Travelers have a chance to discover the world and the wonders in it. As they move from one place to the other, known to them and unknown, they come across many interesting things and places. Some areas are just talked about, but few people have visited them. An example is the most remote cities in the world. These are cities located far away from the rest of the world.

Although these cities are part of us, what makes them unique is where they are. And it is because some parts of the world are difficult to reach. When one visits such cities, they can discover so much about them and enjoy the journey.

9 Kiribati

Kiribati is an island and a state that is found in the pacific ocean. It is very close to the equator also and has 32 atolls. The state of Kiribati is so remote due to how much it is tacked in the pacific. From Kiribati to Hawaii, it is a 5-hour flight. It is a thriving country, however, and people thrive there. Many tourists visit the country to explore and understand life there.

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8 Tristan da Cunha

Based in the South Atlantic, Tristan da Cunha is a volcanic island. It is a tiny place with just 258 people with nine different last names. It is known that people living in Tristan da Cunha have also come up with their own dialect whose words are derived from American, Dutch, Scottish, Italian, English, Irish, and South African. However, the inhabitants of the island also speak English. South Africa is the closest new Tristan da Cunha although it is 1,732 miles from Cape Town.

7 Pitcairn Island

Part of the British overseas territory, Pitcairn Island is located about 3,300 miles from New Zealand. With the island being so far, there are no planes that land there, forcing people to use a yacht ride that takes 32 hours. Nothing much is known about the first settlers on the island, and it holds a low population.

6 Moto, Tibet

Moto is a very remote place to visit located in Tibet but is known very well. One fantastic thing about this place is that most of its communities are untouched as outsiders have never been there. Moto has a population of 12,000 people. Most of its people still live the indigenous life of farming soybean, paddy, gingeli, and cotton. The Tibetan Buddhist scripture describes this place as a holy place. To visit Moto, one has to take four days to cross the mountains.

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5 Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

It is a small town in Greenland. One of the most isolated and remote places one should consider visiting to discover so much about life in Greenland. One of the things that Ittoqqortoormiit is well-known for is the wildlife. There are plenty of arctic foxes, seals, polar bears, and walruses here. With a helicopter, it is easy to access. It is a paradise tucked away in Greenland. One can enjoy a remote adventure to kayak and do other activities.

4 Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Siwa Oasis is a unique place to visit and is very remote. However, this is a place that never receives the recognition it requires. The area is found in the middle of the Qattara Depression and Western Desert of Egypt. Due to its location in this desert environment, it is very remote, and few people know about it. However, Siwa Oasis is a city with around 33,000 inhabitants. These people living here have learned to adapt and deal with the desert, and they even have a unique language. When visiting Egypt, one will need to take a bus ride for five hours to visit the oasis.

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3 Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica

When one hears that a place is located in Antarctica, it is easy to understand how remote it is. This is the case for Villa Las Estrellas. It is a town found in the Antarctic continent and one of the only two towns located on the continent. The place is very remote and has just less than 100 people. It is used as a research station due to its location and the nature of the environment. However, there is a gym, public school, church, air force base, and even a post office. From Ushuaia in Argentina, a traveler will need to ride on a boat for two days to reach Villa Las Estrellas.

2 Iqaluit, Canada

Iqaluit is found in the Nunavut, Canada's northern territory, and it is the capital. The city is one of the most remote areas one can find on earth. It is located on Baffin Island and inside Frobisher Bay. Iqaluit is a sparsely populated region of the arctic and has below 10,000 people. However, an astonishing thing about this place is its winter wonderland.

1 Nauru

Nauru is a country made up of Islands, and it is the least visited country in the world. It is tiny and in a very remote place. The nation of Nauru receives less than 300 visitors in a year. However, it is a paradise Island, although very far. Visitors can relax, play soccer, snorkel, swim, and enjoy the peaceful environment with the locals.

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