There is nothing that can compare to the sight that you get to behold when you climb a high peak. Seeing the vast landscape stretch out in from of you is priceless and is certainly something you will never forget.

Capturing those moments are so important; that's why bringing your selfie stick is a must! When trying to find the perfect mountain to climb, many things may come into play. These top 10 mountains will take your breath away; enough to make you want to climb them just for the stunning view and all the likes your selfie will get you!

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10 Sulphur Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Sulphur Mountain is a smaller mountain that is part of the Canadian Rockies, a long section of mountain range that is included in the Rocky Mountain Range. It is located in Banff, Canada, and has turned into somewhat of a tourist trap.

The little town has built a hub at the bottom of the mountain, where you can choose to take a gondola up the 'hard' part of the mountain. When you get to the top of the gondola, you can walk the rest of the way on stairs. However, it is very possible to do it the old fashioned way, if that's what you are into. It isn't a very hard mountain to climb and it won't take you too terribly long. There is also a historical site on top!

9 Tre Cime di Lavaredo, North East Italy

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a group of three large mountains, as you can see above; the middle one is the highest one and is called Dolomite Mountain. Each of the three highest peaks of the three mountains also have names, based on size and location: Cima Piccola (small), Cima Grande (great), Cima Ovest (west).

Dolomite Mountain reaches heights of almost 3000 m. There are many trails to choose from and they are all categorized into easier and harder routes to the top of each mountain. So, it doesn't matter if you've climbed Mount Everest or if you have never climbed a mountain before; there's lots to choose from.

8 Cerro Torre, Chile-Argentina Boarder

As a part of Los Glacianes National Park, these beautiful mountains stand high, reaching 3128 m at their highest peak.

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Just like Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy (above), these mountains come in a trio, all given their own unique names: Punta Herron, Torre Egger, and Cerro Stand. Cerro Stand is the largest, which wins the small group of mountains its incredible height. Chile is known to be the home of the Andes Mountains, meaning that this isn't the only beautiful mountain peak in the area! Chile might be a great idea for a mountain vacation.

7 Mount Assinboine, British Columbia, Canada

Part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Range, which is the Canadian section of the Rocky Mountain range, which stretch a full 3,000 mi (4,800 km) all the way from British Columbia, Canada, to New Mexico in the United States of America.

It goes through a total of two Canadian provinces and another six US states, peaking in Colorado. Mount Assinboine is not the highest mountain that you will find on this list, but it certainly is not tiny, with its highest peak reaching heights of about 3,620 m.

6 Mount Fuji, Honshu Island, Japan

Mount Fuji is a well known mountain and is a popular climbing site. At 3776 m at its highest peak, the volcanic mountain is the highest one in Japan. Despite it being an active volcano, its last eruption was back in 1700s, making the mountain relatively safe to climb. It sees about 200,000 hikers every year, with climbing season beginning in July and ending towards the end of August.

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Mount Fuji is not the hardest mountain to climb on this list. However, we would recommend preparing to camp out if you have never climbed before, since it may take a while!

5 Eiger Mountain, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Everybody knows that, along with being neutral in pretty much every war, Switzerland is known for some of the most beautiful mountains. You know a bar of great Swiss chocolate will have a picture of the Swiss Alps on the package.

Located in western Switzerland, this beautiful peak is part of one of the largest mountain ranges in the world (part of the three main ranges). Its highest elevation reaches heights of about 3970 m, but many say that its best feature is the north face, which is the highest in the Swiss Alps and reaches 1800 m.

4 Mount Waddington, British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia's, mountains have already made it on this list once, but the mountain range in that area is so amazing that it's coming back! Mount Waddington is BC's highest mountain, its highest peak reaching 4,019 m. It was first climbed in 1936 by Fritz Wiessner and William House; in fact, you can go to their exact trail, but it isn't recommended by many climbers.

The climb is a little more on the intermediate side. There are even lots of trail guides online that can show you the easiest or hardest routes. There is even a helicopter ride involved for some of the routes!

3 Matterhorn, Italy-Switzerland Boarder

The Swiss Appellation Mountains are known for their beauty... and their height. The Matterhorn is just one of the tallest mountains, falling fourth on the list of the tallest appellation mountain, at 4478 m.

The Matterhorn is known mostly for its symmetry, as well as its danger. This is definitely an experienced climb, even taking people's lives in the past. A lot of planning will come with this selfie, as glaciers and obstacles may stand in your way.

2 Denali, Alaska, United States

The second last mountain on our list is in gorgeous Alaska, USA. This mountain has not claimed lives, but it is the second tallest mountain on this list. Denali is considered to be one of the most isolated peaks in the world, but only after Mount Everest in Nepal and Aconcagua in the Andes, which are two of the world's largest mountains.

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Alaska's largest mountain is also park of a national park: Denali National Park and Preserve. Something so beautiful has to be taken care of, right?

1 Mount Everest, Nepal-China Boarder

Mount Everest is known as the highest mountain in the world and has been summited by thousands of individuals. The dangers that summiteers faced while climbing this mountain include crevasses, glaciers and many steep climbs, so it is needless to say that Mount Everest's largest summit (at 8,848 m) is not for beginners.

That being said, many people have climbed it successfully. There are, however, permits that must be filed; you can get fined and jailed without them!

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