Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world not just for hosting the beloved Hollywood but also for its ethnic diversity. Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States and while it is famous for its entertainment and celebrity atmosphere, there are many other things to see and do in this large city and these are only known by locals.

10 Enjoy A Picturesque View Of Los Angeles From Griffith Park

The city of Los Angeles is beautiful from the streets, but the views from Griffith Park are nothing short of amazing. The 4,310 acre Park is an area in Los Angeles that offers an elevated view of the entire city and also a view of the Hollywood sign. The park has been named the largest municipal park in the United States. Besides its views, the park also offers other attractions such as - museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and lots of trails which all offer the picturesqueness of Los Angeles. While many parts of the park offer views of the city, the Griffith Observatory is the perfect place to enjoy this scenery.

9 Go To Disneyland Park

Located in Anaheim, Disneyland Park is a place of overwhelming fun. The park offers an atmosphere that evokes the feeling of childhood. Although the park is located 26.6 miles from Los Angeles, both locals and visitors hold Disneyland Park in high esteem and it is fair to say that no trip to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to this fantasy world. Disneyland Park has also been nicknamed - the happiest place on earth, and honestly, it sure is!

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8 Drive Round The City On A Hop-On-Hop-Off bus

Los Angeles is not just populated but very large and seeing all that the city has to offer requires a lot of time. With the hop-on-hop-off bus, those with less time to spare will still enjoy a long ride around the city. Hop-on-hop-off buses are simply dedicated to sightseeing and their tours usually last 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours with more than 20 stops depending on the option the travelers choose. Just like its name, hop-on-hop-off buses offer flexibility to travelers so that they can hop off at any stop they want, enjoy the attractions at that location to the fullest, and then hop on the next bus to continue the epic drive around the city.

7 Relax At Santa Monica Beach

With its soft white sand and atmospheric views, Santa Monica beach offers a relaxing atmosphere. While the beach might not be devoid of crowds, it still has lots of space for visitors to enjoy their space or even play volleyball with some friends without any disturbance. The beach also features favorable weather and the water waves are perfect for both swimming and surfing.

6 Feed On Some Seafood

Many restaurants in Los Angeles offer a large variety of seafood and because of the city’s diversity, the seafood is prepared in different diverse ways. From steamed fish and fried shrimps served in colorful stews to baked catfish sprinkled with salad, the seafood in Los Angeles will have travelers thinking of going fishing. While some of the restaurants offer views of the vibrant streets, others offer views of the beautiful ocean to spice up the meal.

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5 Explore The Walt Disney Concert Hall

Enjoy a musical atmosphere at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The unique architecture characterized by stainless steel exteriors and luxurious interiors, and the melodious sounds of the orchestra will have visitors floating in a fantasy world at this concert hall. Extraordinary music performances are offered in different musical styles ranging from jazz to classical at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and visitors can enjoy a full exploration with guided tours. Those who wish to explore the atmosphere at their own pace can also do so with self-guided tours.

4 Enjoy A Hearty Laugh At A Local Comedy Club

For those who might have forgotten, Los Angeles is a place of entertainment but besides the music and video entertainment, the city also offers comedy at its finest. Sometimes when nothing else seems to evoke happiness, laughing does and in Los Angeles, there are lots of comedy clubs that offer that laughing atmosphere. Since Los Angeles is also home to a lot of celebrity entertainers, many superstar comedians frequent some of the city’s local comedy clubs, offering an opportunity to meet a comedy celebrity performing live.

3 Eat Your Way Through The Farmer’s Market

The farmer's market is the perfect place for those who simply want to enjoy Los Angeles through shopping. The market is filled with lots of eateries which will have shoppers chewing their mouths as they search for more things to buy at the stalls lined up across the market. When it comes to the Christmas season, the farmers market is the perfect place to enjoy the celebration in Los Angeles. During Christmas, the market is decorated with beautiful ornaments, Christmas trees, and lit up with bright lights as lots of gifts, seasonal treats, and drinks are offered in the market’s 100+ stalls giving visitors more options to explore.

2 Go To An Aquarium

Aquariums offer the opportunity to see live sea creatures, many of which are usually only seen from TV screens. There are lots of aquariums in Los Angeles and while some offer views of more than a hundred species, others even offer visitors the chance to feed the lovely creatures, thereby spicing up the already fascinating and prestigious experience.

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1 Cruise The Water On A Jet Ski

There are numerous options for cruising the waters in Los Angeles and while some people may prefer paddling slowly on a kayak, others love to ride hard (and in style). Jet skis offer the flexibility and speed needed to cruise long lengths of the waters of Los Angeles. With all that horsepower at your command, the whole sea will look like a piece of cake, and if you’re lucky you might get caught up in a race with a beautiful sea creature.

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