Whether you know it or not, Kauai is the Hawaiian Island that shaped your childhood as it was the filming location of Jurassic Park and numerous other beloved films. While the northernmost island in the U.S. state of Hawaii has a ton of breathtaking attractions, there's nothing that quite compares to the Na Pali Coast.

The coastline of jagged rock and lush jungles that descend right into the blue waters of Kauai's northwest side has become a major natural tourist destination. Given how there are many etiquette lessons and local rituals on the islands of Hawaii that should be respected before traveling there, it's important to take the time to know exactly what to expect.

Without further ado, here's what to expect when touring the epic Na Pali coastline of the Hawaiian Island fo Kauai.

10 It's 17 Miles Of Absolutely Incredible Landscapes

The Na Pali Coast is just one of many Jurassic Park filming locations that every fan needs to visit. But the truth is, you really don't need to care about Jeff Goldblum and a bunch of dinosaurs to enjoy the Na Pali Coast. According to GoHawaii, the entire coast, which is 90 minutes from the town of Lihue, spans 17 miles long and is chock-full of outlandishly beautiful sights. The razor-sharp ridges tower above the Pacific Ocean and within them are beautiful beaches and lush valley floors highlighted by a few waterfalls.

The safest and best way to enjoy the Na Pali Coast is to view it from the sea. During the summer months, kayaking tours are available, but boat tours are year-round and very popular. All chartered boats and catamarans leave from Port Allen in Hanapepe Bay. By far the most popular options for this are Captain Andy's and Blue Dolphin Charters, although the latter gives you a more "Hawaiian experience," according to multiple reviewers on TripAdvisor. Blue Dolphin Charters provides a number of boat tours that include sunset cruises, snorkeling experiences, sport fishing, and rafting.

8 Kayaking Tours Are Unbelievably Beautiful... And REALLY Challenging

Among many water sports enthusiasts, Kauai's stunning Na Pali Coast is considered the Mount Everest of sea kayaking experiences. Given how less than 30% of the island is accessible by foot, and even less of the coast is, kayaking is a very popular activity. But the Na Pali Coast isn't for the faint of heart. Taking guided kayaking tours are a must for those who have the strength and stamina to do the 17-mile paddle. Of course, there are shorter tours available. All of which takes you up close to the soaring cathedral cliffs, sandy sea caves, beaches, and waterfalls. These tours are only available in the summer months as the winter surf is too turbulent.

7 You Need A Permit To Camp And Even To Hike

Camping along the Na Pali Coast can be very dangerous. There is no road access to the coast and therefore every camper has to get there via boat, kayak, helicopter, or hiking the absurdly rough Kalalau and Hanakoa trails. Due to the difficulty of this terrain, as well as the need to protect one of the most sacred and beloved landscapes in the world, visitors need a permit to both camp and hike along the Kalalau and Hanakoa trails. These permits are government approved and cost $20 for visitors to the island and $15 for Hawaiian residents. Availability is based on the season as well as how many others are doing the same.

6 The Catamaran Dinner Cruises Are A Very Civilized Way Of Enjoying The Coast

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting out on the deck of a boat with a mai tai in hand, dolphins circling the ship, and the epic Na Pali Coastline caught under a swift sunset? The answer is an unequivocal "no." That's why so many tourists drop some coin and enjoy a dinner cruise along the coast. According to TripAdvisor, prices for such activity vary and depend on the length of the trip and the company. But many travelers recommend Blue Dolphin Charters catamaran dinner cruises as they bring you right up close to the beautiful coastline and do their best to let you see as many dolphins and whales as possible.

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5 The Na Pali Coast Isn't Populated With The Exception Of A Few Campers

The Na Pali Coast doesn't have any permanent residents. According to GoHawaii, the first settlers on the Coast were Polynesian navigators around 1200 AD. Soon after, Tahitian migrants arrived and helped shaped the culture of the island of Kauai. But as soon as Captain Cook arrived with Westerners in 1778, the original tribes began to disappear due to foreign diseases. The last known native Hawaiians to live on the coast were last spotted in the 20th century. Now, the local government keeps the area empty, aside from the campers who are allowed to stay for only a couple nights during selected times of the year.

4 There's A Lot Of Talk About Jurassic Park On The Tours

The shot of the helicopter approaching and landing in 1993's Jurassic Park is nothing short of iconic. So, it's no surprise that every Na Pali Coast tour guide talks about. After all, residents are very proud of the fact that their coastline was so heavily featured in almost all of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. Most tours, such as Blue Dolphin and Holo Holo boat and catamaran charters, point out the filming locations of these movies as well as places the productions of Hook, King Kong, and Pirates of the Caribbean set up camp.

3 Plenty Of Awesome Sealife Dwells Along The Coastline

Hawaii is known for being one of the best places on Earth to see marine animals in their natural habitat. While Humpback whales are more commonly seen around the island of Maui, they can still be enjoyed on the Na Pali Coast. During certain times of the year, you're more likely to see more of them. But spotting a whale while kayaking, sailing, or flying over the coast is very common. According to GoHawaii, seeing dolphins is even more likely. If you're on a snorkeling tour, turtles numerous species of fish are plentiful.

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2 Helicopter And Plane Charters Are Very Short And Expensive But Truly Stunning

Seeing the Na Pali Coasts geography and topography may be most fully appreciated from the air. That only makes sense. However, helicopter and plane charters can be quite expensive. According to TripAdvisor, the cheapest ones tend to hover around $285 for 25 minutes in the air. What you do get with these tours is a look at everything. Not only do you see how the coast slopes into the Pacific Ocean, but you get a better look at the lush forests, dramatic canyons, and all of the waterfalls. Yes, helicopter tours LOVE to show visitors all those beautiful waterfalls.

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1 The Na Pali Coast Makes You Feel Very Small... In The Best Possible Way

Visiting the Na Pali Coast cleanses your soul. If you have any shred of self-awareness or appreciation for how much larger this planet and universe is than ourselves then you're bound to be moved by it. Most reviewers on TripAdvisor claim such emotional or even spiritual experiences when visiting the coast. Seeing its untouched beauty mixed with its formidable height, aggressive topography, and the abundance of birds, fish, and other marine life may just be life-changing.

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