Taking a road trip across the United States makes for great adventures and memorable moments, especially if one is traveling with friends and family. However, no matter what state travelers want to pass through, they will encounter bridges of all kinds. From cantilever bridges to might suspension bridges, there is no shortage of them across the country. While some are relatively easy and enjoyable to drive through, there are others that offer a more…intimidating experience. Whether it’s due to being incredibly tall or as a sight for creepy paranormal encounters, these nine bridges in America are scary for a reason.

9 The Royal Gorge Bridge

  • Location: Arkansas
  • Why It’s Scary: Extremely tall height

Made from 1,257 wood planks and 4,100 steel cables, America’s highest suspension bridge sits 956 feet over the Arkansas River. Road trippers weary of tall heights may not enjoy crossing this bridge; Despite its nerve-wracking nature, this incredible bridge overlooks the scenic landscapes of Southern Colorado. Adventurous tourists enjoy activities nearby the bridge, including ziplining and cliff climbing.

8 Chesapeake Bay Bridge

  • Location: Maryland and Virginia
  • Why It’s Scary: Narrow lanes, frequent congestion

This four-mile bridge is often busy, which may be more of a nuisance than a scary fact for many commuters. However, this massive bridge-tunnel is also situated over Chesapeake Bay. Thus, it’s a tad scary to drive across it, knowing there’s nothing but water on either side of the bridge! However, like many things in life, the best course of action is to keep moving when driving through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (and avoid looking down).

7 The Gold Brook Covered Bridge

  • Location: Stowe
  • Why It’s Scary: Paranormal Activity

Also known as Stowe Hollow Bridge, there’s a reason why it’s also called Emily’s Bridge. This 50-foot-long bridge is the setting of a spooky urban legend. In the 1850s, Emily was a teenager who wanted to elope with a wealthy young man in town. Agreeing to meet each other on the Stowe Hollow Bridge at midnight, Emily was distraught when she was jilted, as the man failed to show up. Stricken with grief, young Emily took her life on the bridge, prompting locals to believe that her vengeful spirit haunts the grounds to this day. Besides its spooky reputation, this bridge is considered historical according to the National Register of Historic Places.

6 Seven Mile Bridge

  • Location: Florida Keys, Florida
  • Why It’s Scary: Ocean views on both sides

Located in the beautiful state of Florida, the Seven Mile Bridge offers incredible views of the Florida Keys, with nothing but ocean blue water surrounding the driver on each side of the bridge. Completed in 1982, the bridge's original structure required a driver to be absolutely concentrated and cautious due to its narrow nature. Today, the bridge is far less intimidating but can still make stomachs churn since this bridge sits over deep ocean waters.

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5 Deception Pass Bridge

  • Location: Oak Harbor, Washington State
  • Why It’s Scary: Prone to foggy conditions

This two-lane bridge gives road-trippers incredible views of Washington’s natural landscapes. Connecting the Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands, this cantilever bridge is robust yet subject to the occasional fog, which can impact the road’s visibility. Either wait for the fog to pass or drive carefully when driving through this massive bridge. The most important thing to bring, though, would be self-confidence.

4 Old Alton Bridge

  • Location: Lantana, Texas
  • Why It’s Scary: Urban legend of the Goatman

Those who are passionate non-believers of the paranormal will have no problems passing this bridge, even at the strike of midnight. On the other hand, avid ghost hunters and dedicated believers of the supernatural may feel different about Lantana’s Old Alton Bridge, also known as Goatman’s Bridge. The legend goes that Goatman, a former farmer named Oscar Washburn, was unjustly murdered on the Old Alton Bridge, haunting it until this day. It's said that those crossing the bridge at night without headlights would encounter his ghost and other creepy activity.

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3 Golden Gate Bridge

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Why It’s Scary: Prone to foggy conditions, frequent congestion

There are a lot of interesting facts about the Golden Gate Bridge, many of which make this architectural marvel even more fascinating. Unfortunately, this iconic San Francisco bridge can experience the occasional fog and frequent traffic congestion, making the driving experience a little more scary (or annoying, depending on the driver)! Don’t fret, though, as careful; assertive driving is the key to navigating this massive bridge.

2 Captain William Moore Bridge

  • Location: Skagway, Alaska
  • Why It’s Scary: Built over an active earthquake.

Spanning 300 feet (or 91 m), the Captain William Moore Bridge is part of the famous Klondike Highway, which overlooks the Moore Creek Gorge. This historic bridge is adorned with anchor-like cables and conveniently sits on the gorge, which happens to be an ideal location for earthquake activity. Because of this, the bridge’s design was made in a way that only one side of it was properly secured. Getting over this scary fact, drivers and passengers alike driving through this amazing bridge only need to glimpse outside their car window to see why this bridge is scary yet drive-worthy!

1 Witches Bridge

  • Location : Bear Creek, Illinois
  • Why It’s Scary: Paranormal activity and local urban legends

Built in the early 20th century, this bridge looks fairly simple, spanning about 104 feet (or approximately 32 m) long over Bear Creek. However, this quiet bridge holds a dark urban legend. One story claims that in the 1800s, a woman was killed in the area due to claims of her being a witch. Moreover, this bridge is just a stone’s throw away from a local cemetery!