When you go on vacation, you'll likely either be staying in an Airbnb or a hotel. If you don't know someone in the location that you're planning to visit, these two are the best options for finding somewhere to stay while you're visiting a new place. Picking a good hotel or Airbnb is really important since you're going to be staying there while on your trip and there are a lot of different things that people look for when they're booking a place.

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Some hotels around the world are really unique and offer a lot more than just a place to stay. From underwater rooms to hotels that let you get up close and personal with the wildlife, there are some hotels in the world that you really need to experience to believe.

To see 10 of the most unique hotels around the world, keep reading!

10 Udang House - Bali, Indonesia

No matter where you stay in Bali, you're bound to have a good time. Bali is an absolutely beautiful, tropical tourist destination that draws in visitors from all over the world. With the beautiful beaches and incredible weather, it's not hard to see why. If you're looking for a truly unique place to stay in Bali, look no further than Udang House.

The coolest part of this hotel is the fact that the rooms have floors that are made of glass. This means that even when you're inside your hotel room, you have an up-close and personal view of the beautiful, clear water and all the fish that live there.

9 Montana Magica Lodge - Chile

Montana Magica Lodge is located in the forest of Chile. For people that love nature, this hotel is definitely among the most magical and wonderful places in the world. This forest is home to a ton of species of animals and one of the longest ziplines that you can ride anywhere.

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It was built using locally sourced wood and stone and designed to look like it was just formed naturally in the forest through magic or something, but it was man-made. It's a beautiful, unique hotel that truly transports visitors into another world.

8 Helga's Folly - Sri Lanka

If you're looking for a hotel that feels more like a strange oddities shop, full of unique knick-knacks and goodies that you'll likely never see anywhere else, then you need to take a trip to Sri Lanka.

Instead of staying in one of the many coastal hotels in this tropical location, many visitors that are looking for something fun and unique choose instead to book a room in Helga's Folly. This quirky hotel is full of a ton of unusual items that decorate the walls. Many celebrities from old Hollywood have stayed here and there are newspaper clippings on the walls dedicated to reminding people of that.

7 Giraffe Manor - Kenya

Back in the 1930s, people would travel to Africa to go on safaris in order to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the wildlife that roams free there. Today, going on safaris to experience nature is still definitely popular, but what's even more popular is staying somewhere that you can really be up close with the animals.

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Giraffe Manor is a hotel located in Kenya that really lets you experience nature up close. This hotel has twelve rooms, but what really draws visitors in is the herd of giraffes that live on the land. If the windows are left open, the giraffes might even stick their heads in to visit.

6 Manta Resort - Tanzania

Manta Resort is a hotel located in Tanzania that's perfect for anyone that really loves the ocean and wants to be up close with the fish that live down in the sea in a unique way. This hotel is unlike any others because of the fact that it's partially underwater.

This hotel room is floating in the middle of the ocean in the center of a natural hole in a coral reef. Instead of just getting a view of the ocean from the beach, take a trip to this hotel and experience the fish that swim around past the large windows up close.

5 Treehotel - Harads, Sweden

Who else has totally wished they could just live in a treehouse when they were a kid? Luckily, for anyone that visits Harads in Sweden, that childhood dream doesn't have to be a dream... At least for a few nights, anyway.

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Treehotel is, as the name would suggest, a hotel located in Harads, Sweden that allows people to sleep up in the trees for a little while. Each room is a separate hut that is suspended about 20 feet up in the air. There are multiple different styles of rooms, each of which gives the visitor a super unique experience out in the forest.

4 Hotel Kakslauttanen - Finland

If you're looking to spend the colder months of the year somewhere really unique and interesting, you might want to take a trip to Finland to visit the Hotel Kakslauttanen. This hotel is made up of single rooms that are in the form of igloos that have insulated glass walls and ceilings.

Some of these rooms even have their own private sauna for the visitor to use. For people that love the snow, staying in one of these glass igloos at Hotel Kakslauttanen in Filand would definitely be a dream come true.

3 Dog Bark Park In - Cottonwood, Idaho

If you're a serious dog lover, then traveling can be sad sometimes because it means we have to leave our furry friends at home. But if you go to Cottonwood, Idaho, you can experience a unique hotel that has been totally built to appeal to dog lovers.

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The Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed and breakfast located in Cottonwood, Idaho that opened back in 2003. This hotel is shaped like a beagle and has dog-themed decor inside. This large, uniquely shaped building has become a popular landmark across Idaho because of the fact that it's shaped like a dog.

2 Fantasyland - Edmonton, Alberta

In Edmonton, Alberta, there's a hotel that doesn't just have a single unique theme or feature that draws people in. This hotel is really unique because of the fact that every single room in this hotel is themed and there are even some luxury themed rooms that are larger and have more luxurious features.

From space-themed to Polynesian-themed and even truck-themed, there are a ton of really cool rooms in this hotel. If you're looking to stay somewhere that lets you escape into a totally different world during your trip, staying in this hotel is definitely a must.

1 Zaandam Inntel Hotel - Amsterdam

This hotel is definitely one that draws the eye in. Although it almost looks like something straight out of The Sims, it's actually a real hotel located in Amsterdam and is called the Zaandam Inntel Hotel.

Instead of being designed like a typical hotel, the outside of this hotel looks like someone took dozens of traditional hotels from the area and just stacked them up together. The unique exterior of this hotel definitely makes it fun to look at and draws in many visitors that are planning a trip to Amsterdam.

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