Who would deny that Europe is a romantic continent? With ancient ruins and glamorous yet historic cities, the continent really can't be beaten in terms of love. Italy specifically is an amorous country. Lovers can visit some of the most historic spots of all-time, test delicious local food, share a wonderful bottle of wine, and relax in the countryside. Locals love beauty in any form and revere romance. While many cities are considered highly romantic, such as Venice, Rome, and Florence, a lesser-known city has its own passionate appeal due to historic and current factors: the city of Verona.

Verona is located in North-East Italy and has about 260,000 residents who live there year-round. As a much smaller city, Verona isn't usually on the top of the list to visit, but this could be a mistake. With so many wonderful activities, architecture, and views, Verona is not only gorgeous but is also ideally suited to a couple. It is an incredibly popular destination for couples' trips, proposals, honeymoons, and even weddings! If you've been itching to take a romantic trip to Italy and haven't added Verona to your list, it may be a good destination to consider for a large number of reasons, so put it at the top! Read on for some love-ly reasons why.

20 8. The Gelato: A Simple Delicacy That Melts in Your Mouth

Much like other parts of Italy, Verona is well-known for its gelato! If you've spent the day combing through ancient ruins and historical sites, then you may like a break to chill out and taste test Italy's best gelato. The Gelateria La Romana Verona is known as the top shop in the city, although there are so many small Gelaterias that there's bound to be incredible gelato elsewhere, too.

If you're feeling adventurous, taste test each of the flavors, especially the unexpected ones - there's all sort of crazy flavors available in Verona. Gelato is insanely cheap here, making it a great midday addition to any itinerary.

19 20. Piazza delle Erbe: The Heart of Verona

Right in the heart of Verona you can turn off of a narrow, winding road and find yourself in the gorgeous Piazza delle Erbe which holds the Britney Verona fountain. The fountain, as well as the famous Gardello Tower in the Piazza, were built in the 14th century. There is tons of amazing shopping surrounding the Piazza, including high-end specialty boutiques that locals and tourists alike flock to.

Osteria Verona is one of the city's most famous little restaurants and is located at the Piazza delle Erbe. It is a small, adorable eatery with tiny tables covered in white tablecloths and romantic candles. Osteria Verona is especially famous for having delicious champagne for couples to toast with. There is so much to do in the Piazza delle Erbe that you could spend a full day there!

18 19. The Architecture: Ancient Charm That Mesmerizes

Verona has such romantic architecture that you could forgo any activity and spend the day just walking around. With narrow, winding streets and ancient but up-kept buildings complete with romantic balconies and greenery, there really is nowhere else more quintessentially romantic. The architecture (and the city) dates back as far as ancient Rome, and the residents have been very careful to maintain the old-world charm while offering modern amenities.

If you're interested in learning more specifics about the architecture, you can take one of the many walking tours offered. Alternatively, you can just download information and strike out on your own to see the city's best buildings. Regardless, just walking down the intimate streets and taking in the views will feel incredibly romantic.

17 18. Pedestrians Only: Take a Lover's Walk Without Worry

Many of the best areas in Verona have strict laws for being pedestrians only, meaning you can amble around without worrying about cars. Additionally, the lack of noise and technology makes it feel incredibly old-world, or like you're in another (more romantic) world completely! The best window shopping is along the pedestrian-only areas, as well as a plethora of outdoor cafes and traditional restaurants.

The pedestrian-only area goes in a full loop, so you can walk around all day without being disturbed. Unfortunately, these areas can become especially busy during peak seasons and on the weekends, so you may feel crowded. Your best bet is to go for an early morning stroll or a late afternoon jaunt to get the true romantic vibe.

16 17. Pozzo dell'Amore: The Lovers Well, Verona's Best Kept Secret

Unlike many of the other attractions in Verona, Pozzo dell'Amore is a well-kept secret by the locals. Tourists often have no idea it exists, and if they do it can be tough to find. Known as the "Well of Love," it is actually located just a few small steps away from the Piazza delle Erbe, but because it is so unknown it's generally much quieter.

The plaque on the wall tells you to throw a coin in the well then be silent and think of your destiny. Apparently, if you remain quiet, you will better be able to "see the love coming." This comes from an ancient tale that a girl asked her love to plunge into the well to check its temperature, and when he did not return immediately she went in search of him. It can be a cute spot to check out and have a quiet moment together.

15 16. Romantic Dinners: A Truly Delicious and Special Night

In Italy's typical style, romantic candlelit dinners are of no shortage around Verona. Cangrande Ristorante and Trattoria del Taio are said to be some of the best spots, and offer outdoor seating weather permitting. The waiters and waitresses are quite easygoing around the city. They won't rush you at all after your meal is finished; it's quite common for a couple to remain sipping a glass of wine for up to 2 hours after eating.

Whether you're looking for an extravagant 5 course meal or just a small but gorgeous cafe to grab a bite at, you can't help but feel the amorous vibe. The decor, the low-key ambiance, and the food itself all create a wonderful atmosphere. Verona is especially known for its delicious Ciabatta bread which is available at almost every stop!

14 15. Scaliger Tombs: Historically and Visually Incredible

Although tombs aren't stereotypically great for a sentimental night with your other half, the Scalinger Tombs are definitely an exception. The architecture is absolutely magnificent, so much so that you can almost forget you are touring a gravesite. The Scala family is infinitely famous in Verona - you really can't visit the city without paying homage.

Tours are offered specifically for the tombs and are only about 30 minutes. Additionally, you can purchase a half or full day tour of the city (there are even romance-inspired packages focusing on Romeo and Juliet) and get the Scalinger Tombs included. Regardless, it's worth a short visit to catch sight of such a historical piece!

13 14. The Sunset on Teatro Romano: The Sunset to Beat

The sunset on Teatro Romano is known as the best sunset you'll ever see. How much more romantic can you get? If you're willing to climb the many stairs to get to the top, you'll be able to see all of Verona. Time it right, and you can see a glorious sunset followed immediately by a stunning moon.

The Teatro Romano itself is a gorgeous site with tons of really cool ruins. There's also a museum that's open often, if you get there a little early and want to learn more about the ancient theater. The grounds (and theater) typically do have an entrance price, but it's usually only about 1 Euro, depending on the season.

12 13. Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda: The Ideal Hotel for Couples

Looking for an exquisite, remote location to rest your head for the night? Villa Feltrinelli is the perfect place. Located just outside the city, the Villa is small but immaculate and is surrounded by a lake (in addition to having a massive pool). It is modeled in the true luxury that we associate with Italy, with fluffy bedding and ornate jacuzzi tubs in each room.

The entire hotel is decked out in antique marble. There are lounge areas located all around the property (in the gardens, by the lake, by the pool, etc.); there are also croquet lawns, lemon groves, olive groves, and an on-site restaurant known for incredible high-end local food. For lovers or honeymooners, you couldn't find a place more perfect.

11 12. The Opera in the Arena: Age-Old Culture Under the Stars

If you love the Opera or even if you've never been, you can't get a more incredible show than to see in Opera in the third largest Arena in Italy. If you can splurge for tickets in the Platea, you'll really be in the lap of luxury, but there isn't a bad seat in the house. If you sit further back on the stone, you can easily rent cushions a few hours beforehand to help you stay comfortable.

The performances typically start around 9pm and will go until 1am, so prepare for a long night! You couldn't ask for a more romantic night than watching the age-old opera in an arena under the stars. Visitors say that the view of the moon can't be beaten as well.

10 11. Relais Il Sogno di Giulietta: A Hotel Made For Proposals

If you'd rather stay right in Verona but still want the decadent romantic experience, Relais Il Sogno di Giulietta is a great choice. The hotel is small but stunning. It is super high but narrow, so that most rooms are able to have a balcony overlooking the city. In true romantic style, the balconies are decked out in greeneries and ornate carvings.

Because of the location of the hotel, the staff can offer extra perks. After hours, you can have private access to the Juliet Statue (and the entire courtyard), soak in the huge jacuzzi in your room, and put in your breakfast order the night before. If you're looking for some extra time to learn about Romeo and Juliet or even just experience the romantic thrill, Relais Il Sogno di Giulietta is a perfect choice.

9 10. Lamberti Tower: The Best Spot for the View

Another great way to check out the incredible views of Verona is by climbing to the top of the Lamberti Tower. There is a lift available that typically costs only a few Euros. It does get busy during the middle of the day because the tower is so popular with tourists, so early morning or dusk may be your best bet to get the full, unobstructed experience. It's worth it - you get a complete 360-degree view!

A historic center is included in the admission price that mainly features local Verona artwork. Plan to spend a few hours in total, and don't forget a camera. The romance that comes along with seeing such an amazing city from an ancient structure is unforgettable.

8 9. The Ancient City Walls: Tour Them in Quiet Privacy

If you need a breather from the more crowded insides of the city, take a walk along the ancient city walls of Verona. The walls have been extensively fortified over history, beginning with the Romans and continuing through the last few hundred years in times of war. While the walls of Verona have been incredibly important throughout history, there is little mention of them to tourists, so you'll have the area to yourselves.

There's something very romantic about ancient structures, especially ones that mean as much as this wall does. There are some gorgeous villas just outside the walls that you'll get the opportunity to view, complete with authentic gardens. It's a beautiful stroll for any couple. If you're more interested in the history, download an audio tour on your phone and learn all about the city and its past.

7 7. Peschiera del Garda: A Quiet Town With Incredible Views

Peschiera del Garda is a smaller village that is located in the region of Verona. Although it doesn't have the bustling city vibe that inner Verona boasts, it's close by so you can hop over and spend some relaxing time exploring. The fortress is the main sight and was used primarily between the 15th and 17th centuries as a defense.

Many parts of the town are right on the lake, making for some incredible views. If you choose to go later on in the evening, you'll be able to stroll by the lake during dusk, which is a romantic experience unlike any other.

6 6. The Wineries: Countryside Heaven in a Bottle

Did you really visit Italy if you don't see at least one winery? Whether or not you actually want to taste the wine, the Verona wineries are completely gorgeous. With rolling fields of lush greenery overlooking the city, you could literally spend a full day taking photos. The Villa Mosconi Bertani is the most famous, probably because it's not only incredibly gorgeous but also boasts amazing wines.

You can take a short bus ride straight from the city to the winery. The tour is about 2 hours and includes information about winemaking, tours of the vineyards, and tastings. The staff is super friendly but not intrusive, making this a great bonding experience for couples in search of traditional romance.

5 5. Giardino Giusti: An Old World Romantic Garden for Lovers

The Giardino Giusti is full of lush greenery, so it's crazy that admission is completely free! If you have a break in the middle of the day, head over to stroll the gardens and feel the romance. It offers beautiful pathways, multiple ornate fountains filled with fish, and most importantly, shade!

For a small fee of a few Euros, you can climb the pathway to get a great view of Verona from inside the gardens. The palazzo (the building in the gardens) is open to the public free of admission and doesn't even have an attendant, so you can have a totally private experience as a couple.

4 4. Club di Giulietta: Experience the Culture of Juliet Together

If you've seen the movie "Letters to Juliet," you probably know how special the experience of the Juliet Club is. People from all over the world will write to Shakespeare's historic "Juliet" and a team of volunteers will answer every single letter in the spirit of the heroine. You can write your own letter and drop it in the box at the actual location, then wait a few weeks to get your reply at your home address.

If you're feeling especially adventurous, schedule a time to tour the facility and maybe even answer a letter or two! This can be a great activity for partners to do together. You'll learn more about yourself, about each other, and about how the spirit of Juliet lives on in Verona.

3 3. Duomo di Verona: An Unbeatable Yet Spiritual Experience

If you're interested in checking out traditional local architecture, you can't get any better than the Duomo di Verona. Consecrated in the 1100s, it truly is a work of art. Whether you just view it from outside or do the full tour, you'll be stunned by the Duomo's beauty.

There are no restrictions for visitors on photography and you can freely check out every area of the church by yourselves. You can also take the free audio tour if you're interested in learning more information. Many couples will simply stop in, while others will spend a few hours getting the full experience. If you're lucky, you might see a wedding being held and catch glimpses of the bride and groom as they exit!

2 2. Verona in Love: A Valentine's Week Special

During the week of Valentine's Day in Verona, the city goes wild hosting a romantic festival called Verona in Love. Once you experience it, you'll most definitely fall in love with Verona! The entire city is decorated in red and pink and traditionally stunning lanterns will light the winding roads. Everyone participates: couples, singles, families, and anyone who loves love.

There are different events hosted during the festival. You can browse (and taste) the local food and drink, go on a tour all about love, watch the Lamberti Tower be lit up in red, and even run the annual marathon if you're feeling especially adventurous! For any couple looking for a Valentine's Day activity, heading to Verona may be the perfect answer.

1 1. The Home of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: Visit the Ultimate Historic Lovers' Spot

Sure, Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters, but why wouldn't they have a real home in Verona? Casa di Giulietta, or Juliet's House, is more well-known and popular due to the typical balcony story. Small love notes are written all over the walls, and the story goes that if you and your partner leave a note your love will last forever. Although the balcony was not actually built in the time of Romeo and Juliet, it's still too fun to pass up.

The elegance and simple romance the house provides makes it the best spot for romance in all of Verona. Any time of the year, it's known for being the backdrop to some incredible proposals and even weddings. If you're embarking on a journey for love in Verona, don't miss out on the city's best!

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