Beyond the control of humanity, natural disasters often leave death and destruction in their wake. Keep reading to find out which countries in the world suffer from the most natural disasters.

India Is The Country That Is Most Prone To Natural Disasters

Due to a range of factors, India is prone to more natural disasters than any other country in the world. According to World Atlas, the country faces a ton of natural threats, ranging from cyclones and floods to avalanches. The humid climate so typical of South Asia that India experiences often results in floods that wreak havoc on the country and cause a series of economic consequences.


The worst natural disaster to devastate India on record is the cyclone that tore through the country in 1839. It’s been estimated that around 300,000 people lost their lives in the cyclone that hit the port city of Coringa on the Bay of Bengal. 20,000 destroyed vessels were left in the cyclone’s wake.

India is also home to mountainous regions, where there are dangers of events such as avalanches and landslides.

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The United States Has Its Share Of Natural Disasters

It’s no secret that the United States has experienced its share of natural disasters. But World Atlas lists the US as one of the nations that suffer from the most natural disasters in the world. The landscape is vast and varied, meaning that a wide range of natural disasters can occur. Tornadoes and hurricanes have been known to tear through the country, with some of the most infamous of recent years being Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

The United States is also prone to blizzards in areas with cooler climates and flooding in regions affected by hurricanes or tropical weather. There have also historically been devastating forest fires that have taken lives and destroyed homes and property. In 1900, a deadly cyclone struck Galveston, Texas, which is believed to have caused between 6,000 and 12,000 fatalities.

Large tsunamis have also occurred in the United States, as have mudslides and typhoons.

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China Is Prone To Many Types Of Natural Disasters

It makes sense that a country covering as much territory as China would be prone to many types of natural disasters. Millions of people are affected by natural disasters in China each year, with the consequences ranging from mild to severe.

Some of the natural disasters that China is the most disposed to include flooding, droughts, typhoons, and earthquakes. Earthquakes that are up to 4.6 in magnitude have hit China as recently as April 8, 2020. The earthquakes that strike China tend to leave many people dead and even more injured. The death toll rises to tens of thousands for the largest earthquakes.

The China floods that took place in 1931 left more than 400,000 people dead and are considered among the worst natural disasters in history.

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Ethiopia Is Heavily Affected By Drought

Ethiopia has historically experienced many challenges, including the horrific famine that plagued the country during the 1980s. A lot of the issues faced by the nation are caused or at least influenced by drought, a natural disaster that is constantly present. More than 98% of disaster-related deaths in Ethiopia are caused by drought.

Insufficient rainfall leads to water shortages, which then has a plethora of negative effects for the local economy. Drought leads to failed crops and a loss of livestock, two resources that the country depends on to survive. The consequential food shortages result in a large portion of the population being at risk of malnutrition, while the persistent lack of water leads to health and sanitary issues.

The drought that grips the country and causes widespread devastation leaves millions of people in need of aid.

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