Coffee lovers unite and pack your bags because a new museum dedicated to your favorite caffeinated drink has opened in Turin, Italy.

Most of us have morning rituals, and for a great many people those rituals cannot begin until we have had our morning coffee. In fact, if you're anything like us, our day doesn't really kick into gear until we've had two or three cups of java. It comes in many forms and we all have our favorites and our days tend to revolve around it.


If your fondness of coffee goes beyond just that and could be quantified as a love or even an obsession, then we may have just the destination for you. Italian coffee giant Lavazza has opened up its very own museum dedicated to everything coffee that spreads across seven acres of inner-city Turin, Italy.

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When it comes to coffee, there is really no country better to play host to such a museum than Turin, and no company better than Lavazza. The company was founded all the way back in 1895 and has gone on to become one of the largest of its kind in the world. The museum obviously celebrates that and has an impressive 8500 pages of documents to pull from when it comes to creating exhibits.

The museum is quite cleverly named Nuvola Lavazza which is Italian for Lavazza Cloud. Fitting since it's where all the information about the company will now be kept. Lavazza's chief public relations officer, Alessandra Bianco told Travel + Leisure that vintage photographs and memorabilia from past marketing campaigns are featured throughout the museum. Then once you're done looking around, you can obviously relax and have a coffee, or even a coffee-infused cocktail if you'd prefer.

While Turin isn't necessarily at the top of desired tourist destinations in Italy, it really should be. Not only does it now boast Lavazza's museum dedicated to coffee, but it also has a museum that revolves around Ancient Egypt and also a Fiat museum complete with a test track on the roof. Coffee lover or not, if you're planning a trip to Italy any time soon then perhaps a stop off in Turin should be strongly considered.

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