Idaho State is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. Adorned with 27 attractive state parks, Idaho has many stops to offer both local and international guests. A road trip to Idaho's parks can lead to the most scenic water bodies, vegetative landscapes, natural wildlife habitats, and historical museums. For tourists looking for park adventures in Idaho, here are eight parks that shouldn’t be missed on the list.

8 Bear Lake State Park

A road trip to Bear Lake State Park through High Way 87 offers mountainous wading roads and countless plant species to see. Bear Lake, the park's freshwater lake, offers the most photogenic sceneries, with turquoise blue waters surrounded by large granite rocks and golden-brown sand. Travelers can engage in recreational activities like fishing, skiing, canoeing, and swimming. On a horse ride, bike ride, or while hiking in the park, adventurers get to see wild animals like bears, pelicans, and owls. Guests like to camp in Bear Lake Park, especially during summer.

  • Location : 25 East 300 North St. Charles, ID 83272

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7 Bruneau Dunes State Park

Here, thrill-seeking tourists can climb sand dunes as tall as 470 feet tall. The dunes provide unique sandboarding and climbing ground for height lovers, while the lakes offer unpolluted bluegill and bass fishing grounds down by the dune's foot. In addition, guests go star gazing and bird watching using telescopes provided in the park's astronomical observatory at a fee. For guests looking for a campsite, the Eagle Cove Campground and Broken Wheel Campground offer safe grounds and cabins throughout the year.

  • Location: 27608 Bruneau Sand Dunes Rd, Bruneau,

6 Ponderosa State Park

The Ponderosa State Park is famous for its epic camping experience, where guests spend their nights in tents or cabins on the park's grounds. The park is covered by beautiful cypress, oak, and pine trees, under which several hiking trails have been established. Tourists often spot native deer, mallards, birds, and sometimes bears while on the hike. For guests who love water activities, paddling, canoeing, and kayaking in the gorgeous Payette Lake are awesome picks.

  • Location: 27608 Bruneau Sand Dunes Rd

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5 Castle Rocks State Park, Almo

Castle Rock's name originated from the clusters of rocks formed by most rocks in the park, mimicking a castle. The rocks attract climbers from all over the world, while guests are rewarded with the most scenic sites of the wilderness on the rock tops. The state park is inhabited by desert shrubs, which act as habitats for native reptiles like desert newts, snakes, and birds. The park provides great snowshoeing and ice climbing grounds during winter. Although camping is an option for road trippers, yurts, cabins, and cottages are available for tourists who prefer more comfortable accommodation.

  • Location: 748 E Castle Rock Rd, Almo

4 Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs is probably the most scenic park in Idaho, famous for its seven attractive units, each more beautiful than the last. The detour starts at Malad Gorge, one of the units that harbor a beautiful conflux of the Wood Rivers that form a 250-foot-tall waterfall. Kelton Spring, the next unit, is more of a historical site where history buffs learn about the bridge and trail that transported wagons to Oregon in the 18th century. At the Billings Creek unit, guests go fishing while others enjoy watching wildlife and canoeing. Down by Niagara springs, photographers can shoot the most epic photos of the cascading waterfalls that converge to form the most tranquil water pool in the park. Horse rides and hike trails lead to the park's most scenic spots.

  • Location: 17970 U.S. Hwy 30 Hagerman, ID 83332

3 Hells Gate State Park

Tourist groups looking to spend several days in the wilderness opt to get a small rental cabin available in Hells Gate State Park. Guests wake up to biking down the Lewiston bike and hike trail that leads to the city center. Hells Canyon is a perfect boating and fishing reservoir, and the dam is inhabited by thousands of geese that only migrate during winter. In the park, guests find a Golf course that attracts guests, especially in winter. From the Visitors Center, guests have a wonderful view of the Snake River and admire the most creative art sculptures and drawings telling the story of Native Americans.

  • Location: 5100 Hells Gate Rd Lewiston, ID 83501

2 Harriman State Park, Island Park

Harriman State Park treats its visitors to Yellowstone’s phenomenal ecology. It lies within a 16,0000-acre land in Orange and Rockland counties. The park is a perfect spot for those who would like to stay healthy on a vacation since the terrain is favorable for mountain biking. Visitors have the best experience of fly-fishing streams at the park. In addition, Horseback riding is among the most popular activities at Harriman State Park. Guests come across native wildlife like trumpeter swans and moose.

  • Location: Fremont County, Idaho 83429, Marekani

1 Redfish Lake (Stanley)

Redfish Stanley offers tourists a natural getaway to the Sawtooth Mountains. Guests from out of the country get to Redfish Lake by flying into Boise Airport. The park is endowed with a beautiful lakeside. Tourists engage in water activities like boat riding, kayaking, and canoeing. Thrill-seekers love whitewater rafting adventures down River Salmon. The beautiful terrains of Sawtooth Mountains reward guests with therapeutic hikes.

  • Location: Redfish Lake Road, Stanley, ID 83278