When many travelers visit cities, they do not think of the possibility of hiking. Many people think that while in a city, the opportunity doesn’t exist. However, the reality is that even when visiting a major city, hiking is often accessible and important; it can help one rest and forget all the activities of a city, as well as appreciate the city by stepping away and then seeing it in a new light.

Tokyo, Japan is a huge city with a high population, many modern facilities, and businesses. However, when visiting the city, a person interested in hiking can find places close by for that purpose. They include the following destinations.

10 Yakishuma

Yakishuma is an ancient forest and is located just 60 km from Cape Sata, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is a world heritage site due to its rich and diverse ecosystem. The forest is one of the closest and most interesting hiking destinations in Tokyo and for a good reason.

One will enjoy taking a 10 hour, 22-kilometer hike exploring the area and enjoying different tree species, stunning views of the area below, animals, plants and so much more to see in the area.

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9 Mount Fuji

From the city of Tokyo, one will need to travel for 4 hours to Mount Fuji. The mountain is iconic and it is snow-capped. Tourists interested in hiking up this mountain have a chance to choose between four available trails which include Subashiri, Yoshida, Gotemba, and Fujinomiya trails. There are many support facilities in the area making the experience smooth. One can find food shops on the route.

Since the trails are divided into different stations, it makes it easy for beginners to take their time and rest where necessary.

8 Mount Koubou

This is one of the easiest mountains to hike near Tokyo. As a result, it is ideal for beginners or people who do not have so much time. It will take just 2.5 hours to hike to the mountain and is suitable for hiking all year round. Whenever one is lucky to hike during the cherry blossom season, they will enjoy the illumination from the flowers.

When hiking to this mountain visitors can engage in several activities such as taiko traditional drumming. The views along the way are also breathtaking and so much to see and learn about.

7 Mount Takao

Mount Takao is a very famous hiking destination in Tokyo. The main reason for this is that the mountain is very close to a train station and it is 50 minutes from Tokyo. This means that one can be at the mountain within 1hr for hiking. Once on top of the mountain, the views of Tokyo city are amazing.

For this mountain, there are several hiking trails making it easy for people to choose what they like. However, trail number 1 is the best as it provides a chance to experience more attractions along the way. One can see the Yakuoin Temple. Along the way, visitors also have a chance to visit the Monkey Park.

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6 Mount Tsukuba

Located near Chiba prefecture and opposite Mount Fuji, is Mount Tsukuba, another amazing destination for hiking and not very far from Tokyo. The mountain is ideal for a day’s hike due to its proximity to the city. This means one can hike to the mountain and back within the same day.

What makes Mount Tsukuba so popular is its change in color depending on the time of the day. In the morning it is indigo, the afternoon is green and the night is purple. It is a phenomenon worth experiencing that is mostly brought by its vegetation.

5 Oze National Park

When visiting Oze National Park, one of the most popular things is the skunk cabbage flowers. The Oze National park is an amazing destination for hiking and enjoying the environment. There are many species of flowers, animals like the Japanese serows, and Asiatic black bears. The park has huge fields full of flowers of different kinds.

Additionally, it is a park with rivers, valleys, and other trails that visitors can explore and take part in activities and camping.

4 Kamakura

Kamakura is just 1hr away from Tokyo. It is also a destination that has many attractive places such as the bamboo grove at Hokokuji, the Great Buddha statue, and a breathtaking coastline. For this hiking trail, one can complete it in 1.5 hours making it good for beginners. It has 3 different trails, the Tengoku, the Daibutsu, and the Gionyama.

The best part is that the area is very close to Enoshima beach. This means that hikers can visit the beach, rest, fish, and catch crab after the hike. There are also many shops with all supplies hikers may need along the way.

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3 Kinchakuda

To hike through Kinchakuda, will take a visitor around 3 hours, it is an easy trail for even beginners and it is available all year round. The route to Kinchakuda is not difficult and it provides great views of the surroundings and the area below it. Along the way, there are some shops and even an organic café making the whole experience worthwhile.

This place is okay to hike all year round and one will find cherry blossoms, wildflowers, waterwheels, and red spider lilies. At the top of the mountain, one can have great views of Tokyo city and other mountains. There is also a train nearby making access easy.

2 Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake is an interesting hiking destination and good for beginners. It has several beautiful shrines as well. With the mountain being home to several species of plants, insects, and birds, there is so much to experience.

Hiking through the mountain, forests, and rivers gives a visitor a unique feel. Along the way, there are also restaurants that allow visitors to taste Japanese dishes.

1 Mount Hinode

This is a mountain abundance of wildlife. It is also very close to other mountains such as Mount Mitake. Hiking through Mount Hinode is not difficult. The trail offers great views of Akiruno City. It is also good for beginners as the trails are relatively easy to handle.

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