If you want to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, then there’s a program that might help you relocate there.

It’s called Tulsa Remote, and it’s designed to get people who work remotely to relocate to the city of Tulsa. The 46th largest city in the United States is home to roughly a million people (if you include the larger metropolitan area) but is looking to expand with the right kind of residents.

Those residents are, apparently, remote workers. That is, people who telecommute for their employment. Obviously, if your job is in Jersey and requires you to be at your desk every morning, Tulsa Remote is not likely to be your thing, but if you’re a freelance software developer who remotes in to work every day, then Tulsa might be your next home base.


So what is Tulsa Remote offering? Well, they want to help people relocate to the city. To do that, they’re offering $10,000, space at a coworking establishment, and assistance with finding housing. The idea here is to not only provide financial incentives but to also make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Of course, there’s a catch. Only 250-300 applicants will be accepted for the program, and considering that last year there were over 10,000 applicants, that’s a very small percentage of people who apply. Also, there are rules: you gotta be 18 or older, must be eligible to work in the US, and you gotta have a well-paying, stable job that allows you to work remotely. You also have to commit to living in Tulsa for at least one year.

That $10,000 will be handed out in installments over the year, so there’s no fleeing the city early if it turns out Tulsa doesn’t jive with your lifestyle. But from the looks of things, it seems like the city is fairly nice for a smaller metropolis. No, there are no subways, and the bus system is a joke (Tulsa is rated 95th out of 100 US cities for public transportation), but so long as you own a car, you should be good. And there are tons of places, restaurants, and the new Gathering Place amusement park that just opened up.

So if you’ve got a car and want someplace to work remotely, consider Tulsa.

(Source: Tulsa Remote via Travel & Leisure)

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