Cities, beaches, and jungles are beautiful, yes – and it is understandable why travelers focus too much on them. But Thailand is not only famous for beaches and wilderness, it also consists of some of the most stunning towns and villages travelers wouldn't want to miss. Most of these villages and towns provide visitors with an insight into the remote life of Thailand as well as the spectacular attractions and activities surrounding them. These are the unique towns and villages in Thailand that every traveler should add to their bucket list.Related: 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Thailand

9 Wang Nam Khiao

Located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand’s largest province, Wang Nam Khiao is a scenic mountain town with flourishing mountain ranges, rich gardens, and thriving orchards. The town promises spectacular natural views and unique attractions. The mountain town guarantees an enjoyable travel experience to everyone, regardless of their interests. Wang Nam Khiao is also referred to as Thailand's Switzerland, and it's not hard to understand why. The unforgettable natural views, rolling mountains, and great atmosphere explain it all.

8 Pai

Situated 135 km from Thailand's Chiang Mai City, Pai is a gorgeous village and is considered one of Northern Thailand's most stunning places. Its beauty has attracted backpackers and other travelers looking for a nice place to explore and relax. It is an enchanting riverside town nestled at the foot of the mountains and features beautiful canyons, waterfalls, and hot springs. There is much to explore in this beautiful village, including a weekly market held every Wednesday that has different ethnic groups trading unique and stunning handicrafts.

7 Chiang Khan

Located in Northeast Thailand, on the bank of River Mekong, Chiang Khan is another small old town and a popular travel destination in Thailand. The town is famous for the wooden buildings that the locals have transformed into coffee shops and guest houses where travelers can visit and spend time. The town is full of art, especially those of Lan Chang and Lanna in the temples in Chiang Khan. This town is full of typical local Thailanders and other visitors exploring the beautiful surrounding.

6 Phetchaburi

Situated about 160 km on Bangkok's south side, Phetchaburi is a home to Thailand's hidden gems with beautiful trails, beaches, and temples to explore. Also known as the city of diamonds, Phetchaburi has a lot to keep travelers busy, no matter how long they are staying. A journey to Phetchaburi isn't complete without exploring Tham Khao Luang, a popular cave in the town with several monkeys at the entrance and Buddha statues. Whether a historian or a naturist, there is so much to see and do in Phetchaburi, and a visit to the town is totally worth it.

5 Sangkhlaburi

Located about 25 kilometers from the Burma border, Sangkhlaburi is a beautiful town offering a beautiful experience of diverse cultures and ethnic groups living harmonious and happy lives. Tourists will enjoy beautiful views of a stunning reservoir, spectacular temples, and a bridge – there are plenty of attractions to admire in Sangkhlaburi. Most travelers enjoy boat rides at the beautiful lake, Vajiralongkorn. The limestone ranges and lush forest surrounding this town make it one of Thailand’s most breathtaking spots to visit and explore.

4 Lampang

Full of history of the early kingdom of Lanna and the northern culture, Lampang is another hidden gem in Thailand. Having over 58000 population, Lampang is situated in Thailand’s Northern province and is sometimes called the Nakhon Lampang. The city is an ancient town and its locals still practice the old traditions. There is a lot to do in this town, including visiting the Elephant Conservation Center, several temples, and shopping at the walking street market.

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3 Khanom

Situated along the Gulf of Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Khanom is a popular spot for foreign tourists and the Thai locals. This beachside town has several stunning bays and beaches, and travelers can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and the islands close by. One can also engage in fishing with the locals and eat some delicious seafood. The surrounding caves and waterfalls are some of the most beautiful in Thailand. Although not visited by many tourists, Khanom is an ultimate travel destination not to be missed.

2 Prachuap Khiri Khan

Located in Thailand’s province of the same name, Prachuap Khiri Khan is home to spectacular islands, bays, and beaches. It is a hidden gem along Thailand Gulf, a couple of hours south of Thailand's Capital. There are good reasons to visit and explore this enchanting small town – from a relaxed atmosphere to different beautiful sightings, including historical museums, beautiful temples, pretty and friendly monkeys, and spectacular aquatic landscape. Attend the small market mainly trading food supplies every evening. The market has Thailand delicacies, including fish, grilled meats, soups, rice dishes, and noodles.

1 Koh Kret

Located about 17 kilometers north of Bangkok central, Koh Kret is an island constructed artificially, surrounded by the Chao Phraya River. It is an ideal weekend getaway destination with so much to offer explorers. The vibe is quiet here, and travelers can learn about the different lifestyles of the locals. The paths are peaceful and greenery and lead visitors to the village's small homes and fascinating religious spots to experience. There are pottery communities and a flourishing market in this small town.