A visit to Europe can be overwhelming especially when it is to a historic destination such as Ireland which hosts some of the world’s finest castles and also where some of the most inspiring folk tales have been told. With its rich history and Medieval castles, there is so much to do in Ireland and first-timers should begin with these experiences.

10 Visit The Historic City Of Dublin

The capital and largest city of Ireland is a place of inspiration and interesting history. To get a good understanding of this history, visitors can begin with a visit to the Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, or St. Patrick Cathedral and enjoy the stunning architecture of Europe’s middle ages. Take a stroll to Ha’penny Bridge and enjoy the spectacular view of the Pedestrian bridge and then proceed to enjoy an exploration of the Guinness Storehouse factory for a taste of the famous Irish beer and its history.

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9 Enjoy The Scenic Views At The Cliffs of Moher

The cliff of Moher is a famous tourist spot located along the Wild Atlantic Way on the West coast of Ireland with Liscannor village standing as the closest town. Here at the 14-kilometer long Cliffs of Moher, visitors will be spoiled with a view of the majestic Atlantic Ocean from the cliff’s maximum height of 211 meters. While viewing scenery, Visitors will also enjoy watching the cute species of birds who also love watching the natural scenery even more than the visitors. Those lucky enough to come by at sunset will be met with colorful views of the sky illuminating the cliffs and creating views so colorful that they may look like paintings to the spectator.

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8 Explore The Castles In Ireland

Visitors to Ireland cannot escape the views of the architecturally stunning castles of the third-largest island in Europe. Some of these castles are so historic and majestic that their views have been used in movies such as Braveheart, the Medallion, and the Tudors. Head over to the Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone to gain the gift of Eloquence, then lodge in the Ashford Castle and live like the Kings of old at least for a night.

7 Marvel at the Ring of Kerry

Take a scenic drive across the Ring of Kerry and enjoy views that consist of rich vegetation, majestic mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean. At 111 miles, the ring road takes visitors through an exciting adventure where they can stop to admire and hike the Rocky Gap of Dunloe, take a boat ride on the lakes of Killarney, marvel at the Ladies view, or hike the 1038 m Carrantuohill which is the tallest mountain in Ireland. For more attractions, visitors can check out the Cahergall Stone ringfort, and then head over to the Killarney National Park to enjoy natural scenery at the Torc waterfall.

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6 Cruise The Charming River Shannon

The longest river in Ireland and Great Britain is a massive water body that is just perfect for a long and exciting river cruise. Get on a boat tour or rent a kayak or canoe and begin the cruise whichever way seems best. Those who prefer some other river activities can get out their hooks and start fishing in one of the river’s fishing hot spots (of course after getting a fishing permit).

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5 Visit The Museums In Ireland

Take a deeper dive into the history of Ireland by exploring its numerous museums, with some dating to the medieval ages. The perfect museum to begin this exploration is the largest Museum in Ireland - The National Museum of Ireland, which features a chain of Museums that houses fine decorative arts, archeological materials, and lots of historical artifacts. Other interesting museums to visit include:

  • Irish Whiskey Museum: For an exploration of the history of Whiskey and tastes of the liquor as well.
  • Guinness Storehouse: For a historic tour of the beloved beer of Ireland – Guinness, which is also one of the most famous beers in the world.

4 Visit The Iconic Reginald’s Tower

Take a tour across the oldest civic building in Ireland and also the only city monument to still hold a Viking or Norse name. Located in Waterford City, this 16 m tall fortified tower has served as a prison, military storehouse, and residence until 1954 when it was turned into a museum. In the museum, visitors will learn the origins of the tower’s name, how it was used as a defense against the kingdom that occasionally sought to overtake it.

3 Take A Walk Across The Wicklow National Park

Get comfortable shoes and head to the 51,000-acre Wicklow mountain national park to enjoy an adventurous walk across the vast landscape. The National Park which is located just 17.2 miles south of Dublin is the largest national park in Ireland. Its large area features stunning mountain scenery, rich biodiversity, and beautiful natural elements.

At the Wicklow National Park, visitors can begin an adventure by heading to Lough Ouler for a view of the heart-shaped lake. For some outdoor activities, hikers can hike across the mountains at Glendalough to enjoy its unique scenery or buckle up and get on a more challenging hike to defeat Lugnaquilla – The fourth-highest mountain in Ireland with a height of 924.7 meters.

2 Walk Round The Rock Of Cashel

Explore the eye-catching archeological Rock of Cashel which stands majestically on a green hill surrounded by beautiful green vegetation. The views of this site take visitors back to the medieval ages due to its brilliant Gothic architecture – Perhaps one of the most impressive in Ireland. Founded in the 12th century, The Rock of Cashel consists of three structures which include – a Gothic Cathedral, a round tower, and a Romanesque chapel.

1 Explore The Food Of The Irish People

A visit to Ireland is incomplete until visitors get a taste of the savory Irish food. To begin the food exploration, get a plate of the beloved Irish Beef stew – a staple of the Irish people which usually consist of food items such as - potatoes, carrots, beef, lamb, and lots of vegetables and is better consumed hot with a cold bottle of Guinness. For more Irish taste, try;

  • Colcannon Mash: A comfort food that features ingredients such as - mashed potatoes, cabbage, scallion, butter, and cream.
  • Ulster Fry: A breakfast meal that includes food items such as – Sausages, fried bacon, tomato, eggs, black pudding, fried soda bread, and potato farls.

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