Austin is a thriving urban jungle rich in history. It’s a place of adventure, thanks to its vibrant culture and colorful lifestyle. From Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex to being the ‘Live Music Capital of the World,’ Austin offers nothing but the best.

There are many points of interest in the city that cater to active travelers like bikers and those who want a slow day visiting museums, libraries, and parks. About 30 million people visit Austin annually; which is not surprising because the city is a hodgepodge of travel experiences only the Texas capital can offer. Plus, the residents know how to “keep Austin weird.”

10 Stroll Along The South Congress

South Congress is a charming neighborhood near downtown Austin. It’s the place to be for first-timers in the city as it’s home to many shops that offer local treats. From morning until afternoon, tourists can visit restaurants that offer Cuban cuisine, pizza, ice cream, and more after a shopping spree. When evening comes, the community blossoms, even more, thanks to its welcoming nightlife. SoCo has iconic murals that are perfect for Instagram shots, but what makes the area unique is its hospitality. Nothing goes south along South Congress.

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9 Be Active By The Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is used for flood control but what really floods here are charming smiles and wonderful travel memories. Now a popular recreational spot, the reservoir, also known as Town Lake, is frequented by paddlers and boaters. Tourists should be excited about paddling this waterway because they can go miles and miles enjoying its views in the presence of Austin’s warm climate. There are many recreational areas by the lake, from pools to trails, and tourists just need to be out there.

8 Relax With Sixth Street’s Sights And Sounds

Tourists who want to feel the vibe of what Austin entertainment means should drop by Sixth Street. Along this busy road, travelers will quickly grasp why the city is dubbed the ‘Live Music Capital of the World.’ Called by the locals the Dirty Sixth, it’s the place to unwind with good ol’ beats. Beyond the noise and the crowd, Sixth Street is like a living testament that music is more than just sound but an enriching experience. Austin hosts many festivals because the music never stops.

7 Join A Tour Around The City

Those who want to get the most out of Austin should join tours around the city. It’s the best way to explore the town while learning about its history, culture, people, and quirks. What’s more, it’s the best way to make friends while enjoying local cuisine. Travel operators abound in the city, offering classic tours to landmarks and hidden gems, music and food crawl, and wine tasting, among others. A tour around Austin is more than just sightseeing; it’s a gastronomic journey.

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6 Try Local Food

Food makes traveling fun, and when in Austin, foodies will have a fun time tasting treats and taking photos of them. The state is proud of its barbecue and Tex-Mex, and the city knows how to serve the yummiest food. Franklin Barbecue is probably the most famous local restaurant, and its brisket should not be missed. However, it’s more than just grilled offers as the city is home to many eateries serving food of varying influences. The tummy is always happy on this side of the world.

5 Bat Watching

Bat watching in the city? That’s a normal sight in Austin. Mexican free-tailed bats seem to love the city’s music, much so that the Congress Avenue Bridge became their favorite hangout spot. Bat watching is common in Austin, and tourists can best view these winged mammals shows in late March. As the sun sets, bats exit the bridge, delivering a spectacle for tourists, especially since the city has the largest urban bat population in North America. That’s Austin, where the nightlife is authentic.

4 Drop By Driskill Hotel

Driskill Hotel is a Texas landmark, with its iconic building standing elegant and exuding luxury. It has been around since 1886 and was once dubbed as one of the “finest hotels” in the country. Many celebrities graced this historic hotel, and if tourists opt to stay here, they'll understand why the Driskill is a famous Austin establishment. Timeless yet modern, the hotel enamors guests with its charming decorations while it inspires tourists as they learn about its history. From its majestic facade to luxurious rooms, the Driskill means business.

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3 Explore The Texas State Capitol

Just because it’s an ever-present government building doesn’t mean the Texas State Capitol should be overlooked. After all, it’s a historic site that has been around for more than a hundred years. This well-designed building is considered among the most esteemed state capitols in the country. Its elegance and rich history make it a popular tour stop in Austin. Its exterior looks good, and when visitors explore its interior, they'll have a satisfying day. Thanks to its architecture, collection of artworks, artifacts, and hidden spaces, the Texas State Capitol is a must-visit.

2 Visit A Historical Museum

History buffs should not miss paying a visit to one of Austin’s heritage spots, the Bullock Texas State History Museum. More than nine million people explore this place annually, gaining insights into the history of the state. The museum is packed with exhibits, programs, films, and events that let visitors see why Texas is Texas. Traveling, after all, is more than just sightseeing but a way to rediscover the community’s past in a fun and engaging manner. The museum can do that easily, and tourists just need to be curious and eager to learn.

1 Drive Along Texas Hill Country

Austin is surrounded by 14,000 square miles of beauty that is the Texas Hill Country. Its terrain and vegetation mean lots of travel options for those who want to unwind in quiet areas near the city. Driving along the region will let tourists appreciate the beauty of historic towns, vineyards, and even a spring. It’s the perfect place to unwind and drink wine. The laidback lifestyle is always possible in Austin, thanks to the presence of Texas Hill Country.