10 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Italy

Italy remains one of the best locations for lovebirds. After all, must we remember that Shakespeare's greatest love story, the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, was situated in the Italian city of Verona? This fact alone may be all the motivation you need to pick this country to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply enjoy the presence of your significant other. To further assist you on this romantic journey, we have gathered a list of the 10 most romantic places for you and your lover to visit in Italy.

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Prepare to embark on a magical journey certain to leave you with some precious memories via the beauty found in Italy's rich history, delicious cuisine and much more. Here are the 10 most romantic places in Italy.

10 Tivoli

Tivoli might be the best option for anyone looking for an extremely intimate place. This place distinguishes itself from the other locations on this list due to its overwhelmingly beautiful waterfall.

Lovers of long romantic strolls may benefit from the town's full gardens, complex historic attractions prolific waterfalls.

9 Ravello

Situated on a cliff of the Almafi Coast, this small village is a hidden gem overlooking the sea. While it usually does not get many travelers, it remains a place to consider to anyone seeking small-town fun and privacy.

Fill your day with simple pleasures such as exploring the terraced gardens found in the Villa Rufolo, a 13th-century historical site. After a long day of sojourning, enjoy a dinner with spectacular views at the Palazzo Avino to finish your day.

8 Rome

Rome might just be one of the most popular touristic locations in Italy. As such, we do not recommend it if privacy and small-town vibes are more suitable for you. Should you be looking for an experience with vibrancy, then Rome is the perfect choice for your romantic getaway.

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The city has so much to offer in terms of beauty and stepping into its animated streets allows one to survey the imposing remnants of a complex history. Aside from this, you also get access to a lively party scene if that's something that you're interested in.

7 Como

Lake Como and Bond villains are not the only things you can find in this celebrity-coveted town. Begin your romantic journey in the commune of Como by hopping on the tiny streets and visiting the local shops. You'll find delicious wine to accompany you during dinner at the famous Villa D'este.

You can go on the beautiful water taxi ride that will take you to the elegant ambiance offered by the renowned restaurant. Enjoy excellent food through white-glove catered service. Lastly, to digest your meal, talk a walk on the waterfront promenade to finish the night beautifully. This is one of the many wonderful things that the city has in store for you.

6 Portofino

Located on the northern shore of Italy, Portofino (also known as the ''fishing village'') is a place for lovers of love and fashion. The streets are predominantly lined with high-end fashion retailers and expansive harbors housing expensive yachts.

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A perfect location for lovers with fine taste, the excitement stems from the city's glamour which defies all usual attributes expected from a small town. In Portofino, a luxurious and high-class journey awaits.

5 Tuscany

Fall in love with your significant other all over again under the Tuscan sun. The abundantly green landscape and historical wonders make this location feel somewhat unreal. A range of boutiques, galleries, and aesthetic beauty would easily make anyone want to fall in love in this Medieval town.

Most days can be filled with a slew of fun activities like scuba diving, wine tours, and cooking classes. Couples are in for a treat.

4 Verona

A lot of people forget to include the city of Verona when romance is involved. The latter is unfortunate because this tiny village-like city reflects the epitome of true love as showcased in Shakespeare's greatest love story: Romeo & Juliet. Aside from the delicious food and scenic views offered in most Italian cities, this town truly encapsulates its visitors through its unique charm. Roam the streets and grab some good food and great wine.

Most importantly, you must visit the House of Juliet where you will find a wall filled with love letters and notes from around the world. Even Juliet's famous balcony where Romeo confessed is love can be found here.

3 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is the perfect spot to visit in order to get a break from the city. Although these coastal villages are inaccessible by car, you may reach them via train. Herein, the attractions include hiking trails, delicious foods incorporating Cinque Terre's famous local pesto and high-quality wine.

Accessibility is a top priority here with the majority of the city being wheel-chair friendly. Moreover, romance can be experienced via the picturesque views, glimpses of the sea and much more.

2 Venice

We would have been foolish to omit Venice from this list of Italy's most romantic places. After all, Venice remains one of the most romantic cities there is.

The opportunities for cozy moments with your lover are endless here. From riding a gondola in this "floating city" while the sunset acts as a beautiful backdrop to admiring alluring architecture everywhere you turn, Venice is the place to be.

1 Florence

The Tuscan capital of Florence takes home the crown for the most romantic location in Italy. Lovebirds, be ready to spend your days basking in the city's unique architecture and many masterpieces.

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During breaks, you can stop by numerous local restaurants where you will experience Italy's finest carb-loaded cuisine. And if Italian-made leather products sound like a dream to you, then make sure to stop by Santa Croce or San Lorenzo Market to grab some worthy items.

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