Nantucket is a beautiful tiny island located off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is rich with marvelous dune-backed beaches and boasts picturesque architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. During the summer months, the island's population increases from 11,000 to 50,000 when Nantucket welcomes tourists and visitors who come for a holiday on the fascinating island. For so long, Nantucket was known as the world's whaling capital and is home today to a National Historic District and more than 800 Pre-civil war buildings crammed within one square mile. When people go to Nantucket, they first head to the historic Whaling Museum, the Peter Foulger Museum, and the Quaker Meeting House. Nantucket was designated as a National Historic Landmark District by The National Park Service in 1966.


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The Several Ways To Get From New England To Nantucket

Visiting Nantucket can be a fantastic adventure to experience. People can enjoy a flight to get to the isolated island, drive in their own car to reach their destination while enjoying a long road trip for several days, take the train, bus, and of course, enjoy a ferry cruise. However, it all depends on where visitors are coming from. Most people living in New England love to visit Nantucket's island.

Yet, they find it challenging or complex to decide which transportation method they should be taking to reach their destination. Whether one is living in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Vermont, here is a guide for all the ways that they can use and all the transportation facilities they can take to enjoy the best trip to the island of Nantucket, all while having the chance to witness all the attractions that the destination has to offer.

Getting to Nantucket From Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Maine

For people living in Hartford city in Connecticut, it will not be easy for them to reach Nantucket Island by plane because direct flights to Nantucket exist only from the town of Danbury in the state. The flight is around 2 hours long. Other options for getting from Connecticut to the island include taking the bus to Boston and then reaching Nantucket by ferry, which requires approximately 7 hours and 14 minutes. The best way to travel from Connecticut to Nantucket is through a road trip in a personal car and then taking the ferry via Hyannis. It's the most affordable option and takes only 4 hours and 37 minutes to reach the destination.

Moreover, people can enjoy the various attractions along the road in Massachusetts. Reaching Nantucket from New Hampshire is pretty straightforward. Travelers can take a 2 hours and a half direct flight to Nantucket from the central city of Bedford. A cheaper option includes taking the bus from Manchester, NH to Boston, MA, and then a second bus to Hyannis. Visitors can then reach the island by ferry. The fastest and most affordable choice is to take a road trip with one's own car from New Hampshire to Hyannis. The same goes for commuters from Maine to Nantucket. The best and fastest option is a drive-by car to Hyannis, MA, where people can spend a few days in Portland.

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Reaching Nantucket's Island From Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Vermont

It is not possible to fly directly from Rhode Island to Nantucket. The only options to reach the island are to take the train from Providence to Boston and then to Hyannis, while the second way is to take the bus from Kennedy Plaza to Sky Bridge, and then another bus from TF Green Airport to Hyannis. However, a faster and more convenient option is to drive by car for around 1 hour and a half from Providence to Hyannis and then take the ferry to Nantucket. The ferry ride takes 1 hour to reach the island. The easiest and fastest trip to Nantucket is from Massachusetts since the island is already part of the state. Direct flights from Norwood, Hyannis, Boston, and New Bedford are available.

Moreover, people can take buses from Boston or from New Bedford to Hyannis. The bus from Boston may be the cheapest option, yet it takes 5 hours to reach Nantucket, including the ferry from Hyannis. Thus, the fastest option is a car drive and will 1 hour and a half to get to Hyannis. Although no flights are available from Vermont to Nantucket, travelers can drive or take the bus from Hartford, VT, to nearby Lebanon's airport in New Hampshire to take a direct flight to Nantucket. Another option is to take the bus from Burlington to Boston and then another bus to Hyannis. A car drive from Burlington to Hyannis may prove to be the most affordable and fastest option. Moreover, travelers may enjoy New Hampshire and Massachusetts attractions for a couple of days.

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