One of the best ways to see the US is by car and anyone who has driven cross country will likely say the same thing. There's something about seeing America as it was meant to be discovered, traversing every major (and minor) highway to explore new states and townlines, that triggers a type of nostalgia that we've never felt before. This nostalgia seems to be deeply rooted in the founding of the country, paved in gold mine rushes, the explorative photography of Ansel Adams, and the pioneers who built railroads and cities.


Road trips are a call to action of the adventurer in all of us as we descend down a rabbit hole of exploration. Each mile passed is a mile full of new sights, sounds, and emotion, and no scenery spawns as many breathtaking moments as those roads that wind in, around, and over grand mountains. Travelers don't need to leave the country to witness seemingly limitless peaks and stunning mountains sunrises and valley sunsets... They simply need only take the road less traveled in their own backyard.

Virginia And The Carolinas: Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the country and if you're not seeing them by hiking them, then by car is the way to go. Winding through these switchbacks is part adventure, part thrill, as each one brings with it a new scenic vantage point for this endless mountain range. During the summer, these mountains are filled with lush forests and peak greenery. During the fall months, the mountains are seemingly ablaze with oranges, reds, and yellows which make for a striking sight.

Texas: Bluebonnet Trail

The Bluebonnet Trail is arguably home to the most beautiful vistas in the state and it spans between Austin and Houston. As the name implies, the best time to travel this winding road is between the months of March and May when the Bluebonnet fields are in a full array of color; every shade of blue and indigo seems to go on forever when navigating this trail, making travelers feel as though they're traversing a fairy tale rather than a road in Texas.

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New Hampshire: Kancamagus Highway

New Hampshire is known for its famed White Mountain Range and Kancamagus Highway zips right through them. This road is stunning in both the spring, summer, and fall, but during the fall, its scenery is unrivaled. For 36 miles, road-trippers will have a front-row seat to the most gorgeous of autumn arrays. It's as though Mother Nature is putting on a show just for drivers as they navigate each mile, with each one becoming more glorious and autumn-toned than the last.

Oregon: Highway 101

It's tough to pick just one route in Oregon since this state is home to a myriad of beautiful coastal and mountainview drives. Howeer, Hightway 101 is special in the sense that it spans the entire 300 miles of coastline. Jutting out from a cliff on one side with the sparkling Pacific Ocean on the other, these vistas are beyond anything many will have experienced in Oregon.

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Washington: Olympic Presidential Loop

Following Highway 101, travelers can make their way into Washington where this highway loops around Seattle and can be taken to the Hoh River Forest, which is an incredibly scenic area, to begin with. The highway takes travelers from lush mountain forests to a coastline full of tide pools and seaside vistas.

Maine: Park Loop Road

Park Loop Road gets fairly congested in the summer with tourists seeking the same vistas everyone else is, but that doesn't mean it should be missed. This trip is only 27 miles and takes travelers through Acadia National Park, which is one of the most beautiful parks on the east coast. This road gives the best view of Maine for what it is: A rustic, untouched coastline where mountains meet the ocean. Between the sound of the surf crashing against the rocks and the smell of the crisp ocean air, it's a dreamy drive.

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Montana: Going To The Sun Road

This road winds through Glacier National Park and its beauty simply can't be described in words; it must be experienced to truly comprehend all the views this road offers. Travelers can experience sub-alpine meadows, striking, snowcapped mountains, and even the park's lakes all from this one route. The road runs along the Rocky Mountains offering the views of a lifetime on a clear day with good weather. Travelers should note, however, that this road is only open from May to October since poor winter weather makes roads nearly impassable.

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