Road trips are some of the most fun vacation activities as they give you the freedom to go to multiple places while traveling at your own pace and customizing stops along the way. However, renting a car or driving on vacation isn’t for everyone; especially those who plan on making the most out of a single destination and don’t want the hassle of worrying about driving arrangements.

That’s why traveling to a destination with high walkability is ideal for those travelers who want to explore on their own two feet. Whether it’s a mix of quality, available public transportation and pedestrian-friendly streets, or simply a great place for getting from point A to point B without having the extra expense of renting a car, many vacationers are choosing walkable cities as their top vacation destinations.

Note: The following cities are given “Walk Scores” based on the 2020 Walk Score Tool that is calculated based on a number of factors including pedestrian friendliness and walking distance from average homes to nearby city amenities.

7 New York City, NY

It’s no surprise that New York is one of the most walkable cities out there. With its top-notch transit system and streets that favor pedestrians, visitors will find getting around easier than trying to navigate the city by car. Taking public transportation and/or walking around NYC is also a great way to save $$—freeing up travelers to spend that extra dough on fun stuff like a Broadway show or fun night out.

  • Walk Score: 88.3
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Little Italy, Bowery, Flatiron District

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6 San Francisco, CA

Living in San Francisco may be expensive, but visitors to this lovely city by the bay can save a few bucks while traveling by getting around on foot. Public transportation in SF is also a great option—from streetcars to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit); to segueways and bikes. There’s also a new neighborhood that is low-carbon and pedestrian-focused.

  • Walk Score: 87.4
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Tenderloin, Downtown Union Square

5 Jersey City, NJ

Another city with stellar public transportation is Jersey City—and don’t forget about their bike infrastructure that caters to those who want an alternative to car travel. For vacationers who want a walkable, fun city with plenty to do (all within walking distance!), Jersey City’s got it.

  • Walk Score: 86.8
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Historic downtown, Journal Square

4 Boston, MA

Boston’s smaller, close-knit neighborhoods make it an ideal place for getting around on foot—and its relatively small size overall means that visitors can walk the entire downtown area. However, the public transportation—including America’s first subway system—is also a selling point that makes Boston a historic, eclectic city whose cobblestone roads and lovely scenery make it ideal doe walkers. Travelers should check out the Freedom Trail, a top tourist destination and one of the city’s most famed walks.

  • Walk Score: 82.0
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Beacon Hill, North End, Bay Village

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3 Philadelphia, PA

Another city that is extremely walkable is the City of Brotherly Love. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City, there’s plenty of history and culture to explore throughout this vibrant PA city that’s full of fun outdoor activities and walkable districts. In addition to walking and biking ability, Philly’s public transportation also makes it one of the top 5 walkable U.S. cities—and its top three walkable neighborhoods all score nearly 100 in walk scores.

  • Walk Score: 78.8
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Center City West, Avenue of the Arts South, Rittenhouse Square

2 Miami, FL

Walkability is a top priority in this colorful, bustling Florida tourist hot spot, and is a great way to explore everything from the beach to nightlife—all easily accessible from the downtown area. Every month, major roads throughout the city are shut down to allow exclusive access to walkers and bikers who want to get out and enjoy the city’s scenic beauty. The Miami suburb of Hialeah also scores a high walk score of 68.7—with easy access to both restaurants and fun things to do.

  • Walk Score: 77.6
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: Downtown area, Little Havana, Wynwood-Edgewater

1 Chicago, IL

From pedestrian trails along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan to a downtown that is easily accessible both by foot and by public transit, the Windy City is a great place for travelers to get out and explore the culture, sports, history, and scenic views of this top Midwest tourist destination. The city’s recent focus on making the sidewalks safer and more pedestrian-friendly is quickly making more Chicago neighborhoods more walkable—including its bustling downtown.

  • Walk Score: 77.4
  • Most Walkable Neighborhoods: East Ukrainian Village, Near North Side, West Loop

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