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Hiking the Swiss Alps, cable cars that lift guests high into the sky, and a mountain coaster that showcases the full beauty of this range are what dreams are made of. Those dreams are especially real in Kandersteg, where visitors have the chance to slide down a mountain coaster that's perfectly nestled in the peaks of the Swiss Alps. Not only is this region incredibly scenic, but it's also home to many hiking trails that can be accessed from a nearby Hotel Oeschinensee.


Not only is Kandersteg a more affordable, less-touristy alternative to many other popular Swiss destinations, but it also offers some of the best views in the region. The main attraction, however, is the thrilling mountain coaster that takes visitors on the most scenic 750-meter (2,460-foot) route of their lives. Although the speed is enough to blow one's hair back, it's not enough to take away from the breathtaking sight of the Swiss Alps that surround passengers on this coaster.

What To Know About Switzerland's Best Mountain Coaster, Rodelbahn Oeschinensee

Located at the scenic Hotel Oeschinensee, this mountain coaster is a toboggan ride that takes guests down a trail through the scenic Swiss Alps. While the ride is fairly simple, visitors should know that this coaster is unreachable by cars since they are not permitted on the mountain. Instead, visitors can opt for an alpine hike up to the top or take the cable car if hiking is out of the question. Both of these options also provide incredible views of the surrounding mountains and come down to a person's personal preference.

This is also a great option for those looking to get those classic Alps views during their Switzerland vacation but might not know how to ski, and it's the perfect summer activity. Thrill-seekers will be pleasantly surprised by the adrenaline that this ride brings out, while those in it for the sights will be overjoyed to see the Swiss Alps summits from a new perspective. It's also very easy to do - since passengers have little control over the car they're in except for being able to brake.

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How To Reach Kandersteg And Hotel Oeschinensee

Unexpected Occurrence recommends getting to Hotel Oeschinensee by train, as it's the easiest method of transportation in the region. This is also the best option for those who are staying in or commuting from a major city in Switzerland. The train takes visitors straight into Kandersteg; from there, a funicular ride takes passengers up to Lake Oeschinen.

Oeschinensee is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Lake Oeschinen is arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in the Swiss Alps.

Those who opt to book a stay at the historic (since 1892) Hotel Oeschinensee will also receive a discounted rate on the gondola ride up to the lake and hotel. It should be noted that those who stay at Hotel Oeschinensee can check in until 5:30 PM, so gondola times should be checked prior to arrival to ensure that they are arriving within the correct timetable.

  • Gondola Fare: 20-30 CHF, depending on the season
  • Electric Shuttle to Lake Oeschinen: 8 CHF

The first cable car goes up to the lake at 9 AM, and the last one leaves the lake at 5 PM from May - mid-June, and from mid-September to late-October. From mid-June to mid-September the cable car has extended hours, and the first car goes up at 8 AM and the last comes down at 6 PM.

Riding The Kandersteg Mountain Coaster: Pricing & Rules

While the mountain coaster is part of Hotel Oeschinensee, it is open to more than just guests. Anyone is allowed to take the cable car up to Lake Oeschinen in order to hike the Oeschinensee and ride the coaster.

  • Cost: 5 CHF

With the coast of the mountain coaster being so affordable, it's not uncommon for visitors to go up and slide down more than once. In fact, it's encouraged! Cable cars leave fairly regularly during the eight hours (or more during the peak season) of operation, so there's plenty of time for multiple coaster rides. However, there are a few rules to note for those planning on taking advantage of Oeschinensee's mountain coaster:

  • The coaster is only open between the months of May and October and is closed during the winter.
  • The toboggan will only be open in dry weather and if it rains beforehand, it will open as long as the slide itself can be dried in time for the following day.
  • Children between ages 3 and 7 are only permitted to ride with someone who is 8-years of age or older.
  • Children under the age of 3 are not permitted on the coaster.
  • Children age 8 and older are permitted to ride in a toboggan by themselves if they are familiar with the track and have been given parental or guardian consent.
  • Those riding the mountain coaster are permitted to follow all rules as outlined by staff.
  • Absolutely no mobile phone filming or photos are permitted while on the ride.

When visiting Kandersteg, the mountain coaster is a must-do for adventure lovers. It's arguably one of the best ways to see the Swiss Alps and offers an experience unlike any other in the world.