Colorado has in the recent past built a reputation as one of the best vacation destinations in the US. From its gorgeous adventures to outstanding views, there is so much for vacationing couples to explore.

Every day in Colorado feels like Valentine’s Day. With all manner of adventures in the state, explorers are literally spoiled for choice.

Here are the nine most romantic getaways to consider in Colorado.

9 Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park tops the list of unique Colorado gateways. Furnished with a huge and natural playground, this park gives lovers an opportunity to bond. The Rocky Mountain is more than just a park. It offers a wide array of activities including hiking, biking, and camping. Horse riding is the other ideal activity to rekindle a dying flame. A tour around the pack reveals more spots that would make a good choice for a romantic picnic.

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8 Royal George Bridge & Park

Hanging 1250 feet above the legendary Arkansas River, the Royal George Bridge makes a good choice for a romantic gateway. Watching the river slither away through the shiny rocks from up there is a unique Colorado experience no one should miss. Those interested in an adrenaline rush experience are treated to a good one here. America’s highest zip line is located within the park further showing why it is a good romantic gateway.

7 Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Ride

Can it get more romantic than taking a hot air balloon ride? Call it love made in the air; hot air for that matter. Hot air balloon rides create the best moment for affectionate partners to embrace one another mid-air. The bird’s eye view of the surrounding from up there creates lasting memories. Also, vacationers have a hassle-free survey of the area’s beautiful scenery as they sip their favorite drinks.

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6 Dunton Hot Springs

Hot Springs are a Colorado way of life. A peaceful oasis awaits couples at Dunton. A romantic gateway ought to defy modernity on multiple grounds, and the Dunton Hot Springs has perfected that. Secluded by mountain ranges, lovers find the perfect spot to stay away from the prying eyes of modernity. The property has different cabins from which vacationers choose. The cabins offer a conducive environment for people to iron out their issues soberly. The spa area allows vacationers to rejuvenate after a day of hiking in the vast ranges.

5 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Wildlife admirers have more reasons to visit Colorado, thanks to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Imagine lovers strolling around the zoo admiring those amazing creatures in there? The zoo is home to over 800 animals, which shows what adventurers are treated to. Watching those animals cuddle easily elevates emotions among human beings, helping lovers connect. Some things seen in this park are only found in movies. Ever seen giraffes being hand-fed in real life? This among other activities will keep vacationers excited while still creating lasting memories.

4 Mountain Princeton Hot Springs Resort

True to its word, this resort is a mountain escape worth every penny. This resort is an all-year-round tourist destination, thanks to its natural hot springs. With water ranging from 100oF to 120oF, vacationers can be sure of a natural hot tub any time of the year. The resort is surrounded by mountain ridges, which create the much-needed privacy to allow lovers to iron out underlying issues.

3 Colorado Springs Seven Falls

What provides a better healing experience if not the hissing sound of water? Medics even recommend it as a form of meditation. The Colorado Springs Seven Falls provide scenic views of the area. Spending the whole afternoon watching the falls is a form of detox that will help lovers reason appropriately instead of making rushed decisions. In short, it cools the heat of the moment allowing couples to make judgments from a sober mind.

2 Strawberry Park Hot Springs

People who haven’t tried Colorado hot springs argue that there is nothing fancy about them. But wait a minute, why is it that the area is a hive of activities when the rest of America is hibernating in winter? Strawberry Park is one region no vacationer should miss. The park is famous for some of the most outrageous massage sessions in the larger Colorado area. As if that is not enough, vacationers have the luxury to play with the ice balls formed in the nearby forest.

1 Garden Of The Gods

The other place to consider when touring the region is the Garden of the Gods. But what’s so fancy about this site to make it a romantic gateway? Going by pictures on the web, there is nothing fancy about it until one gets there and everything changes. It is a whole different experience from what most reviewers perceive it to be. Taking pictures in the thick shrubs surrounding the sandstone rocks is an underrated fun activity. Hiking through the Garden also reveals some of Colorado’s hidden secrets. Watching those beautiful sunsets from up there showcases the beautiful side of America that most people will shy away from highlighting.