10 Mystery Travel Adventures You Need To Book For Your Next Vacation

Mystery Travel Adventures have become the modern way to travel for those who are feeling extra courageous. The concept gives excited travelers the ability to choose the when and the budget of their next travel endeavor, but not the where. The thrill of not knowing where you might end up is the new and improved way of throwing a dart on a map.

This idea is relatively new, but entrepreneurs are jumping at this lucrative business idea. Companies are coming up with new ways to surprise their wanderlust customers, with some even letting a computerized filtration system do all the dirty work. To ensure that you're partnering with a company that will cater to your travel bug, here is a premium list of 10 mystery travel adventures you need to book for your next vacation.

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10 Jubel’s Surprise Trips

Jubel's travel technology has over 1,000 destinations built into their system. They don't use filters or presets to find your perfect vacation though-- they're system works hand-in-hand with your personal preferences so that you are getting a dream vacation. Their website is great for those looking to save time, money, and the stress of deciding on your next travel destination.

9 Pack Up And Go

The official Surprise Travel Agency doesn't let you plan a thing. They organize a fun-filled three-day getaway by expertly organizing your desired travel locations. The idea is to explore more and enjoy the ride as they use your questionnaire to find the perfect place for you to visit. They emphasize open-mindedness so that you won't be disappointed on your journey. They fully prep you before you go, giving you weather forecasts and send a preparation list one week before to let you know if you need to bring specific items like hiking boots.

8 Clue Venture Travel

This unique idea takes the mystery travel adventure to a whole new level. Clue Adventure Travel offers a personalized travel game. The game involves the travel agency customizing your destinations and experiences without cluing you in the details. The only way you get to see your final destination is if you solve the series of clues they will give you leading up to your adventure!

7 Global Scavenger Hunt

This mystery travel adventure is a bit different as it involves a team of explorers. The global scavenger hunt takes place once a year. Couples compete in a scavenger hunt that takes them on a trip around the globe.

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Anyone can sign up for the event, but nobody knows where they are going until you find the scavenger hunt book at each leg of your trip. The clues are culturally-themed and include traveling to about ten different countries.

6 The Vacation Hunt

The Vacation Hunt gives you the chance to book vacation packages or even honeymoons! They save you the time on planning, but offer destination in the US, internationally or at all-inclusive resorts. Your vacation can be three days to fourteen, with flights, hotel, and activities all laid out for you. All you have to do is fill out their survey and they will send you off to on one of their three travel journeys.

5 Magical Mystery Tours

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You'll know your journey once you get to the airport (if you can hold out that long), but everything up until that point is a mystery. Magical Mystery Tours gives you the opportunity to share as much or as little of your travel ideas as you want to disclose in their personalized survey. They also make sure to ask you about your previous travels so that they don't send you somewhere that you've been before! They do all of the research, the planning, and the reservations.

4 Headlands Gamble

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Headlands Gamble is a story-driven journey that is unparalleled in its creativity. A thrilling story built for two takes travelers through a woven weekend getaway. You get your own custom car with an interactive tablet that guides you through your mystery-based story excursion where you get the play detective.

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The catch is, this travel agency only operates out of Marin County in California. If you're part of the lucky ones who can use this agency, then prepare to take a tantalizing trip down the northern coast until you reach the climactic conclusion.

3 Surprise Me Trips

Surprise Me! lets you choose whether you want to test this mystery travel adventure as a one-time weekend getaway or a full-fledged undisclosed trip. They especially enjoy planning trips for wedding parties, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, or trips where they are going to pop the question!

For the weekends, you can choose to tell them when and who you want to travel with and have the opportunity to provide you with transportation if necessary. The week-long vacation works the same way, except this time they'll let you know pertinent information like which airport to report to and when. This travel agency is also available to book regular trips if being surprised isn't your thing.

2 Black Tomato's Get Lost

Black Tomato debuted its "Get Lost" deal in their luxury travel business plan after mystery travel became a huge hit. To stand out from the crowd, their Get Lost package sends you off to uncharted destinations to give travelers the chance to find themselves. They won't even tell you what you will need for your trip; all you do is show up to the airport and wait for your next instructions.

Adventurers should expect some type of wilderness or outdoor destination, as Get Lost's explorations bring you to barren terrains where you can indulge in nature's beauty.

1 Rustic Pathways

This is a student-only travel agency. They offer their services to anyone in school between the ages of 12 and 22. The idea was founded in 1983, but they didn't start their Mystery Trip package until later. The mystery starts when a Patagonia duffel bag arrives at your home, giving you subtle hints to your destination. A month before you leave, they'll send you a packing list as well. But that's all you get. There's no itinerary either-- young adventurers will get a wake-up call each morning with clues as to what journey awaits you.

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