For most music lovers, Coachella is the holy grail of all music festivals. The west coast, who's who of song, kicks off the beginning to the festival season, ramping up fans everywhere. People darn near sell their souls (and pay a truly hefty price) to hang out at this luxury music festival, where they hear their favorite artists rock out and sometimes even catch a glimpse of the biggest stars in Hollywood. It's a big deal to be sure, but it isn't the only music festival worth its salt.

There are tons of lesser-known music festivals all over the world that are just as sick, maybe even sicker than the coveted Coachella. Check out these twenty music festivals that people swear by for a good time.

20 Beale Street Music Festival Gives Music Lovers Great Music And Great BBQ

First off, this festival is pretty well established, having run for about four decades now. Artists like Ed Sheeran, Wilco, the Flaming Lips, and Ryan Adams have all played there. The festival is set in Memphis's massive riverfront Tom Lee Park, so the sites are second to none. The major bonus is the BBQ here is the

19 Boston Calling Festival

Boston Calling recently celebrated its tenth year churching out great tunes for music lovers in search of a real entertainment experience. The event takes place over three days in May, has hosted the likes of Travis Scott and Twenty-One Pilots, as well as great comedians like Fred Armisen and Jenny Slate.

18 Hangout Music Festival: Nothing Beats A Beach

The Hangout Music Festival was founded by A.J. Niland and Shaul Zislin back in 2010 and takes place over the course of three days in May. This rager is set in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sun, surf, and Foo Fighters? Yes, please. Sign us up. You can get your tan and your music on at this event.

17 Firefly Music Festival

Dover, Delaware is home to the Firefly Music Festival, which is held in June of each year. This event is not as well known as many other low-key festivals, as it is still comparably young, but it is gaining a lot of attention very quickly. Last year Post Malone, Passion Pit, and Zedd were all there churning out jams.

16 Lollapalooza Music Festival

It isn't Coachella, but it is darn close in the eyes of many music festival lovers. Lollapalooza, Chicago's staple music festival, takes place over four days in August. It's set in the heart of the midwestern Illinois city and has recently seen the likes of Ariana Grande, The Strokes, and Childish Gambino.

15 Under The Big Sky Festival

We are not sure what is more mesmerizing at Under The Big Sky Music Festival. Is it the sounds of artists like Band Of Horses, Dwight Yoakam, or is it the big, open sky that seems to engulf you completely? Either way, this festival is one that music and nature lovers alike should make a point to go to at least once in their lives.

14 Lightning In A Bottle

This under-the-radar music festival is not for the sensory sensitive. The Do Lab’s five-day festival takes place over Memorial Day Weekend in California and is full of loud music, bright lights, and all the dancing that a person can handle. If you need a daily dose of peace and quiet, maybe skip this one.

13 Outside Lands Festival

The Bay Area music festival, Outside Lands, brings the people what they want: great music, great food, and an unbeatable atmosphere. Combining these essentials is probably always going to be a winning combination. So come, listen, eat and drink all while taking in sights of the Golden Gate Bridge

12 CounterPoint Music and Arts Festival

Located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, CounterPoint Music Festival is a festival of threes. It is spread out over three days, runs on three stages, and hosts three primary music categories: dance, jam, and hip hop. It might be tucked away in a serene landscape of rivers and mountains, but the energy will be anything but serene.

11 Life Is Beautiful Music Festival

Life Is Beautiful aims to show festival-goers precisely that. The Las Vegas festival joins significant music acts, culinary delights, and inspiring thought-leaders all under a single roof, so to speak. People should leave this place feeling completely satisfied and ready to take on the world. It's part concert and part retreat and completely genius.

10 Bottle Rock

What makes this wine country music festival so unique and such a fun experience for fans of all musicality genres is it is as diverse as a music festival gets. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Heart to Blues Traveler might be there on any given year. You'll see your favorite performers here and maybe learn to love some new ones.

9 Sweetlife Festival

This lesser-known music festival is a perfect mix of great food and great tunes. Northeastern health-fast-food chain Sweetgreen founded the festival in 2010 in a parking lot behind one of their stores. What started as a five hundred person event has now grown to over twenty thousand yearly attendees.

8 Wakarusa Music Festival

Nestled in the Ozark mountains, music lovers will find the Wakarusa Music Festival. This event treats music aficionados to over one hundred and fifty acts, all performing on six stages, (so there is always something to see,) and spans the course of four days. The festival prides itself on being a place and space where nature and music collide.

7 Free Press Summer Festival

Houston, Texas, is a fun town, so you know any festival being held there is probably not going to leave folks disappointed. The Free Press Music Festival brings together droves of diverse artists, all making tunes in one shared space. This event manages to pack a whole lot into the two days that it runs for.

6 Forecastle Festival

 What started as a small, local, Kentucky gathering of local artists has grown into an event so grande that it now has to be held at the 85-acre Louisville Waterfront Park. Festival-goers will hear big-ticket artists like Modest Mouse, Outcast, Beck, and Sam Smith, along with some lesser-known musicians.

5 The Governer's Ball Music Festival

New Yorkers might have built the Governer's Ball for New Yorkers, but people from all over the world love it. It takes place on Randall's Island and draws in incredible music acts every year. While it still flies under the festival radar, it probably won't for very long. Ticket prices already cost festival lovers three hundred dollars.

4 The Divide Music Festival

The Divide Music Festival is a baby if we are talking festival years, but it is not worth passing up. Kid Cudi, Cake, Blondie, and The Fray have all performed at this event. Many festival-goers describe this event as a smaller scale Bonaroo. Set in the Rockies, you will get everything great about Colorado at this event.

3 Arise Music Festival

Arise takes place in Loveland, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver and is considered to be a transformative Festival, similar to other events like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle. Aside from hearing great music here, participants can take songwriting workshops and watch films in their downtime.

2 What The Festival?!

What The Festival?! is a lot more than a gaggle of musical acts all performing together on a set of stages for a weekend. Formed in 2012, this electronic music and arts festival also aims at bringing event-goers a space to focus on health, wellness, spirituality, and creativity. They are hitting all the chakras here.

1 Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival

If blues music is your thing, then the Dusk til Dawn Music Festival is going to be right up your alley. Located in Rentiesville, Oklahoma, this act has become a mecca for Blues fans all over the globe. What was one a small, six-act shindig now draws in thousands of music lovers every year.