The reason why the Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean is not too far-fetched. The views are gorgeous, the atmosphere is conducive and sunny, the people are welcoming, the culture is rich, the food is delicious, and the beaches are amazing. While many travelers love the crowded beaches characterized by yelling vacationers, sometimes it just feels prestigious to be able to enjoy a quiet beach time with some gorgeous scenery even if it means the absence of bikini-clad ladies or charming gentlemen in shorts. Look no further than these beaches as they combine their charming scenery with seclusion so travelers can enjoy a quiet time in this sunny Spanish-speaking destination.


Playa Fronton

The combination of fine white sand and turquoise water are the first things to notice about this secluded beach but the large surrounding mountain and palm trees even combine to present more picturesqueness. Playa Fronton is located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic and can be reached by boat or an adventurous hike. Besides the snorkeling and whale watching opportunities it offers, the surrounding rocks also present cave exploration and some rock climbing to reward adventurers with some adrenalin rush. Some local grillers are even located nearby so vacationers can get their mouths soiled with some grills. All that beauty and picturesqueness was even enough to get this hidden gem featured in the Survivor TV program.

Playa Preciosa

The next edition of the Oxford dictionary should have a picture of Playa Preciosa attached to the definitions of “Peace” and “Quiet” and other related words. Playa Princesa is located in Rio San Juan near Playa Grande and it is indeed a quiet place - so quiet that many people avoid it due to its isolation. The beach is characterized by beautiful dark sand and big waves are excellent for adventurous kayaking and thrilling surfs plus the long stretch of the dark sand and the picturesqueness are great views to watch while enjoying a long walk on the quiet beach.

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Poza De Bojolo Beach

The white sand, blazing sunshine, and crystal clear waters of the Poza de Bojolo Beach are appealing but the calm remains the most appealing attribute of this beach. This hidden gem located 6.5 km from Nagua is perfect for those who just want to plant their feet in the smooth sands, sip coconut juice, and watch the waves as it rows back and forth.

Canto De La Playa

Besides the peaceful and calm atmosphere, the numerous tall palm trees characterizing Canto De La Playa are some more views to enjoy. Located in Isla de Saona, this beach and its gorgeous turquoise water are great for snorkeling, relaxing, and sunbathing. Some tours even take tourists to some parts of the beach where they can swim with some starfish and other beautiful sea creatures.

Playa Punta Rucia Beach

Located in Puerto Plata, Playa Punta Rucia beach is a secluded gem characterized by stunning stretches of white stretch and turquoise clear water. This peaceful beach paradise is not just excellent for diving, or kayaking but also for bird-watching, and exploring beautifully colored fishes. Surrounding this calm beach are restaurants that offer delicious seafood and bars that offer amazing cocktails.

Macao Beach

Enjoy a welcoming warm stretch of sand on Macao beach which is located in the eastern Dominican Republic. Besides its blue serene waters, Macao beach is also surrounded by abundant beautiful lush forests that consist of tall palm trees. The waves by the shores will have travelers getting tossed back and forth and the turquoise water is even perfect for an amazing snorkeling experience. Tourists can simply watch the water splash and wash the rocks that lie in abundance on some parts of the beach’s shores and those with surfboards can also get into the water and ride on the waves. In addition to all the amazing experiences it offers, Macao beach is hidden in the amazing Punta Cana with no hotels nearby to make it crowded and this just makes it more appealing for lovers of secluded beaches.

Bavaro Beach

Besides its calm appeal, the views of Bavaro beach are charming enough to make it a perfect romantic hangout spot for couples. The turquoise water and white sand match so beautifully plus the trees line up perfectly to present such amazing scenery. Due to its appeal, the beach may be crowded during the weekends and calm on weekdays. Tourists will enjoy a relaxing float in the calm water of Bavaro Beach and also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, long walks, kayaking, and kite surfing.

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Playa Moron

Isolated, beautiful, and relaxing are some of the attributes of this hidden beach paradise which is located in Samana and is surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation and enchanting turquoise water. The palm trees, mountain views, and sunny skies even combine to create more scenery. Tourists will enjoy relaxation here whether they choose to sit beside the soothing water with feet planted in the sand or lay on the sand while getting dried up by the merciless sun which by the way characterizes the entire Dominican Republic.

Dunes Of Bani

Dunes of Bani is an isolated area located between Las Salinas and Las Calderas communities. The 15-kilometer area is dotted with some green vegetation but features a desert atmosphere. The waters of the Bani Dunes are great for swimming and the views are gorgeous for some photoshoots plus the skies are ever bright and sunny. Tourists will enjoy sandboarding on the sands and also get great views of the sea from the hilly parts of the Dunes. Due to the extremely hot daytime temperature of this location, it is advised to visit in the cool of the morning and bring lots of water in order not to get dehydrated or sunburned.

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