It's easy to associate beautiful beaches with the Caribbean. With all of the resorts, ranging from the most high-end to those that our wallets like a lot more, we can't help but think that the best beaches are located in that part of the world.

There are so many other beaches that are going to leave us speechless, and they're located in various parts of the world. Whether we can find a hotel right on one of these beaches, stay in a nearby town, or we're just going to hang out for the afternoon, these beaches should be added to our lists, and they're going to impress us, that's for sure.


Here are the most stunning beaches to visit next year that aren't in the Caribbean.

Greece's Navagio Beach Will Awe Travelers

According to Reader's Digest, Navagio Beach in Greece is one that needs to be visited. People who live in Greece call it Smugglers Cove or Shipwreck Beach, which lends it an air of mystery and makes it even more interesting. The website says the winds aren't super strong here and are instead quite nice, and people like to snorkel and dive here as well.

Someone wrote on Trip Advisor that this beach is so gorgeous: "We had the most amazing experience on this trip, we were lucky to have a swim in the most beautiful sea I've ever seen." Another tourist posted that it's best to visit the beach in the morning if possible since there can be a lot of people later on in the day.

Plage des Marinières, Villefranche-sur-Mer Is A Special Place

Oliver's Travels recommends a beach called Plage des Marinières, Villefranche-sur-Mer which is located in France. The website calls it "A perfect get-away if you want to avoid the busy beaches in Nice."

According to this Trip Advisor review, it's going to make for a really pleasant beach trip: Unfortunately, the beaches in Nice are rocky, but in Villefranche, there is lots of soft sand and surf. It is a quick train ride from Nice, and there are many vendors and cafes close to the beach. Many other people who have been to this beach said it was better than the other beaches in Nice, which is good to know.

Florida's Amelia Island Is So Pretty

What about a beach somewhere in the U.S.? According to, you should definitely consider going to Amelia Island, which is near Jacksonville, Florida (30 miles northeast).

The beach is 13 miles long and you can visit Main Beach Park which has tables to sit at and enjoy some food. This beach is super unique because it also has a skate park and playground. People also use this beach for horseback riding. The beach's official website calls it "pristine" and mentions many places where you can stay nearby. There are many Bed and Breakfasts, including the charming Blue Heron Inn. It's in the National Historic District and you'll get chairs to sit on the beach, along with bikes if you'd like to enjoy the area that way.

Thailand's Banana Beach Is Incredible

Another stunning beach is Banana Beach, which is located on Koh Hey Island (or Coral Island) in Phuket, Thailand. This is a truly special beach as it's a lot more than just sand and water. According to Conde Nast Traveler, "Banana Beach has a backdrop of impossibly-green jungle and looks out on crystal-clear water—all part of a national park and marine preservation area."

This is the kind of beach that is not only beautiful but offers up the perfect chance to try out some water sports. People like to come here and go on kayaks, snorkel, or parasail, according to CN TravelerPhuket 101 explains how to get to Banana Beach, which can be tricky: drive to the airport, go left "at the T-junction," and after two to three kilometers of driving, turn right. You'll see Naithon Beach signs and that means that you'll be almost there, but you have to drive through this beach area first. The website says there should be a sign letting you know that you're at Banana Beach and you'll have to pass by Andaman White Beach Resort. It sounds like once you locate it, you'll breathe a sigh of relief and be awed by the beauty. It'll be worth it.

When lying on the beach is calling our name loudly, we can check out these amazing destinations that prove that there are amazing beaches in places other than the Caribbean. There's a lounge chair with our name on it, and we can't wait to see these beautiful views.