Sedona, a desert city in Arizona, is considered a top destination for tourists into adventures, hikes, and exotic scenery. Bordering Sedona is the Red Rocky Mountains, canyons, diverse terrestrial environment, and vortexes. Sedona is not limited to tourists of certain ages. It can be for anybody; anyone gets to experience the same level of adventure with the number of activities available in the city. There are many things to enjoy in this haven, but here is a comprehensive list of the things every tourist needs to know about this magical desert oasis:

10 How To Reach Sedona

Sedona has a small private airport that allows guests to bring their private plane and enjoy the direct flight. Do not worry about not having a private plane, the nearest airport to this majestic city is the Flagstaff Airport, which is only thirty-three miles from Sedona. There are a number of rental car services in Flagstaff Airport, so tourists won't bother commuting. Phoenix International Airport is an alternative to Sedona. Just like in Flagstaff Airport, tourists may also rent a car to use while roaming around the magical city.

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9 Accommodation In Sedona

Popularly, Sedona has beautiful hotels and lodging. These hotels are located near attractions and are a walk away from restaurants and shops. Hyatt Residence Club is on top of the list - it's near the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Other well-rated hotels include Sky Rock Inn, Orchards Inn, Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona Summit, Sky Ranch Lodge, The Ridge on Sedona Golf Course, and Airbnbs.

8 Restaurants Around Sedona

Sedona has numerous restaurants that serve traditional delicacies as well as world-class cuisines. From the cheapest restaurants to luxurious café's and dining places, tourists will never experience having an empty stomach in this city. Popular restaurants include Mariposa, Cucina Rustica, Elote Café – which serves amazing desserts, The Hudson, Vino Di Sedona, Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, Saltrock Southwest Kitchen, and Molẻ - serves the best street food in Sedona. Some of these restaurants feature some attractions of Sedona, like Oak Creek.

7 Trails And Art Village

The first destination, especially for hikers, is the Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Loop Trail which features the most iconic formations in Sedona. Another famous attraction not just for hikers is the Devils Bridge – featuring the mesmerizing red rocks of Sedona. For non-hikers, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village are the first on the list to go shopping. The Chapel of the Holy Cross and Crescent Moon Picnic Site is where tourists can get an incredible view of the Cathedral Rock. It is a perfect destination once the afternoon strikes.

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6 Canyons And Caves

A hike in Boynton Canyon and The Subway Cave for the second-day escapade is an excellent option. One of the vortexes in Sedona sits in Boynton Canyon, located explicitly on Boynton Vista Trail. Accordingly, there are other vortexes here in Boynton, but it would take a tourist the whole day to find those, including the main trail. Additionally, the Sinagua ruins are just nearby together with the hidden cave of Sedona – The Subway Cave.

5 The Soldier Pass

For day 3 of the tour, Soldier Pass is a perfect place to visit, especially with family and kids. Hiking to the pass will bring tourists to the Seven Sacred Pools, located along the way. Renting a Jeep will also help the visitors further explore the sites. The third day of the tour is also a perfect time to go to the Crescent Moon Picnic Site featuring the beautiful views of Cathedral Rock.

4 The Slide Rock State Park

Sedona isn't just all about mountains and red rocky scenery; the city also features the Slide Rock State Park, where tourists can slide down the waterfalls. Suppose tourists are not into this kind of adventure, a tour to Palatki Heritage Sites and Honanki renting a Jeep. Additionally, if travelers happen to be wine enthusiasts, Verde Valley Wine Trail is a perfect place to go. The Verde Valley Wine Trail features numerous Arizona wineries and serves an expertly prepared variety of wines.

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3 The Red Rock

Exquisite activities are intended for the fifth day of the tour; these activities bring tourists much closer to the scenic views of The Red Rock. First on the list is taking a ride on Redrock Scenic Byway. The smooth road is eight-mile-long where tourists can take amazing shots for the gram. Afterward, guests may experience the Red Rock Balloon Adventures to have an aerial view of all the wonders of Sedona - prices range from $220 to $250.

2 The Spas

Travelling Sedona requires as much strength and energy, which results in an exhausted yet still active body. To keep tourists relaxed despite the adventures in the City, Sedona offers numerous spas to unwind. Famous spas include The Spa of Sedona, Blue Sage Day Spa, A Spa For You Sedona Day Spa, Sedona's New Day Spa, and Sedona Transformation Spa. These spas feature calming gardens, fountains, hot tubs, spa treatments, and more.

1 Uptown

Strolling the Main Street District of Sedona is a great thing to do on the last day of a Sedona escape. Uptown Sedona is an old area in the city where boutiques and galleries reside. The town is also where travelers can find the Sedona Heritage Museum, Sedona Arts Center, clubs, and other restaurants. In Uptown Mall Plaza, there are choices of gift shops for souvenirs.

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