Whether it's food, fashion, entertainment, or culture, cities across the globe all have one significant thing that makes them truly unique. But for a handful of those cities, the thing that makes them amazing and special are handpainted, carefully designed, and beautifully produced murals. From Poland to France to the United States, artists all over the world are sharing their talent and creativity by plastering their creations on the sides of walls and on the streets of towns and neighborhoods that might otherwise go overlooked.

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If you're an art lover and have an eye for great street art, graffiti art, and murals, then this is for you! Read on to discover where you can go to see some of the world's most breathtaking murals in person.

10 10. Katowice, Poland

In Katowice, Poland, a street art festival was held in 2012 and showcased a handful of street artists and their paintings, as they banded together to breathe life to the city's streets. Valencia-based street artist, Escif, painted his mural on the side of an apartment building.

The painting of a large On/Off switch captures social attention, and even with its simplistic coloring, people on the street still stop to look. Escif's art remains on display in Katowice and showcases that not only is the city being transformed by new architectural projects, but also by homegrown art.

9 9. Boston, MA, USA

On the side of Meserve Hall in the middle of Boston, Massachusettes, Los-Angeles based artist, El Mac, painted his mural as an installation for Northeastern's Public Art Initiative. The mural is beautifully crafted and carefully thought out. It shows a young woman holding a paintbrush in one hand and a lightning bolt in the other.

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Starting from nothing but a brick wall, El Mac painted the entire wall white himself before adding in details and color. If you're in the Boston area and are looking for a spot to view amazing art, 360 Huntington Avenue would be a great place to start.

8 8. Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Though Pittsburgh is a huge city packed with history, culture, food, and sports, many people may not realize that it's a city with street art paved up and down many of the city's neighborhoods. Located in downtown Pittsburgh, The Strip Wall Mural was painted by artists Shannon Pultz and Carley Parrish.

The mural wrapped up in October 2010 and takes up the entirety of the back wall of the Hermanowski Building. Its unique colors make it easy for the eye to spot, attracting many tourists and passersby. One of the most amazing things about this mural is that it's 3D. The birds at the top of the piece are made of metal and made to look as if they're really there. It's a must see if you're traveling to Pittsburgh!

7 7. Aarhus, Denmark

Painted in 2016, and located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, this mural is titled "Contact." German graffiti artist, Mr. Woodland, took part in the 2016 Aarhus Art Convention and painted this beautiful mural of a hooded figure staring off into the distance.

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With its splash of bright colors, the mural still seems to give off a hauntingly beautiful vibe, provoking deep thoughts in its viewers. Similar to the rest of its country's culture, "Contact" is unique, inspiring, and invigorating and remains of Denmark's high praised pieces of contemporary street art.

6 6. Lyon, France

Completed just this year for the Peinture Fraiche Festival, Chilean street artist INTI painted a large-scale mural on a building in Lyon, France. The piece features a face budding with radiant flowers attached to a body that stands several stories tall.

INTI used shades of bright orange and a bold deep purple to draw the onlookers attention to the top of the mural, and towards the sky. The brightly colored and simply stunning art piece overlooks the city and can be seen from almost any spot in Lyon.

5 5. Moscow, Russia

Italian artist, Agostino Iacurci, completed this large-scale mural over the span of just three days. Iacruci who is a Berlin-based artist spends his time creating. Whether it's painting, sculpting, or drawing, his talent is evident. The mural stands tall in Moscow, Russia, and was created for the LGZ Festival which was curated by Iacruci who is

The boldly colored mural showcases two human figures that resemble a man and woman who are touching hands and possibly dancing. Their hues of bright red and vibrant green draw attention to the painting entirely, making streetwalkers, drivers, and passersby stop and stare.

4 4. Lodz, Poland

Many people may not know that the city of Lodz in Poland is a huge center for artists. As it constantly makes itself a place for creators and artists to develop and execute their projects, their streets and walls are full of murals and paintings. Street artist, Aryz, created this mural in 2011.

Titled "Love Letters," the mural shows a woman in hues of green, blue, and purple, reading slips of paper with hearts drawn on them. The large scale mural is a beautifully painted piece as its bold colors stand out against the old classic, brown wall.

3 3. Johannesburg, South Africa

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, this breathtaking mural painted by South African muralist, Faith47, is an eye-catching piece of street art. Its realistic depiction of African wildlife in the middle of suburban life is both a beautiful portrait and powerful statement about man versus nature.

Titled "Giant Elephant," this mural's use of dark shades of gray and blue blend in easily to the wall it sits on and is simplistic yet heavy with detail. If you're a lover of murals, animals, and a culture grounded in an appreciation for all kinds of art, a visit to South Africa is meant for you.

2 2. Besançon, France

Argentinian muralist, Hyuro, completed the above painting on a wall that fences in trees and shrubbery, making the images stand out even more on its gray stone wall. As part of the Bien Urbain festival, the mural features four women dressed up as sheep dancing as it appears three wolves watch them.

Located in Besancon, France, Hyuro's painting uses subtle colors of gray, black, and blue to bring attention to the life-like, simplistic symbolism of her art. Though Paris is known to be filled with many forms of art, Besancon is a great place to visit to view beautiful, symbolic street art.

1 1. Vienna, Austria

Sitting on the side of a parking garage, this mural was painted by artists Cyrcle. and Gaia for the street art and mural festival Cash, Cans & Candy in 2014. In bold orange and bright weight, the mural that shows buildings falling around the statues of historic and ancient gods.

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It's no question that Austria is rich in culture, music, food, and entertainment, but many people overlook the artists that leave their footprints behind with the swipe of a brush. Keep your eyes out for unique walls, sides of buildings, and cement walkways. You just might come across a brilliant piece of art.