Colorado is one of the places in the world to enjoy all-year adventures, although summer is particularly special because it comes with lots of things to do. With brighter skies, longer days, warmer temperatures, and less disruption from the weather, adventurers are sure to have the best time outdoors while engaging in these must-do activities.

10 Hike A Trail

Colorado is a haven for hiking as it presents an abundance of hiking trails from easy-short walks to difficult long treks far into the wilderness. Many of the trails end at impressive attractions such as lakes and elevated viewpoints so hikers are always guaranteed a worthy reward at the end of the exercise.

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9 Experience Mountain Biking In Colorado

Only a few places in the world offer the type of mountain biking thrill that can be experienced in the state of Colorado. With numerous mountain trails, all levels of bikers will have something to enjoy here. While the scenery is one thing to enjoy, the rugged landscape is endowed with numerous rocks, lots of trees and forest areas, steep hills, sharp bends, endless trails, and all the things that make mountain biking thrilling. It almost feels like a video game.

8 Camp In The Wilderness

Camping is an exciting summer activity that one cannot get enough of especially in a state like Colorado. With brighter skies and more favorable weather, it is an opportunity to get more intimate with the state’s unique landscape. Camping offers campers the opportunity to watch the sunset from their tent or RV, stargaze at night, and wake up to the views of a beautiful sunrise.

7 Attend A Summer Music Festival

Some of the most epic music festivals in the world are held during the summer months and this is a must-do thing for those visiting Colorado in summer. Epic music festivals such as - the Ride Festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, and Telluride Bluegrass Festival are held in Colorado at this time of the year. With dozens of other music festivals available on the list, there’s something for everyone. One thing about music festivals in Colorado is that it offers more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.

6 Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Summer comes with brighter skies. With brighter skies come clearer views but the higher the elevations, the more mesmerizing the views are. This is what has made hot air balloon rides a top-rated outdoor activity in Colorado as it promises the best views one can possibly see in the state. There’s no better way to get that epic shot of this stunning landscape than floating on a hot air balloon high above the mountainous terrain of Colorado.

5 Climb A Mountain

Since Colorado is somehow synonymous with Mountains, it is paramount to at least taste one of the mountains before the vacation is over. The state features hundreds of peaks with 58 rising more than 14,000 feet, offering a huge opportunity for all levels of climbers to get involved in the activity. Beginners, intermediate, and experienced climbers all have suitable spots to enjoy mountain climbing in Colorado. While the adrenaline rush and thrill are some rewards of the climbs, the scenic views of the vast mountain ranges, the colorful forests, and the bright skies are more mesmerizing when viewed from the mountain’s elevated viewpoints.

4 Go To A Beach

Colorado may be a mountainous region but that does not mean it does not have beaches where one can relax and enjoy a sunbath. Even though one may not find those Caribbean-sugar-white-sand beaches here, the state still has thousands of lakes and reservoirs as well as rivers and streams which offer a relaxing seaside experience. Many travelers have experienced beaches around the world with soft white sand, now Colorado offers the opportunity to enjoy a different type of seaside experience with rocky shorelines, warm water, and surrounding views of towering mountains.

3 Engage In White Water Rafting

White Water rafting is a thrilling water sport and the unique landscape of Colorado makes it even more exciting and unforgettable. During summer, the rivers are fuller and run faster which means one can expect rapids ranging from class II to V. All levels of rafters will enjoy a wonderful time in Colorado from families seeking a slow and peaceful float to adrenaline junkies yearning to scream and get thrown around by raging rapids.

2 Take A Scenic Road Trip In Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country which means visiting it is a must-do thing in Colorado. For those who don’t have the time, however, a road trip might just be the fastest and easiest way to see the 265,461-acre park. In this case, the 48-mile trail ridge road is the best road trip one can take here. The paved road rises to an elevation of more than 12,000 feet and offers impressive views of the unique landscape of the park. The entire trip takes between 2 and 4 hours but with so many things to see along the way, one might have to put aside half a day to fully enjoy the scenic adventure.

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1 Explore The Landscape On Horseback

There’s a difference between seeing Colorado on foot or a vehicle and seeing the state from horseback - it just feels unique and right. This is one of the reasons horseback riding is a popular thing to do here. But besides that, Colorado is known for its cowboy lifestyle and with a good deal of horseback riding tours and trails, adventurers will have the opportunity to explore this unique landscape the cowboy way.