As many internet lurkers know, you're bound to find opinions on the most obscure topics imaginable on Reddit. With millions of users and discussions, Reddit is a great place for learning new things and reading about different experiences. Reddit also has multiple paranormal communities, and many SubReddits are dedicated to sharing eerie encounters. A majority of Reddit users tend to be skeptical and aren't easily shocked, so if a user reports that they got the wits scared out of them, you better believe it had to have been super scary!

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Here's a round-up of comments throughout the site that describe the best ghost tours in the United States. If you're traveling to one of these towns soon, look into these tours for a truly frightening and fun experience!

8 Afterlife Tours - Savannah, Georgia

In a thread looking for a ghost tour in the notoriously haunted Savannah, Georgia that wasn't "really cheesy," user AviatrixInTheSun suggested an Afterlife Tour hosted by paranormal investigator Ryan Dunn. According to the user, this tour offers up something that other ghost tours in the area don't: evidence.

The user wrote, "If you want legit EVP clips, video, and images during a tour and the tales of what others have experienced along with the backstories as to what may have likely caused each scenario during the tour, you HAVE to go with Ryan Dunn’s tours." With spooky noises and even audible words in empty rooms mysteriously recorded, these tours are one of the freakiest in the area.

7 Old City Jail Tour - Charleston, South Carolina

There are tons of ghost tours in historic Charleston, South Carolina. On a thread asking for recommendations on a Charleston ghost tour, user beaglesbark2much suggested the Old City Jail Tour from Bulldog Tours. The other comments in the thread seconded this suggestion. "Look no further than the Old City Jail tour," beaglesbark2much wrote. "It is fascinating and haunting. We captured photos of orbs, a ghostly outline of an old man in a suit and heard noises where there shouldn't have been any."

Another user shared their experience of randomly feeling an ice-cold sensation during an otherwise sweaty hot tour. (For those not in the know: Old City Jail was home to the most infamous of criminals in the 1800's. Prepare to be spooked!)

6 Jennie Wade Tour - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Like many other entries on this list, there are plenty of ghost tours in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania due to is extensive war history. In a thread asking "Has anyone been on a ghost tour and actually got to experience something paranormal," user ThatOddGirl shared her freaky experience while on the Jennie Wade ghost tour. (For context: Jennie Wade was the only innocent civilian killed in the Battle of Gettysburg after a bullet passed through her doorway. This tour allows you to explore the home where she died.)

ThatOddGirl wrote, "But, as soon as I stepped into the house, I could feel the energy change. At the end of the tour, they took us to the basement where they held her funeral. And as soon I stepped into the basement, I started crying and I couldn't stop. It felt like I knew her and I was just so so sad." She said a picture was taken of her with an inexplicable light emitting from her face, and she had the photo examined by local paranormal experts who couldn't find an explanation for the picture.

5 Winchester Mystery House Tour - San Jose, California

In the same thread as above, user ScottSierra claims the Winchester Mystery House tour in San Jose, California will give you some frights. The house belonged to Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester, treasurer of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company that sold firearms. After losing both her husband and daughter to illness, Sarah believed she was cursed and that her house was being haunted by victims of firearms. A medium instructed her to move across the country and build a house to evade the spirits.

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Construction on the Winchester Mystery House was still going upon Sarah's death, as she believed adding constant new additions to the mansion would confuse the spirits. Though Reddit user ScottSierra was a skeptic, a camera malfunction on tour piqued their interest. They wrote, "I have a tendency to turn off my camera when I'm not taking a photo, and when I stopped to shoot a little square room on the top floor, it wouldn't turn on. I tried again in the next room, with the same result."

4 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Tour - Weston, West Virginia

Another comment on that thread recounted an odd experience while taking a ghost tour of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, a.k.a Weston State Hospital, in Weston, West Virginia. Thousands of mentally ill individuals lived and died there beginning in the mid-1800s, but some are said to still reside within the hospital's walls long after death. "Had a flashlight turn on and off to commands," the user stated simply. "Heard noises."

The user went on to say that while they personally didn't see any apparitions that supposedly pop up often in the building, the people they went with claim to have seen something.

3 Whaley House Tour - San Diego, California

In the same thread, a user recalled that even the tour guide on the Whaley House tour they were on had been spooked. The Whaley House in San Diego, California was home to the Whaley family, who surely didn't know when they constructed their house in 1875 that it was in the same area many public hangings had taken place. The home, now a museum, is said to be haunted by the criminals that died there and the Whaley family themselves -- especially daughter Violet Whaley, who tragically committed suicide in the home.

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The Reddit user explained, "Upstairs in the house is a private theater where they used to perform plays. When the tour guide was standing on the 'stage' talking about some of the experiences people have had on the tour, the light fixture hanging from the ceiling started swinging in a circular pattern on its own."

2 Sorrel Weed House Tour - Savannah, Georgia

A Reddit user made a thread asking which ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia would most likely result in a ghost encounter. While many other users responded that chances are slim, another user swore by the ghost tour at Sorrel Weed House, referring to it as "spooky as all hell." Apparently, a lot of tragedies went down at the historic Sorrell Weed Mansion, and some of the victims of these tragedies still lurk at the property.

"Best ghost tour I've ever taken happened at the Sorrel Weed house in Savannah," wrote Reddit user The Bandit03.  "It's not a gimmicky tour."

1 Menger Hotel Tour - San Antonio, Texas

In a Reddit thread asking for the scariest ghost tour in San Antonio, user Rasadrah recommended the Sisters Grimm Ghost Tour of the Menger Hotel, stating that it was "a must!" While The Sisters Grimm give various types of ghost tours, the Menger Hotel option allows you to actually have a nice dinner at the haunted hotel! Pretty cool bonus. Rumors of a ghostly chambermaid, the ghost of Captain Richard King, and even the ghost of former president Teddy Roosevelt looming the halls of the establishment have been circulating for centuries.

The Reddit user recommends you take a camera with you, explaining that "there was this one very creepy hallway that caused [their] cameras to act really weird."

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