New Moxy Hotel In Washington D.C. Promises Rollergirls, Tattoos, and Drag Queen Bingo

Most hotels hope their guests have a memorable time whenever they book their suites. Moxy, on the other hand, wants to go the extra distance to ensure their customers never forget where they stayed.

The Marriott-owned chain, which promises an adventure-filled experience in its 70-odd boutique hotels around the world, as well as in U.S. cities like Chicago, New York and Seattle, is promising escapades galore in Washington D.C., a municipality that's already had more than its fair share of swamp-draining excitement. Slated to open Oct. 30th, 2018, fittingly a day before Halloween, on the corner of 10th and K streets. Moxy folks will at least try to distance themselves from the competition with an array of arcane amenities visitors are not likely to see at any other hospitality establishment in town.


Once open, the young and hip clientele Moxy is targeting won't have to trudge into the main foyer to check in. Nope, instead, they can check in at the adjacent lobby bar where a free cocktail is waiting for them as part of the booking procedure.

But while they're staying at the Moxy, guests will have no shortage of things to do besides lazing about during slow periods of their itineraries. Expect pop-up amusements, which Moxy likes to call "activations", to take place without warning, such as an impromptu bocce game, allowing strangers to get to know each other. Tattoo artists will also drop in frequently to obligingly ink your favorite image and design on you while you relax.

And if that's not enough, watch for boot camp exercise sessions to be conducted by the DC Rollergirls, one of the most high-profile teams responsible for reviving the lost sport of roller derby. For those who like numbers, the games are presented a little bit differently, with drag queen bingo in the cards.

Most facilities at the D.C.-based Moxy will be open in time, save for a dining spot on the top floor, run by the Atlas Restaurant Group. The restaurant and bar are waiting for a retractable rooftop made of glass to be completed before the spot becomes operational. All the hubbub takes place in a 200-room hotel bordered by a black steel building and a historic 1912 brick structure.


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