Nashville's boisterous streets are often heard long before they are seen. Dubbed "Music City" for a reason, it's a destination that thrives on its Southern charm and promising musical talent, Tennessee’s capital is the ultimate adventure for those interested in local culture, history, and, you guessed it - nonstop live music. Its country roots are deeply felt throughout the innovative street art, finger-licking fried chicken and the various John Denver covers that echo down Broadway Avenue. While most people recognize the city from the lyrics of a Luke Bryan single, it also offers many historical attractions such as an old plantation and numerous Civil War sites. A city that celebrates America's love for the South, this soulful destination is rising as a top getaway for tourists. So grab your straw hat and buckle up, because a weekend spent in Nashville is guaranteed to be one wild ride.


Learn How to Line Dance at Wildhorse Saloon

It's time to take out your cowboy boots and ditch the regular night scene, because Wildhorse Saloon, a 3-story bar that features live acts and nightly line dance lessons, is a venue that you need to visit. Built in a 66,000 square feet location to allow its constantly packed crowd, this world-famous venue is the ultimate destination for those who want to experience an authentic night of Southern entertainment. In addition to its lively atmosphere, Wildhorse Saloon also serves as a restaurant to those who are looking for a solid Tennessee meal. At the top two levels of the building, one can enjoy a delicious hot piece of chicken while also overlooking the dance floor and stage. With a history of live concerts from Blake Shelton to The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, this wild venue offers refreshing tunes and amusement while also learning how to dance to the South’s cultural rhythm.

Spend an Afternoon at Centennial Park

Not too far from the neon-lit signs of the city’s downtown, Centennial Park is an idealistic attraction for those who desire to explore Nashville’s historical scene. Located on West End and 25th Avenue North, Centennial Park is only one of the city's many outdoor attractions. Its 132-acres features a one-mile walking trail, Lake Watauga, the Centennial Art Centre, an arts activity centre, volleyballs courts, a dog park, and historical monuments. It is also home to the iconic Tennessee depiction of the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Designed by Confederate veteran William Crawford Smith, the model was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition and remains both a respected and tourist-engaging monument. Filled with history and an undeniable nature scene, Centennial Park is perfect for those who want to escape the rowdiness of downtown for a day to enjoy the beauty of this landlocked state.

Hitch a Ride with The Pedal Tavern

When considering signing up for Nashville’s pedal tavern, one should be prepared for the following: loud, wild participants, screaming at those who neglect to pedal along with the bike, and having way too much of a good time. Guaranteed to be the highlight of the trip, the Nashville Pedal Tavern is a tourist-favorite party tour bike that allows riders to explore Nashville like never before. The bike itself is custom-built and allows up to 15 passengers to embark on an unforgettable adventure. The tour lasts about two hours and offers participants two routes to choose from: one along the legendary Broadway Avenue and one that explores Midtown's Music Row. Whichever tour is chosen, each one makes 2-3 stops to take advantage of exclusive specials with local bars and pubs. From Monday to Thursday, the pedal tavern is $39.99 USD for each rider and $43.99 during the weekend. Riders must be 21 years or older and bring their own beer.

Discover Tennessee's Fried Chicken at Hattie B's

Forget what you know about Kentucky Fried Chicken - if you crave the flavor of local deep-fried meat, then Tennessee sure knows how to pack it. At Hattie B’s, a new yet quite established restaurant, their famous hot chicken is so finger licking’ good that they sell merchandise to honor their loyal customers. Founded in 2012, Hattie B’s is a family-run restaurant that serves "Nashville Style" hot chicken and a large variety of homemade sides. With a total of 5 locations within Tennessee, this beloved joint serves meals from white chicken to chicken wings, while also offering customers to choose their level of spiciness. If you want an authentic Tennessee meal, this is one place to consider discovering it at.

Whether a weekend in Nashville is spent through drinking, dancing or eating - though, in this city, this can be done all at once - Tennessee's capital is a rising destination for all kinds of tourists. If you're a music enthusiast, enjoy the history of rhythm through legendary venues like the Grand Ole Opry House and multiple music museums such as The Country Music Hall. If you're a nature lover, discover their nature scene by walking along the Cumberland River and spending a day at the Nashville Zoo. Regardless of whether you're a country music fan, we reckon' Nashville to be the ultimate adventure for everyone.