Asia is one fascinating continent to visit. The main reason is its diversity and range of environments, and there is something attractive and unique about every country. Additionally, the continent has some of the best landscapes in the world. The most extreme terrains one can use when traveling across the globe.

When touring Asia, one will encounter many things such as huge mountains, valleys, rivers, extreme rivers, and weather. However, there is nothing that can beat a thrilling road trip adventure, such as these.

10 Hai Van Pass, Da Nang – Vietnam

This is the most thrilling road one will find and use in Vietnam. It is a road located in the Hue region of the country and moves along the coast. However, the exciting part is in the snaking nature of the road, plentiful vegetation around covered by forest, amazing views of the ocean on the other side, and various destinations it passes through. It is considered to be a top coastal road. It has also been featured in several films, including a 2008 Top Gear edition. It can also be challenging to use due to its corner, mountains, cuts, and much more.

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9 The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

The unique feature about the Karakoram highway and what makes it so thrilling is where it passes through and how it was built. The road was carved in the Khunjerab pass, and it is also the highest international road globally. Driving through this road is an interesting journey, and it is found at an elevation of over 15,000 feet. It is the road that links Pakistan with China. To some people, this is even a world wonder. It is full of many views such as slopes, lakes, glaciers, and more.

8 Leh - Manali, India

The highway of Leh-Manali is a dream highway for many travelers. It is a road that is found in the Himalayas, and using it is a dream come true for so many adventurers. Due to its movement around the Himalayas, it leaves adventurers with amazing views of the mountains, the land below, glaciers, valleys and so much more. It is also a challenge of toughness since it is not easy to drive or use. It is also used a lot for Buddhist pilgrimage. It has several sacred sites as well. One can take a few days to go up this road and create long-lasting memories.

7 Hualien, Taroko Gorge National Park

Hualien is a road that is found in the Taroko Gorge National Park of Taiwan. It is a road that passes through the national park and is one of the most thrilling roads in the area. It moves alongside the Limu River as well. This road is challenging as it has difficult trials, but the views and experiences are unmatched. In some places, it even goes under caves.

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6 West Coast Road, Phuket

It is found in the Phuket region of Thailand. For someone looking for a thrilling road that passes through a coastal area, this is the best one to take. It goes out into a small island as well. There are many beaches to see and the ocean alongside. What makes Phuket even more interesting is the views of the ocean, vegetation, valleys, cliffs, rolling hills, and peace. There is low traffic.

5 Ilju Road, South Korea

Ilju Road in South Korea might not be the most challenging road to use in Asia, but it offers some of the most exciting places to drive in. it is a road that was built on the volcanic island of Jeju. It is a highly ranked road in Asia as it is visited and used by many people. The road has many excellent resorts for visitors. It is alongside the coast, and the views of waters, beaches, landscape, and volcanic features are breathtaking. The vegetation on this road, especially during spring, is stunning.

4 The Patapat Viaduct, the Philippines

With the Philippines becoming a magnificent tourist attraction in Asia, the Patapat Viaduct road is one of the most thrilling ones a person can use. It is a road that offers pristine views of the sand beaches along the route. It is home to over 7,000 islands, making it pleasant to use and enjoy the scenery. Many visitors prefer to move up the mountain to visit Pagudpud, a surfer's paradise. The views of tropical vegetation up the mountain are fantastic, with more views of Pasaleng Bay below.

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3 Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam

Ha Giang Loop road in Vietnam is on many people's bucket lists. It is 350km long, moving on the mountains, with landscapes on top and a valley below. The road snakes through these magnificent views and vegetation that one simply can't not stare at. It is worth using the road but requires one to be careful due to its snaking nature in the mountains.

2 Rueignag Road, Taiwan

So much is thrilling about using this road found on Taiwan's east coast. It stretches for 14 miles, and Rueignag Road offers beautiful views for its distance. One gets a chance to enjoy the Siouguluan river and the emerald hills. The road trip can start at Rueisui, which is a popular destination.

1 The Hokkaido Scenic Byway, Japan

This is a byway meaning it is along the coast. It offers wonderful scenery as well as views of the ocean. What makes this road more thrilling than many others is the ocean's views on one side and vegetation on the other. It has several attractions along the way, such as resorts and hot springs.

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