The university city Murcia is located in the southeastern part of Spain. A unique city as its capital is also called Murcia. What are the odds? The city of Murcia is commonly recognized for its Huerta (orchards), and other farm products. Murcia is somewhat of the bedrock for agricultural products and exports her goods throughout Spain and Europe at large. Murcia is a place worth visiting. Of course, when making trips to various destinations, you must know what to look out for and how to enjoy your stay or vacation. This guide will make your stay in Murcia much easier as it provides you with the necessary information needed.


Where To Stay

Before going to Murcia, you should have an idea of where you want to stay, a comfortable accommodation alongside the prices. Below are some places you can stay and possible hotels in Murcia.

Hotel Cetina Murcia

This hotel has a lot to offer and will satisfy your accommodation needs. The Hotel Cetina is located about four hundred meters away from the Roman bridge and a hundred meters from the Murcia cathedral. Still lost? If you can't seem to find the hotel, you can look out for the Episcopal palace which is just two hundred meters away from the hotel. The Hotel Cetina features free and accessible Wi-Fi all-round the hotel, which allows you to stream your favorite shows and sports without the fear of interruptions. It is situated in a safe and clean environment, also the food there is good and they offer breakfast. Below you will find the fee per night at the Hotel Cetina alongside their open times.

A night in the Hotel Cetina cost $67. Considering what they offer, that is a pretty fair deal.

The Hotel Cetina has a twenty-four-hour front desk with an attendant. This implies that they are open at all times.

Ibis Budget Huerta De Murcia

If you are on a tight budget and you are headed to Murcia, the Ibis Budget Huerta hotel is a place for you. The hotel is located three kilometers away from the Roman bridge. For proper description, the Murcia fine arts museum is located just 3.8 kilometers away from the Ibis hotel. If you can find the latter, you most definitely can find the former. The hotel is a one-star hotel with free Wi-Fi and an air conditioner accompanied by a personal restroom and parking lot. The hotel is special in its own way and has staff that speaks both English and French. Your safety is their priority; hence they have taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the place and your overall well-being.

A night at the Ibis Budget Huerta cost $49. Pretty affordable right? The Ibis Budget Huerta is open round the clock.

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What To See Or Places To Go

Going on vacation includes a lot. While some are there for the scenery and the culture, others take it up a notch by looking for fun activities to engage themselves in. Here are some places you can visit in Murcia to have a great time.

Bike And Tapas-Drink Tour - Orchards of Murcia

The distance between the Mediterranean beach and the tour site is 40 kilometers. The Murcia Orchards extend from the Segura River. This is a special place for agriculture thanks to its origins. This bike ride takes off from the center of Murcia and will lead you along an irrigation canal and then to Contraparada. The Contraparada is the place that provides water to the orchard. Going back to Murcia can be very peaceful. If you love peace and quiet, this is a tour for you.

  • Length: The duration of the bike tour is three hours
  • Policy: The orchard has an effective cancellation policy if you wish to cancel your trip. However, you have to cancel at least twenty-four hours before the date.
  • Cost: The cost of the bike tour is a low $39.19
  • Important: Instructions are available in English, French, and Spanish; the Orchard also accepts mobile tickets.

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The Cathedral Of Murcia

A prominent place in the city of Murcia, the Cathedral of Murcia. This monument is about fifty-four meters in height and features over twenty sculptures. The cathedral is home to several works of art, especially the Mediterranean gothic style which dates as far back as the fifteenth century. The cathedral has a very unique museum which can be seen as the heart of the cathedral. This museum is loaded with lots of creative paintings and sculptures. If you are one for art. This is a place to visit.

  • Cost:  Entry for the cathedral sits at a comfortable $6.19
  • Details: Instructions are available in English, German, and Spanish
  • Policy: The cathedral also has an effective cancellation policy if you wish to cancel your trip. However, you have to cancel at least twenty-four hours before the date.
  • Important: The cathedral also accepts mobile tickets.

All things being equal, Murcia is a place to spend your vacation if you love the outdoors and learning about the history of this region of Spain. Get a ticket to Spain, Murcia, and live out your tourist dreams.

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