We all love to travel and talk about the places we have been (or plan on going). We scroll through the Internet, pinpointing beautiful sights and vacation spots we want to visit. We talk ourselves out of buying the expensive plane ticket and travelling to an unknown location or country, worried about how it will affect our life and our career.

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The goal of these quotes is to convince reluctant travellers to commit to an adventure. They will encourage you to hop on a boat or a plane to somewhere undiscovered, as sitting at home on your couch isn't doing you any favors.

17 Is The World On Your Side?

This quote is for people who would worry about their future if they took an extended vacation. The world is out there, you can't put your life on hold for something which could jeopardize how you spend your best years.

Everything will work itself out in the end. The world wants to help you succeed and grow as a person, to expand your world view to incorporate numerous cultures and experiences. Now get on that plane and start your adventure, because the world is calling you to venture beyond the realm of your comfort zone.

16 Don't Disappoint Your Future Self

Time does not cease to exist because we will it into existence, but rather it seems to speed up with every year that passes us by. We cannot wait around for financial stability or a break in the course of our lives to gain experiences.


It is our duty to our very souls to get out there and travel to unknown places. We owe it to our future selves to experience everything the world has to offer us before settling for something beneath us, which is why our adventure has to start today.

15 Happiness Is Always The Goal

Happiness comes when we involve ourselves in the world around us, which is why travel is so important. When we see new things and begin to understand the world is bigger than we could have ever imagined, that is when we are most alive.

Adventuring isn't a hobby, but rather a way of life; we owe it to ourselves to travel to gain the knowledge we crave. Stop surfing the Internet and experience the world for yourself, because pictures don't do reality justice.

14 Experiences Matter The Most


What we might consider strange or interesting, someone else views as an everyday occurrence.

The traditions and ways of life of other groups of people around the world is something we desire to see for ourselves. We can read about them in books or see them on the news, but it is not the same as being there to personally gain an understanding of it for ourselves. Discover what interests you and different ways to live by taking the trip you have always dreamed of.

12 Travel Broadens A Narrow Mind


We are trapped in a community like a close-minded bubble, but travel allows us to destroy the barriers holding us hostage. It breaks down walls of cultural insensitivity and opens our eyes to the workings of the world around us.

We begin to understand the struggles and hardships of people within our world as we witness it for ourselves, over the course of our travel agenda. This is the sentiment that Mark Twain expressed when he wrote these words, knowing the world could become a better place if people took a leap of faith to journey somewhere new.

10 Let Your Dreams Reign


Humans are dreamers and our imaginative minds should continue to stay that way, no matter how far we go on the path of life.

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Life can beat us into the dust time and time again with painful memories of loss and hard days, but those horrible memories should not keep our dreams at bay. We should embrace them and face them head on, clinging to our dreams with a clawed hand as we travel to the places that have kept us going.

8 Travel Leaves You Richer


It is a well-known fact that travelling is not a cheap thing to do. It costs money to afford a flight, housing, and food as you also pay your regular bills at home.

Regardless, travel can make you richer in spirit, as it enlivens your being with experiences and sights you would never have had otherwise. It adds countless layers to you as a person, enriching your life with the fulfilment of your dreams and new ideas.

6 Always Travel Well


Travelling is not about the destination, but rather the journey you took to get there. You will meet people and see places which will increase the success of your journey.

You may have switched forms of travel three times in order to get to the sacred spot you were headed, or maybe the scenic route was just what you needed to make it all worthwhile. No matter what, this should encourage you to travel, as you wonder what you might learn along the way to your dream destination.

4 Find Your Secret Destination


When we travel we have a place or two in mind we want to reach, but what we don't realize is that it is not our actual goal to get there.

Rather, we will run into something else along the way that was exactly what we were looking for, but we have no idea until we see it with our own eyes. It is the sense of the unexpected that will make this place so special, and this is also what will push you to begin your journey as you as you search for the thing you need most.

2 Make Travelling Your Vice


Travelling is a vice, but the best kind of vice you will ever find. Yes, it costs money and your time, possibly even pushes your boundaries of comfort, but in the end, it is all worth it.

You may find yourself sleeping in a tent, or a hostel filled with grungy people, but with determination and a bit of spunk, you will grow to understand that this is part of what travelling is all about.

This quote should encourage you to put your best foot forward and dive into the sea of your next adventure, as you cross the planet searching for the call of the unknown.

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