New Orleans is a place of unique culture, flavor, and music. Besides being one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, it is also one of the weirdest cities as well. This is obviously due to the city’s diverse mix of different cultures but some of the most bizarre stories have been told in this city. As odd as the city seems, New Orleans is one of the most musical cities in not just the United States but the world. From live jazz music in vibrant street clubs to cultural parades, and streets designed with beautiful art, it is indeed a place of excitement. New Orleans is devoid of boredom as there is so much to see and do here and travelers should ensure to engage in these activities that are only known by locals.

10 Savor The Distinct Flavors

Not just the music, the food in New Orleans is funky and will have any traveler loving the city as they go through the unique flavors. It is also worth noting that there is love for seafood in the city and some of the best dishes to try include – Crawfish, Red beans & rice, Shrimp & Grits, Gumbo & Jumbalaya, and Oysters. Treats in New Orleans are also important to get a full taste of the flavors of this city and a few of them worth trying out include– sandwiches, Po Boys, and fried chicken.

9 Get On Some Ghost And Haunted Tours

New Orleans is arguably the most haunted city in the United States and haunted tours are ways to learn about the scary part of the city. These tours will take travelers through scary and haunted parts of the city while also revealing a lot about the scary voodoo faith practiced long ago in the city. This experience is best reserved for the brave as there will be tales of vampire haunting, witnessing of spells, the sight of witchcraft practices, and other weird and unnatural things on the guided tours. Those who engage in this experience should be sure to come with all their courage as there are also possibilities of paranormal encounters/activity.

8 Get Into The Musical Atmosphere Of The New Orleans Jazz Museum

The Jazz music genre originated in New Orleans and the New Orleans Jazz museum now stands as the perfect place to celebrate this exceptional music genre in its birthplace. Get a detailed understanding of the origin of Jazz music at this museum with the museum’s live exhibition, stunning musical performances, and educational programs. Located in the Old US Mint, the New Orleans Jazz Museum also offers daily live musical programs and concerts so visitors are always guaranteed of getting welcome with the sounds of some authentic jazz.

7 Tour The National World War II Museum

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is one of the most popular museums in the United States. The museum houses lots of historic materials which are meant to give people a glimpse of the happenings of the WWII Era. Its offerings include exhibits, stories about America’s involvement in the war, and even musical performances that portray the type of music prevalent during the period of the conflict.

6 Head Over To Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is the perfect place for travelers seeking an atmosphere of unending activities. The street filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs is the part of New Orleans to get the best nightlife, street food, wine, and music. The stunning architecture of Bourbon Street even adds some more beauty to the vibrant street to make the exploration more enjoyable. Travelers are assured of running into a party or karaoke at any time in this street.

5 Visit The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is a noteworthy place for health and medicine enthusiasts. Here travelers will be presented with medical equipment and many old jars containing medicinal content and voodoo substances that make up the healthcare history of Louisiana. Travelers who visit this museum should also watch out for any moving items, flying papers, and sudden sounding of the alarm as the museum is said to be a haunted place.

4 Learn About The Culture Of New Orleans Museum Of Art

The New Orleans Museum of Art is a place to learn about the culture of New Orleans through its art. This museum features a bulky collection of more than 40,000 art materials and the voluminous collection is made up of art from different cultures including Japanese, African, French, and American culture as they all contributed to the creation of the unique culture of New Orleans.

3 Pull Yourself Together At The Haunted Mortuary

Haunted stories are not usually verified to be factual but these scary stories when told by more than one person, over and over again, become something that arouses curiosity and fear. One place with such scary story is the Hunted Mortuary - a place of intense paranormal activity. In this case, the house is believed to be indeed haunted since it was used as a large mortuary before it became an attraction. During Halloween, the mortuary offers a thrilling experience with chilling music, frightening stories, and sensational haunting. Be Prepared!

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2 Explore The City’s Breweries

The love for beer is strong in New Orleans and those who doubt this can get on an exploration of the breweries in New Orleans which by the way grow in number every year. Most of the breweries including NOLA Brewing Company and Courtyard Brewery also have restaurants and food trucks with delicious food nearby to make the beer tasting more enjoyable.

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1 Shop Your Pockets Dry At The French Market

From weird voodoo dolls and specialty items to clothing and art materials, the French Market in New Orleans offers a stage to shop till you have no money left. The epic music that can be heard playing in the ground even makes it more appealing to linger and keep buying things here. Of course, during Christmas, the songs are those of the season and the stalls line up displaying beautiful items and delicious food to get shoppers into the Christmas mood.

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