While many of us aspire to live the lavish life of luxury that being a Hollywood actor seems to offer, those actors who actually currently reside in Hollywood's A-list can't stand living there.

Although these same actors still absolutely hold a passion for their field, many of these actors would prefer to keep away from the spotlight that being an A-list actor provides. A spotlight that makes it impossible for big blockbuster actors to live normal lives outside of their jobs. Someone at Brad Pitt's level or Jennifer Lawrence's level cannot go out in public for a jog, get on a plane, or even go across the street to a local grocery store to pick up a carton of milk without getting hassled by fans and paparazzi. Some of the finest actors of this generation struggle to even so much as blend in while living in the setting of their native Hollywood.

This is why so many of today's top-notch actors choose to live more low key lifestyles in smaller communities rather than try to live it up in Hollywood. Here are 25 such actors among who reign supreme at the box office, but live simpler lifestyles off the map to stay out of the public eye.

25 JOHNNY DEPP - Meudon, France & The Bahamas

In spite of his more recent controversies, Johnny Depp continues to be a staple of Hollywood's A-list. It is almost ironic that despite being one of the biggest stars to ever grace the Hollywood stage, the 3-time Oscar nominee seems to want nothing to do with that environment.

Depp has made an effort to live practically eons away from Tinseltown. He currently bounces back and forth between his home in Meudon - a suburb in France - and an island he owns in the Bahamas.

24 JULIA ROBERTS - Taos, New Mexico

Julia Roberts has been a consistent part of Hollywood elite ever since her breakout Oscar-nominated performance in Pretty Woman. Although she is among Hollywood's most profitable stars, do not mistake her for a Hollywood person per se.

Roberts does not concern herself with the glamour and eccentricities that Hollywood residents live around. Instead, she chooses to live in Taos, New Mexico. She also happens to own a home deep within the suburbs of Malibu.

23 DAVE CHAPPELLE - A 65-acre farm In Yellow Springs, Ohio

Despite walking away from the entertainment world at the height of the success of the Chappelle Show, Dave Chappelle made a confident return to the mainstream with a string of Netflix specials. He not only made a successful comeback to the stage, but he also returned to acting with his recent supporting turn in Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, A Star is Born.

While he is back in the spotlight, Chappelle still reserves himself to his privacy. Rather than live an extravagant Hollywood life, he lives on a 65-acre farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with his wife and kids.


Ryan Reynolds has been on top of the world in the movie world. He's been a top star for a couple decades now, but he truly reached his peak thanks to his performance in the smash hit Deadpool movies. His next film is expected to be another blockbuster success when he dons the voice of the title character in Detective Pikachu.

Rather than live the upscale Hollywood lifestyle that is befitting of a star of his status, he and his wife Blake Lively prefer to take residence in the small New York town of Bedford.

21 EMINEM - Clinton Township, Detroit

Eminem has stood atop the mountain among the most elite hip-hop stars. Not only has he found much success as a Grammy-winning artist, but he also found success in the movie world thanks to starring in 8 Mile and became the first rapper to win an Oscar thanks to his "Lose Yourself" track.

Rather than migrate his success further into Hollywood, the Detroit native still lives in his hometown. He currently lives in a gated community within the Clinton Township. He's owned the same house since 2000.

20 GEORGE CLOONEY - Lake Como, Italy

George Clooney has come a long way from playing a doctor on ER. Since finding his big break on television, he made a successful transition into movies where he became Hollywood's go-to leading man whenever they needed a suave, debonair character to star.

As one of Hollywood's most recognizable stars, the luxuries have afforded Clooney with enough wealth to enjoy a fairytale lifestyle with his wife Amal outside of the town that made him a star. The couple has homes in Lake Como, Italy and Sonning on Thames in Berkeley, England.

19 HARRISON FORD - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In 2016, Harrison Ford was graced with the title of being the highest grossing actor of all time, with all of his movies going on to gross over $4.7 billion combined. One would think that with that much money attached to his name, he would use it to live an ideal lavish actor's lifestyle. Ford doesn't.

Instead, he opts to spend his days and his home life in the small - but beautiful - Jackson Hole, Wyoming, surrounded by mountains galore.


Long before he became the Oscar-winning Hollywood heartthrob that we all know and love, Matthew McConaughey came from a simple upbringing. He was born and raised in Uvalde, Texas before making the big move to bigger prospects in Los Angeles.

Even after all these years of enjoying the success that comes with being a big-time movie star, he still feels accustomed to living that country boy simple life. He lives in his home state of Austin, Texas, where he also teaches part-time at his UT-Austin alma mater.

17 WOODY HARRELSON  - Huelo, Hawaii

In a career that has spanned a staggering 40 years, Woody Harrelson has successfully gone from being the breakout star of the hit show Cheers to becoming a three-time Oscar nominee starring in one blockbuster hit after another every year.

Away from the set, Harrelson has been considered to be an all around down to earth human being. He's far from a self-absorbed Hollywood schmuck, and he keeps himself miles away from that lifestyle by living in Huelo, Hawaii on Maui's north shore.

16 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

Justin Timberlake's latest album - Man of the Woods - was promoted as a project where the actor/singer went back to his more traditional roots. Truth be told, Timberlake never really left his roots. While we always expected him to live a life of glitz and glam with his movie star wife Jessica Biel, Timberlake lives a much more simple rural lifestyle.

The star of recent films like Inside Llewyn Davis and Trolls settles himself in the tiny Tennessee town of Leiper's Fork.

15 DANIEL DAY LEWIS - County Wicklow, Ireland

Daniel Day-Lewis has been synonymous with the craft of a method actor, and has decades worth of experience on the screen in giving tremendous performances. His incomparable work on the big screen has afforded him with three Oscars to his name.

Following the filming of his last picture, Phantom Thread, the Oscar winner announced his retirement from acting at the age of 60 in 2017. As someone who prefers his privacy, he now spends his days living in the countryside of County Wicklow, Ireland.

14 JOHN TRAVOLTA - Ocala, Florida

John Travolta's career has winded down these past few years, although if not for naught, the Oscar nominee has done enough in this industry to retire happy if he wanted to.

Travolta has one of the more interesting living situations on this list. It has been years since the actor has lived in jolly ole Hollywood, but for the last few years, he's lived in Ocala, Florida. Oddly enough, while he doesn't live in a mansion or even a regular house, he lives in what appears to be an airport to house the planes he rides as a private pilot.

13 SANDRA BULLOCK - New Orleans, Louisiana

There was once a time when Sandra Bullock was the signature It-Girl of Hollywood. In many ways, even as a veteran, she still is. The Oscar winner's name billed on the recent Ocean's Eight still holds just as much weight as it did when she starred in blockbusters like Miss Congeniality.

Despite all the fame and exposure under her belt, she typically stays out of the limelight. Instead, she is more likely to be found in New Orleans, Louisiana - where she's lived since 2009 - rather than a crowded LA setting.

12 BRUCE WILLIS - Sun Valley, Idaho

A little known forgotten fact about Bruce Willis is that he originally entered the entertainment world as a comedy actor, but he successfully and surprisingly rebranded himself as an action star after starring in Die Hard.

Another thing that some people may not know is that he prefers a quiet living opposed to the rambunctious Hollywood lifestyle. Although, some may have noticed it since he's usually absent from the public eye unless he has to plug a new movie, and even then, he rarely does interviews these days. He prefers living a quiet life in Sun Valley, Idaho.

11 NICOLE KIDMAN - Nashville, Tennessee

Nicole Kidman was once the poster gal for ideal Hollywood living. Heck, before Bradgelina swept them out of the park, her and Tom Cruise were Hollywood's richest and most famous celebrity couple. Like Bradgelina after them, Kidman and Cruise divorced, but that led her into the arms of her current husband, Keith Urban.

Kidman and Urban have been married since 2006 and keeping in with her husband's country boy lifestyle, she moved in with him in Nashville, Tennessee. Living in Nashville is a stark contrast from the glitz and glam that Hollywood offers.

10 TOM HANKS - Ketchum, Idaho

When it comes to comedians who made the successful transition into becoming serious actors, Tom Hanks ranks at the very top of that list. Nearly 40 years after Bosom Buddies flopped on television, Hanks became a two time Oscar winning box office heavyweight.

Him and his wife - fellow actor Rita Wilson - used to own homes in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles before putting them on the market in 2017. Now, they settle on their much smaller residential home in Ketchum, Idaho.

9 BILL MURRAY - Charleston, South Carolina

Bill Murray has made a career for himself as everyone's favorite deadpan comedian. Not only has his comedic timing been on point for several decades now, but his dramatic chops aren't too bad either. His serious turning performance in Lost in Translation earned Murray a nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars.

Now that he's semi-retired from acting, the Ghostbusters actor secludes himself in the confines of his Charleston, South Carolina home. There, he has been noted as a very active member of the community.

8 ZACH GALIFIANAKIS - Allegheny County, North Carolina

Zach Galifianakis first broke out onto the A-scene when he starred in the Hangover trilogy, and he continues to make quite the name for himself. While he mainly focuses on his FX show Baskets, which he was Emmy nominated for, he also continues to have vital roles in blockbuster pictures like A Wrinkle in Time, The Lego Batman Movie, Birdman, and The Muppets.

He lives the rural country life in a cabin on a farm in Allegheny County, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

7 JEFF DANIELS - Chelsea, Michigan

While he has enjoyed a career for his many career highlights in both television and film, Jeff Daniels is still best remembered for starring alongside Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. In more recent memory, he's made an impression in shows like The Looming Tower and Godless, as well as mainstream films like Looper, Steve Jobs, and The Martian.

The Newsroom actor currently takes residence up in Chelsea, Michigan as one in a city population of less than a mere 5,000.

6 ROBERT REDFORD - Sundance, Utah

With two Oscars under his belt and a bevy of successful award-winning blockbusters to boot, Hollywood veteran Robert Redford finally turned in his actor's hat and stepped into retirement. His final performance - in the film The Old Man & The Gun - was released last October.

Now that he doesn't have to worry about making movies anymore, he can live the rest of his quiet life in his even quieter home in Sundance, Utah, which is also where he runs the Sundance Film Festival.