Part of traveling from one point to the other and visiting different places of countries is learning and experiencing a new way of life. When one gets a chance to experience different people’s ways of living or culture it brings great satisfaction whether it is trying new foods or speaking the language.

As a result, when visiting a new place, especially one with a different lifestyle or culture, it is crucial to try their food. One should, however, make sure they do thorough research surrounding such matters to make sure they are getting it right. Here are 10 unique foods not to miss in Germany.

10 Spätzle

Spätzle is a really interesting dish in Germany that is made from the use of eggs, flour, salt, some water, and it is made with a dough that is slightly fluffy. The dish is a traditional egg noodle pasta that has been enjoyed in the region for a long time. The best way to serve the dish is with meat dishes, sauces, or soups. The dish's origin is Baden-Wurttemberg. As a result, the best areas to find them are that region and a place like a Swabian restaurant.

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9 Bratwurst

Bratwurst is a popular food that is found on the streets of Germany. It is one of the most consumed and easy to get food from any street. The food is made from sausage which is popular in the country that dates back to around 1313. The Bratwurst is so sweet since it is made from pork, mixed with spices like ginger, nutmeg, and veal. However, there are many types of Bratwurst one can find on the streets.

8 Schnitzel

It is a food that first originated in Austria but it is now popular in Germany. Schnitzel is made from tenderized pork and has been used as a staple meal in traditional Germany for a long time. One will get the dish served with sauces in most cases. Sometimes it is also possible to get it with bell pepper sauce or creamy sauce. The best place to get this kind of food is Kanonesteppel, Frankfurt.

7 Currywurst

Currywurst is a spicy dish that can be found on the streets of many towns in Germany. The main reason for the availability of this dish is because it has been prepared in many German kitchens. Its origin is linked to residents of Herta Heuwer, Berlin. The recipe involves mixing ketchup with curry powder, then serving with sauce on grilled pork sausage. It is such an amazing dish that has even been talked about in museums. There are many places to get it including Curry36, and Konnopke.

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6 Maultaschen

Maultaschen is a dish whose origin is Swabia. The meal takes a rectangular or square shape hence it is in some cases called Swabian ravioli. This meat-filled dumpling can be served with the main dish or appetizer. When preparing this food, a variety of ingredients can be used and it is mostly made from pasta dough which is then filled with minced meat, spinach, pepper, nutmeg, and other things depending on the needs. It can be easily found in Zum Wasenwirt, Stuttgart.

5 Kartoffelpuffer

Kartoffelpuffer is a dish that is made from potatoes. It can be easily referred to as potato pancakes. It is made from ground or grated potato, then mixed with flour and some eggs. To add on the flavor, one may choose to include garlic, grated onions, and seasoning. It is a common meal in many parts of the country. It can be served with a variety of accompaniments including apple sauce. The best places to find this type of dish include Reibekuchen Heinz or around Apostelnkloster.

4 Fischbrotchen

It is a fish sandwich that is mostly found on the Northern side of Germany. The food has been used as a tradition for a long time. It is basically made by using fish, then some additions such as veggies, onions, horseradish sauce, remoulade, or pickles. It is a delicious dish that one must get before leaving Germany. It can be found in many restaurants throughout the country, making it an easy meal.

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3 Doner Kebab

This is a special kind of Kebab that is true to Germany. Although it started as a Turkish dish, it has been adopted and successfully improved in Germany. It is good food for someone who wants to understand German culture. It is a sandwich with meat kebab and can be served with other meals such as rice. There are a variety of ways of making it depending on where one gets it from. It is available in many restaurants, especially in Berlin.

2 Schweinsbraten

Schweinebraten is a dish that is made from roasted pork. It is a great dish for meat lovers. It is then salted and some pickles added for extra taste. The dish is a great way to enjoy a Sunday lunch while tasting new flavors. . Depending on the person making it, other things like roasted cabbage or herbs can be included. It has been in the country for a long time. Many joints in Munich serve the dish.

1 Brezel

Brezel is a type of baked bread that features unique knots. The Brezels can have other ingredients sprinkled over them. It was a common dish in traditional Germany that continues to be popular as the salty, crispy bread continuously delights visitors and locals. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even flavors. The food can be found in many parts of the country including Munich with ease.

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