Dublin is a haven for anybody interested in history. The Irish capital has years of tumultuous history behind it, with key periods captured at the various museums located across the city. Check out these museums that no history buff can afford to miss in Dublin!

5 Experience Viking And Medieval Dublin At Dublinia

4 The Irish Emigration Museum Is Epic

3 Pay Tribute To Ireland’s Literary Heritage At The Dublin Writers Museum

2 Visit The Cells Of Kilmainham Gaol If You Dare

Kilmainham Gaol doesn’t look like your average museum, but it’s one of the most popular learning centers in Dublin. Once a jail, the museum allows guests to explore a darker side to Ireland’s history. During the time it was in operation, everyone from Irish Republicans to serial killers was interred in the prison. Although it is a symbol of Irish Nationalism, the jail did also imprison ordinary men, women, and children. Some of their crimes were as petty as stealing bread to feed their starving families. Some convicts were also held in jail for long periods of time as they awaited transportation to Australia.

You can take a guided tour of the eerie cells in the building and learn more about the inmates who spent time inside. Due to a large number of executions that took place in the jail, some whisper that the grounds are haunted.

1 Learn All About Leprechauns At The National Leprechaun Museum

No visit to Dublin is complete without a trip to the National Leprechaun Museum. Particularly enjoyable for children, the museum pays tribute to Irish folklore by exploring leprechauns and other mythological creatures.Conveniently located in the heart of Dublin, the museum offers guided tours that take 45 minutes and transport you back to childhood. There is also the option to take a night tour that explores the darker side of Irish folklore, but that’s only for ages 18 and above.You’ll find sensory experiences at the museum that will make you feel like you’ve landed in another world. There’s also a focus on learning through storytelling—another pillar of Irish folklore and tradition.NEXT: 10 Free Things To Do In Ireland