The Maldives is a top choice for couples planning a honeymoon and is a dream of many. These islands are well known for their clear waters, white sands, and beautiful sunsets. Overwater villas and bungalows are very iconic here and they are very private which is perfect for couples on a honeymoon. There are also many private islands here where couples can enjoy a whole island to themselves and enjoy each other's company on a paradise island. There are many romantic and fun activities couples can do together so let’s talk about them.

10 Relax At An Underwater Spa

Couples going to a spa together is a romantic bonding time where they can fully relax and in the Maldives, they have an underwater spa which could make the honeymoon even more romantic. There is even an underwater hotel spa which is called Huvafen Fushi. Couples can relax together whilst surrounded by beautiful sea life. Everything here is underwater, so couples can even dine surrounded by fish. Here couples are guaranteed full privacy and can be completely surrounded by glass and extraordinary coral gardens.

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9 Private Island

One of the most romantic things a couple can do is hop onto a private island, an island all to themselves where they can be alone with no one else around. The Maldives has plenty of these and couples will travel to the island on a boat ride and then be left there, greeted with wine and a picnic basket. Couples can book a whole night on a private island where they get to relax and enjoy each other's company in their own villa and may even be treated to a candle-lit dinner. Doesn’t that sound perfect?!

8 Take Advance Of Resort Service

Most resorts will include the service of a butler and these butlers can make sure couples feel the romance! They can set the scene with romantic touches like bringing couples their breakfast in bed or even lunch in bed. A butler can even set the outdoor bath with rose petals, bubbles, and a fancy bottle of wine ready for the sunset whilst the couple eat and enjoy each other’s company. Any idea the couple has, the butler will make sure to deliver this to them.

7 Hire A Private Yacht

Couples should definitely consider hiring a private yacht and sailing along the beautiful seas surrounding the Maldives islands. Couples have the option to do a half-day, full-day, or even a night stay in one of these yachts. On these yachts, couples can even enjoy the offer of having their own private chef! And even king-size beds.

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6 Island Hopping

In the Maldives, there are around 200 uninhabited islands dotted around. The capital city of the Maldives is Male and there are 80 exotic islands here that are very popular for couples on a honeymoon. Island hopping is great because couples can enjoy their company on different islands with different atmospheres and views where they can enjoy many different activities Couples can catch a seaplane to other islands which will give them a beautiful view of the sea and islands below them but this option is the most expensive. Some resorts are close enough to Male that couples can take a sea boat to get to them. These tours can last days so couples can spend their whole honeymoon doing this.

5 Sea Of Stars

During the late summer in the Maldives, couples can enjoy the beautiful sea of stars. The water in the Maldives is full of plankton and the wave movements cause this to glow creating what looks like a sea of stars. The most popular island for this is Vaadhoo Island but other places do record these sights too and say the best time to experience this is late summer. To add to the romance couples can even swim in the sea of stars or enjoy a nice romantic dinner with it surrounding them.

4 Fishing Trip

Couples looking for a fun adventure can go on a fishing trip with a professional fishing crew in the tropical waters of the Maldives. This can be a really fun bonding time for the couple and also very educational. There will be the opportunity to see all sorts of crazy and colorful fish including tuna and sailfish. Couples can book this fishing trip with other experiences included such as snorkeling and diving so couples should make sure to check for these to make the most of going out into the beautiful sea.

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3 Overwater Villa

The most popular and iconic place to stay in the Maldives is an overwater villa or bungalow. These are literally over the water and with the waters here being so clear, couples can walk around their own private villa whilst seeing colorful sea life swimming around below them on the glass floor. Couples can even have a romantic bath or meal here whilst watching the Indian Ocean or the beautiful sunset. These overwater villas even include décor that represents wood, rope, and oceans.

2 Sunset Dolphin Cruises

The Maldives is known to be one of the ideal places for dolphin spotting and couples can do this together on a sunset cruise. It’s a very exciting experience for them and one not to be missed. Sunset is always the best time to spot the dolphins. Refreshments will also be offered onboard.

1 Candle Lit Dinner

After spending a whole day of fun, romantic, or even relaxing activities couples can end the night with a candlelit dinner whether this is at their accommodation or go out to an island for a candle-lit dinner. This is a way of really bonding and being able to stare into the eyes of the person they love remembering and talking about all the lovely romantic things they have done together all day. This is a must-do for all couples coming to the Maldives.

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