When you are on the search for an inspirational place to gather your thoughts, what places come to mind? Maybe a secluded oasis or Zen garden? Whether you want to combine these two places of ultimate seclusion and perfection to find your inner peace or enhance that inner thrill-seeker, check out some of the most glorious mountain, or mountain ranges, in the world.

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Have a ponder through this list of 10 mountains that are sure you entice your senses and see which ones make it to your bucket list! (Or, better yet, your next vacation plans.)

10 Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Unsurprisingly, the Swiss Alps have been featured on this list for one very obvious reason. They are simply magnificent. Perhaps more specifically, Dammastock and Matterhorn. These two majestic peaks are all the rage with hikers, and how can you blame them? The Swiss Alps are famous and popular amongst travelers and locals, because they offer a wide range of year-round activities; in the winter, you have some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world right on your doorstep. In summer, steep hiking and biking trails, as well as pristine lakes for swimming and other water sports are available. Fun fact…for those who enjoy a piece or two of the tasty chocolate treat Toblerone, Matterhorn is the mountain in the logo!

9 Denali, Alaska

Over-looking green plains and crystal clear lakes, Mount Denali in Alaska is for anyone looking to be rewarded for their hard work with a sensational, uninterrupted view.

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Towering over 20,000 afoot the landscape below, Denali has a sense of relaxation and peace about it. Don’t let its sheer size intimidate you, though, as it boasts many hiking trails to excite all of your senses!

8 Mount Logan, Canada

As you could probably imagine, the second tallest peak in North America comes with panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Mount Logan can be found in Kluane National Park, Canada. What’s more, being in a national park, Logan is bordered by many different species of wildlife, pine forest and glistening glaciers. As the world keeps moving, the tectonic plates have pushed Mount Logan even higher meaning the views are even more magnificent!

7 Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain is not famous for its height, but it is the horizontal stature that attracts so much attention. Watching over the coastal city of Cape Town, South Africa, this mountain derives its name from its flat top and is a part of the Table Mountain National Park. Being a national park, there are countless hiking and biking trails, as well as additional outdoor activities all year-round. It is interesting to note that Table Mountain, and indeed the whole Cape Fold Belt Mountain Range, was formed before such ranges as the Himalayas, Rocky Mountains and the Andes!

6 Mount Fuji, Japan

If you are looking for a place to be at peace with yourself and the busy world around you, Mount Fuji will provide this and more. There is no surprise that it is Japan’s most frequented tourist attraction and each individual who experiences Mother Natures breathtaking work will want to return. Period.

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Fuji is an active volcano, in fact, it is one of the largest active volcano’s in the world today! Set on the shores of a pristine lake with elegant swans floating about, Mount Fuji is definitely one for your bucket list.

5 Jotunheimen Mountains, Scandinavia

Comprising of the 29 tallest mountains in Norway, which is no mean feat, the Jotunheimen Mountains, cover just over 2,000 square miles. Driving along the Sognefjellet National Tourist Route is the best way to take in the surrounding peaks, but if you are feeling ambitious, there are many hiking trails to conquer. In the warmer months, you will come across melted glaciers which sparkle in the warm Norwegian sun, and in the winter, you’ll be greeted with sensational snow-capped peaks and ski trails. Oh, and not to mention breathtaking views from anywhere in these ranges!

4 Bogda Peak, China

Perhaps this mountain is best admired from the green plains below. The faces of Bogda Peak, China, is quite steep and is only recommended for expert and professional climbers. Nevertheless, what makes Bogda more popular than its cousins is its location, as it is the closest mountain to any form of civilization, just east of Urumqi.

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The Peak was first conquered in 1981, and does require caution, however you will be rewarded once you reach the summit with views over the green, pine filled plains below…no one ever said don’t climb it…just be careful!

3 Mount Cook, New Zealand

Located amid many intimidating peaks in the Mount Cook National Park, Mount Cook attracts many mountaineers from all corners of the world. Spanning three snow-capped peaks, Cook can be admired from the summit as well as from the plains below. If you don’t fancy a climb up 3,724 meters, then not to worry, you can take in the magnificent view with a relaxing, stress-free stroll along the foot-bridge. New Zealand is famous for its glittering lakes splitting towering peaks, so chances are you will comes across one or two of these too!

2 Cerro Torre, South America

Cerro Torre spans across Chile and Argentina, which interestingly has created some debate centered around who is the rightful owner of the mountain ranges is. Despite this unrest, the jagged peaks speak for themselves and is actually one of the steepest faces to climb in the world. In saying this, you can simply enjoy the towering surrounding peaks from the base, in and around the many crevices splitting the mountains, it is a sight to behold!

1 Huayna Picchu, Peru

Huayna Picchu, or more commonly known as Machu Picchu is one of the smallest mountains in the world, however it is one of the most visited. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu is renowned as one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, words simply cannot do it justice…just visit! Climbing the mountain is the only way you will be rewarded with once in a lifetime views overlooking lush, green peaks and if you're lucky you might even be welcomed by a local resident Llama.

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