Starting as a comic book series, The Walking Dead turned to be a cultural phenomenon after becoming an AMC TV show. It was shot in several locations in the state of Georgia, with most of the scenes filmed in Senoia and Atlanta. Today, people can find events, tours, and accommodations all around Georgia, targeting The Walking Dead fans. Some attractions are open to visitors.

However, others remain closed. Still, the latter can be admired from the exterior. The show's first season was primarily filmed in downtown Atlanta and the surrounding areas, while seasons three and beyond were shot in Senoia. For instance, the Norfolk Southern building in Atlanta appears in view from the popular filming neighborhood, Castleberry Hill. Here's a guide on touring the filming locations of The Walking Dead in Georgia.


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Here's What To Know About The Walking Dead Filming In Atlanta, Georgia

The first season poster image of The Walking Dead was taken in Old Fourth Ward from the Jackson Street Bridge. The downtown streets where Rick seeks safety inside a tank can be seen at Walton and Forsyth streets in the city. The Goat Farm Arts Center was featured in the Vatos episode and can be found on the westside. Moreover, the group's early campsite, Bellwood Quarry, which is now the Westside Reservoir Park, features a playground, over 300 acres of trails, and an overlook. Additionally, when Rick first encountered the dead, he did so in a hospital. The latter is, in reality, the offices of the Atlanta Mission and can be located on Bolton Road.

Also, in season one, Rick had a home which turns out to be the house in Grant Park at Cherokee Avenue and Grant Park Place. On the other hand, people can locate Morgan's house around the corner at Rawlins and Ormond streets. The Centers for Disease Control, which the group went to, is, in reality, the Cobb Energy Centre from the outside.

The Kingdom in the show is, in fact, Tyler Perry Studios. However, the latter is not open for tours. Still, the former Army base partially opens for special events sometimes. Moreover, Season 9 of The Walking Dead was shot on the marble stairs of Georgia's State Capitol.

Here's What To Know About The Walking Dead Filming In Senoia, Georgia

Woodbury in The Walking Dead is, in reality, Downtown Senoia in Georgia, starting from season 3 of the show and onwards. Woodbury was where the notorious villain, The Governor, lived. Fans of the show visiting Senoia will be amazed when they witness the locations where Tyrese and Sasha guarded the wall, where the tense conversation went between The Governor and Andrea, and they will have the chance to see the train tracks where Terminus signs were placed. Outside of town, fans will also see the pudding house. This is where Carl indulged in a Costco-sized can of chocolate.

Moreover, they will locate the house where Rick hid from the Claimers. The latter was known as the claimer house in the show. Because of its long and empty stretch, Crook Road in Senoia was used several times for the show's filming. A fabulous attraction to witness in Senoia is the waterfall at Elders Mill. This is where the Ricktatorship speech took place after they left the farm when Season 2 ended. Elders Mill offers tours that can be booked ahead of time. Senoia is also home to the Alexandria set. However, this neighborhood is not open to visitors. The sets for the prison in The Walking Dead took place at the Raleigh Studios in Senoia, among other iconic events.

The Walking Dead was filmed in other towns around Georgia, including Sharpsburg, Newnan, Grantville, Haralson, Griffin, Hampton, Fayetteville, and Jekyll Island.

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Here Are The Walking Dead Tours That People Can Take In Georgia

Two Walking Dead location tours can be booked with Georgia Tour Company in Senoia. The company also offers a downtown Senoia food tour and a general Senoia film tour.

In Haralson, Walking Dead Tours takes people on a tour of various locations, including the Esco Mill. Morgan's apartment can be toured with Grantville Dead Walking Tour, while The Walking Dead Hampton Tour visits 14 spots from the show and begins at the Speakeasy Bookstore downtown. However, Atlanta Movie Tours decided to close its doors and stopped offering any tours for The Walking Dead in Atlanta.

Apart from tours, fans can enjoy some festivals, such as the Senoia Dead Bash, featuring celebrity appearances. In Atlanta, fans can participate in the Fandemic Tour, a convention related to The Walking Dead.

People can enjoy some experiences related to their favorite show in several places in Atlanta. For instance, Tank Town USA in Morganton allows people to drive a tank-like Rick. In Stockbridge, people can visit the Panola Mountain State Park, where they can shoot arrows at the archery ranges. Like Morgan, they can also take Aikido lessons in Atlanta. Other attractions and The Walking Dead-related experiences include the David J Sencer CDC Museum and the Zombie Apocalypse Room Escape Adventure.

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