desert riding.

5 Morocco Has An Incredible National Park

Having the chance to stay longer in Morroco allows tourists to discover the country has different landscapes. Travelers might be surprised to find the Toubkal National Park, 50 kilometers away from Marrakesh. The place is home to Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in Morroco.

For travelers who don't feel like climbing the mountain, it is possible to explore several other trails. It is easy to find agencies offering two-day trekking in the national park, where travelers sleep in the house of locals.

4 This Place is Part Of The Roman Mythology

Only 14km away from Tangier, the Caves of Hercules impress visitors with the beauty and legends surrounding its history. The most famous of them explain the origins of its name. The tale claims that Hercules once slept in the cave aiming to steal golden apples from Hesperides's garden as one of his 12 tasks.

There are two entrances to the cave. The first one faces the continent and was carved by Berbers. The second one faces the ocean and is known as the Map of Africa, due to its shape.

3 The Greenest Region In Morocco

Morocco is famous for its dunes and red landscape, but it is also possible to find green areas. The Rif Mountains are a mountain chain in the north of Morroco and it is probably the greenest area of the country. The region is home to Talassemtane National Park, a perfect place for people who love hiking as there are countless trails.

The place remained isolated, keeping the Berber heritage, and most people in the region speak Tarifit. Among the most popular spots are the God's Bridge, a natural formation that looks like a bridge and Akchour, a waterfall with crystal-clear water.

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2 The Perfect Place To Relax

Morocco is a vibrant place, full of history and tourist attractions. Travelers who want to slow down should include Oualidia on their bucket list, as the site is famous for having a quiet saltwater lagoon, home to flamingos and oyster farms. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country and less visited than the main cities. Many hotels overlook the lagoon and the ocean, making it a perfect romantic escape. The region is also famous for its seafood gastronomy, often paired with national white wine.

1 This Place Is Reportedly The Deepest Cave In North Africa

The Gouffre de Friouato measures 20m wide and 230m deep, and Moroccans claim it's the deepest cave in North Africa. The place has hundreds of chambers that can be explored by tourists who aim to enter the cave, as long as they have a guide. The location is not recommended for claustrophobe people due to its narrow spots.

There were reports of accidents there, so using helmets and proper shoes is mandatory. Those who are not keen on entering the cave can wait in a small café located at the entrance.