Chefchaouen, also known as The Blue Pearl of Morocco, is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The blue walls, which look like a backdrop for the majestic mountains, are enough to make the city look like a sophisticated painting in an art gallery.

Nestled in the Rif Mountains' high altitudes, the reason why the city is painted blue can only be left for speculation. Some believe the color is efficient in keeping mosquitoes away, while others say the color helps in heat regulation during the summer. Theories aside, here are unique things to do in Morocco's Chefchaouen.

9 Visit Kasbah Museum

Also known as the Ethnographic Museum, this destination stands at the center of the Andalusian Gardens. The Museum boasts artifacts like musical instruments and weapons of war that tell a story about the city of Chefchaouen. Since it's easily accessible from the Medina, it will be easy to take in the characteristic blue buildings of the area. Visiting Kasbah Museum is a must for anyone who wants to appreciate the aesthetics of the town and learn more about its culture.

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8 Shop For Moroccan Souvenirs

Interestingly, shopping in Chefchaouen is considered more pleasant than shopping in other Moroccan cities. The insistent sellers' persuasive skills and a passion for their local culture are why tourists find this place a haven for shopping. A variety of items available for shopping include hand-crafted bags, clothes, carpets, and necklaces. For shopaholics going to Chefchaouen, packing a bag with space for more clothes and items is recommended.

7 Take A Photo At The Colorful Stairs And Doors

Travel and photography go hand in hand nowadays. In Chefchaouen, photographers feel lucky as they explore through the famous blue stairs. Be patient because there’s a queue of excited Instagram junkies taking snapshots. It will take about 10 minutes for a chance to take a picture. The gorgeous doors seeming to hide a mysterious world behind them look like something straight out of a fairy tale. The place is a perfect spot for a romantic date.

6 Enjoy The Sunrise And Sunset

Judging by the breathtaking sunsets that bless the blue city, it is hard not to fall in love with this city. Hiking to the Spanish Mosque is the best way to enjoy the sunset in Chefchaouen, made better by the waterfalls and lakes on the way up. Snacks, water, and a pair of comfortable shoes are all that travelers need during this 20-minute hike before taking in one of the most beautiful scenes in Morocco. Alternatively, waking up in the morning to watch the sunrise from a riad's rooftop (traditional Moroccan house) may be rewarding.

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5 Wander In The Blue Medina

Getting lost in the alleys and steep stairs of this sapphire-tinged city is one of the best ways to spend a warm evening. Tourists describe how each corner, street, building, and wall has a different shade of blue from the previous one. While wandering in this beautiful city, pay attention to the picturesque doors that express themselves in outstanding architecture. Befriending the locals and learning about their daily life is something travelers should take advantage of during the casual walk. Tourists exploring the Chefchaouen are missing out on the real beauty of the city, old-town Medina.

4 Ras El-Maa Waterfall

Still at the heart of old town, Medina, Ras El-Maa Waterfall is another tourist destination that receives much attention from photographers. With orange trees mushrooming around it and spectacular views of the hills, the waterfall is an amazing place to rest and take pictures during a hike to the Spanish Mosque. Due to its freshwater, the waterfall is also where locals come to do laundry and even take showers on a sunny day. It's not a huge waterfall, but it compensates with its setting, adding more charm to Chefchaouen.

3 Enjoy The Traditional Moroccan Cuisine

Every city prides in local squares teeming with restaurants, and Chefchaouen doesn't fall short. Trying the traditional dishes before leaving the country should be on everyone's to-do list. The most famous meal in the city is tagine, whose main ingredients are mutton and an assortment of high-nutrient vegetables. Hungry Already? The best restaurants to visit in the town include Plaza Uta el-Hammam, Cafe Clock, Aladdin Restaurant, and Café Restaurant Sofia.

2 Explore The Rif Mountains

Hiking is arguably one of the most exciting activities for any nature-lover. The Rif Mountains provide a superb way of appreciating Chefchaouen City, and there are many ways to hike through them for maximum enjoyment. First, is a full-day trek to the Talasemtane National Park, which is also another tourist attraction. Secondly, the Rif Mountains are a great way to have a long-route trail to the Spanish Mosque via the Ras-El-Maa Waterfall.

1 Marvel At God's Bridge

When talking of memorable places in Morocco, God's Bridge is not a place to be ignored. Year after year, visitors come to witness the mind-blowing bridge above River Oued Farda. Surprisingly, no civilization built this bridge but instead came up due to countless years of water erosion from the river's flow. The bridge grows higher and dryer every time the river below carves a path deeper into the ground.