It is not all the time that the need to travel is related to adventure as the goals and needs vary. An example is when travelers are on a vacation or honeymoon. In such cases, the environment needs to be romantic and exhibit the same atmosphere. When visiting Canada, it is possible to have this kind of environment and experience.

Ontario Canada specifically is a place with many getaways for couples although very few people know enough about them. Such romantic places must be calm, intriguing, and beautiful for couples to enjoy their moments. Here are the top 10 places to try in Ontario for a truly romantic getaway.

10 Niagara Falls

Many people know about Niagara Falls and it is for a good reason. It is the most popular falls in Canada and offers the perfect getaway for a romantic experience for couples as it is easily accessible and affordable. The natural beauty of the falls can make the whole experience magical as one takes a walk around the waterfall and enjoys the romantic view while resting on its edge. Furthermore, there are amazing hotels to take a visit to rest at.

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9 Sir Sams Resort

Sir Sams is a resort that is found in the Haliburton region and makes a great option for a couple’s romantic gateway. For someone looking for a beautiful resort with an indoor pool, spa, excellent food, and great scenery then it is the best place. Sir Sams resort is also known to have several watersports, boating, and snowshoeing activities that guests can engage in. The resort also has private cottages for privacy. Hiking in the Haliburton forest spices up the experience further.

8 Blue Mountain

Whether it is during the winter or summer, the Blue Mountain offers an amazing experience for a romantic getaway. It is found in Collingwood. On visiting the place, couples get to enjoy luxury accommodations, great dining, and excellent services like a spa. With the Scandinavian Spa in a serene natural forest, couples are treated with outdoor hot baths, Nordic waterfalls, steam rooms, and cold plunges. There are many other activities to take part in including cable cars to the mountains.

7 Ottawa

Although Ottawa is a city, it works very well as a romantic getaway. The historic streets offer an amazing area for couples to take a walk or visit museums in the afternoon. The other thing is visiting the Byward market which also hosts cozy restaurants that serve local cuisine. If it is during the winter, a chance to skate down the Rideau Canal Skateway should not be spared. Other activities considered romantic in this region are relaxing at the bridge and enjoying the great views below.

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6 Niagara On The Lake

Here is another very popular romantic getaway for couples in Ontario. It is a region with great views and a calm environment for couples. It is located in the Niagara wine region and its historic architecture on the buildings, carriage rides, as well as grand hotels, are what makes it such a nice place. The most attractive hotel is the Prince of Wales Hotel. Couples can enjoy a show at Shaw Festival or take a carriage ride for an engaging history lesson. Couples can also visit top vineyards and outdoor skating is also worth trying during the winter.

5 Prince Edward County

A visit to the towns of Prince Edward County provides a great getaway for couples. People can find cute shops, rolling hills, and historic towns that provide a serene environment. The place is not so far from Toronto. Additionally, it is a place with galleries, artisan cheeses, antiques, clothing shops, and much more that will interest couples. Couples can also decide to visit the Sandbanks Provincial Park which also has a great environment to rest.

4 Heather Lodge

Heather Lodge is found in the Haliburton Highlands. It is a great escape area that offers a lot of nature, adventure scenes, and a unique environment for people who want a peaceful retreat. The place is specifically designed for couples who are looking for a place to unplug, unwind and connect with each other better without outside disturbance. Heather lodge offers a variety of activities that couples can engage in to make their stay interesting. One of them is their two-mile lake waterfront, and other activities such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, and taking walks around.

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3 Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon is an area with a valley that has existed for more than 1.2 billion years. The valley makes adventure there an interesting and intriguing experience. With the elevated trail, people can hike on top of the canyon and experience beautiful views of the valley below. Although it is a hiking and adventure experience type of place, it can provide a great romantic getaway for couples.

2 Stratford

What Stratford offers is a chance to relax and rest in a cool environment. The area has several attractive things for people on a date as they can take in the beautiful nature scene. There are also hotels that provide a good place for leisure.

1 Huntsville & Algonquin Provincial Park

For couples who are interested in nature and hiking, this is a very romantic place to visit. So many activities in the lake including hiking in the park and water sports. Additionally, there are skiing sports during winter and a golf course is available.

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