Many locations throughout the US are ideal for solo travelers, but none are quite like Portland, Oregon. If you have never had the chance to take a solo vacay in Portland, OR, then there really is no time like the present. Whether you are looking to simply treat yourself or for some time away from the daily grind without being on anyone else’s schedule, a solo trip to Portland may be just what you need. Not only is there a wealth of things to see and do here, but there is also a large variety of activities that you can participate in sans travel buddy. Here are the eight must-try activities for a solo traveler in Portland, OR.

8 Chase Some Waterfalls

Portland has a nice balance of city versus the great outdoors. Thus, a mix of activities that highlight Portland’s bustling city atmosphere and stunning wilderness is the perfect way for solo travelers to experience all this place offers. That said, you can start by scheduling a small group Columbia River Gorge tour complete with gorgeous waterfalls. If you didn’t know, Portland is home to over a dozen waterfalls that are absolutely breathtaking—most of which you can see in less than a few hours. So why stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to? Get out there and go chase some waterfalls.

7 Venture Out On A Haunted Pub Crawl

For beer, paranormal activity, and history lovers alike, you can easily combine all of these great loves with a pub crawl, such as the Haunted Shanghai Tunnel Walking Tour with Beer Tasting. Not only do you get a dose of local history and folklore, but you also get to sample a variety of IPAs and local brews. There are also your standard pub crawls, wine tours, and foodie activities if you prefer to just drink/eat and not know things. If you do opt for a wine tour, a small group excursion to Willamette Valley is highly recommended. Here, you can sip Pinot varietals and soak up the beautiful lush countryside.

6 See The Coastal Line

Another great solo travel activity to try out while visiting Portland is a day trip to the Oregon Coast. Solo explorers can arrange for a downtown hotel pick-up and travel out to the majestic coast. Along the way, you can expect to see picturesque beaches, dramatic cliffs, historical lighthouses, lush forest lands, and charming little seaside towns like Manzanita and Cannon Beach. As an added bonus, if you do, make your way out to Cannon Beach, then you can check to see the famous Haystack Rock off of your bucket list.

5 Take Advantage Of Hotel Amenities

Hotels these days offer their guests a wealth of amenities, so many that you might forget there’s a whole city to see. In Portland, it is not hard to find an amazing well-themed hotel with inviting lounges, restaurants, cocktail bars, outdoor patios with mega chess, first-class gyms, saunas, pools, and Instagram-worthy decor. Many of these lodgings also come equipped with smart TVs for your Netflix account and 24-hour room service. So visitors can easily entertain themselves without stepping foot off the premises. As a solo traveler in Portland, you can find quaint accommodations that feel like hipster heaven yet still offer all of the above plus more.

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4 Book A Spa Day

If you haven’t figured it out by now, solo travel anywhere in the world is a great opportunity to appreciate yourself. So why not book a massage at your hotel or make a day of it at a nearby spa (there are over 20 top-rated spas in the downtown area alone). Notably, booking treatments and pampering appointments for one is often easier because you don’t have to make sure there is something for everyone or that multiple people can get massages at the same time.

3 Check Out The Music Scene

Of course, going to a concert or even a festival on your own may seem a tad bit intimidating at first. But once you try it, you will quickly see that just because you are traveling alone does not mean that you are limited in the type of activities you can take part in. There are dozens of venues in Portland that have live bands playing from all genres. Some venues offer an intimate setting, while others promise concertgoers a large-scale outdoor festival. So whether you are into jazz, rock, folk, bluegrass, or hip hop, you should make it a point to check out Portland’s lively music scene and simply have a good time.

2 Go On A Walkabout

For those looking for a little more leisure with a possible healthy dose of sightseeing, a good old-fashioned walkabout may be just what the doctor ordered. With an abundance of parks, walking trails, free museums, Saturday markets, murals, bookstores, forests, botanical gardens, and historical sites, Portland won’t disappoint. So put on your best pair of walking shoes and take in all that the city has to offer. You can easily do this solo-dolo or by booking any one of the available and affordable walking tours.

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1 Take A Biking Tour

A great alternative to the aforementioned walkabout, biking tours are another fun and affordable way to check the touristy items off your list. Here, you can see the city, the Columbia Gorge, Portland’s bridges, the waterfront, and then some, all with the wind in your hair. Visitors can rent a bike on their own, participate in a self-guided/support bicycle tour, or opt for a guided biking tour that varies in size. However, your best bet is to check out one of Portland’s many guided biking tours, especially if you want to see more than just the cityscape.