Did dinosaurs roam the Grand Canyon? Did Egyptians cross the Pacific Ocean and make the canyon their home, creating a vast and ancient civilization? Are there mischievous spirits haunting regions of the canyon that are making travelers rethink visiting it?

There are numerous myths and legends about the Grand Canyon that people still believe to this day. While a number of these myths have been debunked, these stories are still around, which means that many people still accept them as true.

Park Rangers have told stories about receiving letters and packages containing returned items from the canyon from travelers who believe they have been cursed after taking them. Stories of a Hopi god residing in a region of the canyon and tormenting travelers are still being talked about. And, you might even spot a Bigfoot-like creature roaming the canyon.

Here are 16 myths surrounding the Grand Canyon that tourists should know.

16 There Isn't Much To Do At The Grand Canyon

People who never traveled to the Grand Canyon might think it's just one gigantic canyon, but there is so much more to do here. According to Xanterra, guests can hike along or even into the Grand Canyon, watch stunning sunrises and sunsets, and if you are more adventurous, rent a bike or take a rafting trip on the Colorado River.

15 There Is A Cave With Hieroglyphics

In 1909 a newspaper published an article that explorer G.E. Kinkaid discovered a grand underground citadel where remnants of an ancient Egyptian civilization supposedly lived. Kinkaid mentioned that these caves houses mummies, a shrine, war weapons, and even hieroglyphics. However, most people claim this is just a hoax and that Kinkaid simply mistook a Native American site as Egyptian.

14 There Are Traces Back To Ramses

The 1909 Arizona Gazette further printed that it could have been possible that Egyptians crossed the Pacific Ocean and made the caves and canyons of the Grand Canyon their home. The article stated that discoveries proved that a mysterious cavern, possibly from Egypt, traces back to Ramses. The Smithsonian denies any of these findings, stating that no Egyptian relic has ever been found.

13 There Was Once An Ancient Civilization That Ruled Here

After the Arizona Gazette released an article about a lost ancient Egyptian civilization found deep within the Grand Canyon, tales of a lost civilization were also starting to emerge. Hundreds of archaeologists began doing their research about a possible lost world, but to no avail, explained Canyon Notes.

12 People Who Want To Visit Must Book A Year In Advance

It is a myth that travelers have to book a year in advance at popular South Rim lodges and Phantom Ranch, however, it's not a bad idea to plan ahead. The Grand Canyon is a popular destination in the U.S. and more and more people want to go visit this massive canyon.

11 A Guest Suite Inside A Cave Is Reportedly Haunted

Travelers have the option to actually sleep 220 feet below ground in a cavern in the Grand Canyon. These Grand Canyon Caverns are perfect for anyone who isn't afraid of the dark and sleeping in absolute quiet. However, guests and even paranormal investigators have reported ghostly activities and spooky phenomena.

10 A Skeleton Was Found Inside The Garage Of Photographer Emery Kolb

In 19o3, brothers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb opened up a photography studio at the canyon's South Rim. Emery decided to live at the Grand Canyon his entire life, and after he passed, a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull's temple was discovered in his garage.

9 A Hopi God Lives Inside The Canyon

According to Ranker, there is a Hopi god that resides in the Grand Canyon. The Hopi are a Native American tribe that is known for its spirituality and beliefs and animism. Named Maasaw, one god is described as the keeper of death with many travelers experiencing anxiety and sickness if they enter this region of the canyon.

8 A Mystery Of Cursed Relics

Grand Canyon Park Rangers have reportedly received numerous letters and returned items from travelers who visited the canyon. Tourists have explained that they have experienced bad luck and illness, believing these items that they stole from the canyon have been cursed.

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7 There Is An Egyptian Artifact Controversy

After archaeologists G.E. Kinkaid and S.A. Jordan announced that they had discovered a secret tunnel housing Egyptian artifacts and mummies, a controversy arose on whether or not these explorers were telling the truth or if the Arizona Gazette was publishing a total lie. While the Smithsonian denies all of these allegations, conspiracy theorists still believe they are hiding this evidence.

6 There Are Unruly Spirits Inside The Replica Hopi Abode

Travelers can find the Mary Colter-designed replica Hopi abode in the Grand Canyon Village and walk through the home that is modeled after the 10,000-year-old pueblo dwellings of the Hopi village. Reports claim that there are unruly spirits that run around the upstairs area of the home.

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5 There Are Dinosaur Bones In The Grand Canyon

Unfortunately, the dinosaurs did not roam the Grand Canyon even though you may think they did since the canyon is so old. The rocks that make up the canyon walls are more ancient that the massive dinosaurs. However, many fossils have been found, including marine animals that date back 1.2 billion years.

4 A Bigfoot-Like Creature Roams The Grand Canyon

In 1903, Arizona Republic writer I.W. Stevens reported seeing a Bigfoot-like creature roaming the Mogollon Rim of the canyon. He described the creature having long white hair that reached his knees, wearing no clothing and a coat of gray hair covering his entire body.

3 The Ghost Of Fred Harvey Haunts The El Tovar Hotel

A man by the name of Fred Harvey, who was known for building hotels across the U.S., reportedly haunts the El Tovar Hotel. Guests have stated that they have seen Harvey's ghost walking the trail outside the hotel and around the third floor during Christmas.

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2 Newlyweds Disappeared While Attempting To Run The Rapids Of The Colorado River

Newlyweds Glen and Bessie Hyde disappeared while attempting to boat through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. To this day, no one knows what happened to the couple and how they seemingly vanished into thin air. Bessie would have been the first woman to ever accomplish such a feat.

1 A Gateway To The Afterlife?

The canyon is sacred to many Native tribes that believe that when they begin sailing through the Colorado River inside the canyon they journey from human life towards the next phase of their afterlife. The canyon is believed to hold magical energy that these tribes believe in and that travelers should respect.

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